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Positive force: Phil Beirne President and CEO of BSI Engineering (Cincinnati, OH), a consulting and process design engineering firm that’s building on the past to design the future.


A t BSI Engineering, a consulting and process design engineering firm, the company’s mantra is “serve the client, satisfy the employee … and the rest will take care of itself.” “We’re dedicated to satisfying our customers, but also satisfying our employees so that they are with us for years to come,” Beirne says. A CONVERSATION WITH PHIL BEIRNE. The Zweig Letter: What are the three to four key business performance indicators that you watch most carefully? Do you share that information with your staff? Phil Beirne: Billability, forecasted work, client feedback (surveys, but more importantly direct project feedback), and write-offs. I think it’s a fair statement to say that all my staff know those four are my key areas of focus regarding business performance indicators.

TZL: How much time do you spend working “in the business” rather than “on the business?” PB: Defining working “in the business” as more day to day assistance, and “on the business” to be more long- term visioning, planning, and execution to that vision, I would say it’s a 30-70 split, where 30 percent is on weekly execution and 70 percent is on planning for the business. TZL: What role does your family play in your career? Are work and family separate, or is there overlap? PB: I try to lessen the impact or strain managing the business sometimes inflicts, and share the joys it often brings, but there is overlap. I try to minimize that overlap to the family type events the company sponsors (and leave the rest back at work). TZL: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are potential disruptors across all industries. Is your firm exploring how to incorporate these technologies into providing improved services for clients?


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