" $ 5 6 " - * 5 4  r  / & 8 4 SURPRISE SNOW DAYS

RAPPEL. Prenez rendez-vous pour votre dose de rappel aujourd’hui. Protégez-vous contre la COVID-19. C’est à nous tous de jouer.

Eastern Ontario was buried under a thick covering of snow as a winter storm swept through the region on Monday and again on Wednesday. Environment Canada warned of the storm a few days in advance, including the expected 40 to 60 centimetres of snow, but the warning was insufficient notice for some people. Schools across the region closed on Monday, delaying the return to in-person classes, and several car accidents were reported throughout that day. Wednesday’s storm was a repeat of Monday’s situation with people warned to stay home if they are able to while parents were advised to check with their local school boards if neighbourhood schools would be open or not. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

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