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The Best Fans in theWorld A Tribute to the Patriots and Their Supporters

I know I’m not alone in savoring every season we have left with those two. At this point, their status as football legends is secure, but I don’t think they’re done writing their story just yet. Speaking of the NFL, did you know that all 32 NFL teams use the very same LightForce Class IV Deep Tissue Medical Therapy Laser that we have at the Professional Physical Therapy offices? Pretty cool, right? You know a technology works when professionals who need to recover quickly are using it. In pro football, the difference between a star player missing two games or four could decide whether or not a team makes the playoffs. With stakes that high, it’s no wonder that team therapists, physicians, and trainers having taken advantage of the laser’s ability to expedite the healing process. There are few aspects of our lives that resemble those of NFL players. But the way you recover from injury doesn’t have to be one of them. Today, at our office, you can receive the same cutting-edge treatment that the best athletes in the world do. Laser therapy may not result in you taking the field on Sunday, but it can surely help you get back in the game of enjoying daily life.

Given how dominant the Brady-Belichick era has been, it’s easy to forget that the Patriots weren’t always the most envied team in football. Before the magical 2001 season, which ended with Boston’s first major championship in decades, the Patriots were middle-of-the-road at best. In fact, they were often far worse than that. I think those hard times made our eventual success all the sweeter. As a die-hard pro football fan who’s been a Pats fan since high school, I try to keep those leaner times in perspective when people get up in arms about one regular season loss. I remember a few years ago when the Patriots lost to the Chiefs and naysayers were predicting the end of the Patriot dynasty. When we went on to win the Super Bowl that season, those proclamations rang hollow. So much about the Pats has changed over the years in addition to results on the field. The old Foxboro Stadium was nothing to write home about, especially in winter. Those old bleachers were so cold that you were in trouble if you didn’t bring something to place over them. There was certainly none of the gourmet food and family-friendly experiences offered by Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place. These days, a trip to Foxboro for a game is unrecognizable from a decade ago. Of course, a lot of the credit for that goes to the most successful quarterback and head coach tandem in football history. I know that high expectations have been the standard for over a decade in New England, but we really shouldn’t take for granted how lucky we’ve been. I mean, how many coaches and quarterbacks have the Bills and Jets burned through while we’ve had (barring injuries) no turnover whatsoever? Eventually, we’ll have to reckon with a life after TB12 and The Hoodie, but

Happy football season, everybody. Go Pats!

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz

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