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Making a Difference One Chiropractic Appointment at a Time How Dr. Bledsoe Fosters a Community Through Positivity

Studies have shown that 94% of chiropractic patients see a 30% reduction in their lower back pain in the first four weeks. With statistics like this, you may wonder why many Americans still refuse to see a chiropractor. When it comes to chiropractic care and our bodies, it’s easy for a clinic to lose sight of what truly matters. If the team doesn’t provide a great experience, it could lead the patient to neglect their care, pushing it off until their pain is unbearable. This procrastination will inevitably lead the severity of patients’ issues to increase. One chiropractic clinic works to restore faith in chiropractic care by providing the best patient experience possible. I’d like to introduce Dr. Bledsoe of Bledsoe Chiropractic. She worked in another chiropractic clinic for 11 years before opening her own. Dr. Bledsoe wanted to have greater control over the patient experience and start from scratch with new employees to run the clinic her way. One thing that makes Bledsoe Chiropractic stand out in the community is its values and mission statement. Their primary values are love, family, and hope, which are emphasized further in their mission statement as Dr. Bledsoe phrases it: “To love and serve God, my family, and the world using my passionate career, time, and resources entrusted to me on this earth by my God!” Given their values and mission statement, it shouldn’t be a surprise how vital the company culture is to the clinic. When interviewing any

new potential team member, they consider how they will fit into their company culture. The work they do in the interview process pays off in the clinic, too. When she asked employees what the best part of working at Bledsoe Chiropractic is, Dr. Bledsoe says it goes back to the atmosphere they foster. “The atmosphere we have created is evident through the smiles, hugs, and friendships we share with our patients and coworkers. I know I’mhere for a greater purpose, to serve God by helping others reach optimal health, and knowing that we are making that happen every day with all that we do for our patients makes it easy to love what I do.” The team at Bledsoe Chiropractic is like a family. As they grow, they’re open to expanding that culture, but one thing is for sure: They will never emphasize qualifications over company culture. If they were to prioritize skills above everything else in the hiring process, Dr. Bledsoe feels they could lose their company identity. Having well-rounded,

dedicated employees helps to distinguish Bledsoe Chiropractic fromother clinics in the area.

Due to maintaining that culture, Dr. Bledsoe and the team at the clinic have noticed the company brand grow in many ways. Dr. Bledsoe often sees patients connecting and getting coffee after treatment. That’s her vision for the company — a place people enjoy coming to for more than physical relief. Businesses like Dr. Bledsoe’s make me proud to be part of the community. As the community is what made them so successful from the beginning, they make sure to give back to it as well. Bledsoe Chiropractic looks at the causes dear to the hearts of patients and the downtown community to make the most of opportunities to give back. They have given back to charities like Deliver Hope and BethlehemHouse, and they strive to help those in need to ensure everyone in the area can reach their potential.

-Marcus Vaden

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