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Student Photographer — Kirk Potter WH EN R EQ U E S T IN G EX T RA C O P IE S O F T H E B IO LA B R O A D C A ST ER , P L E A S E A LLOW T IM E FO R D E LIV E R Y .

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“ IT IS FINISHED lohn 19:30 The veil is rent; Lo! Jesus stands Before the throne of grace; And clouds of incense from His hands Fill all that glorious place. 'i His precious blood is sprinkled there, Before and on the throne; And His own wounds in Heaven declare His work on earth is done. Tis finished!’ on the Cross He said, In agonies and blood; Tis finished!' now He lives to plead Before the face of God. 'Tis finished!' here our souls can rest. His work can never fail; By Him, our Sacrifice and Priest, We enter through the veil. Within the holiest of all Cleansed by His precious blood, Before Thy throne Thy children fall And worship Thee, our God. Boldly our hearts and voice we raise, His Name, His blood, our plea; Assured our prayers and song of praise Ascend by Him to Thee.

Do you know someone who provokes or irritates you? Probab­ ly. And, I suspect, you also are a thorn to at least a few others. Christians as well as unbelievers seem to have the capacity to "rub people the wrong way." Maybe you irritate friends with your dogmatic political views. You know you are right, and it is exas­ perating when others cannot see the error of their way. People who are always negative, domineering, overly optimistic and frivolous, or hypercritical can stir us to anger and despair. Hebrews 10:24 urges to us pro­ voke people — but not to anger, fear, hate, or despair. We are to "...consider one another to pro­ voke unto love and good works." Our natural tendency is to consid­ er ourselves and our pet thoughts and to provoke others to accept them or pay the price of our dis­ pleasure. But this verse in Hebrews asks us to consider one another— not self—and then to provoke them to love and good works — not anger. Provoking of this nature is dif­ ficult. A parent must ask, "What can I say to my son that will en­ courage him to love and serve the Lord?" not, "What can I do or say to make my son act so people will tell me that I am a good par­ ent?" The first approach is based upon considering others, the sec­ ond is self-centered. Perhaps if we would recognize our own shortcomings, we could consider the other Christian in a better light and provoke to love rather than simply condemn in an­

ger. Note that the same word "Consider" is found in Matthew 7:3, "And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine owne eye?" At Biola we have urged our fac­ ulty, staff, and students to apply Hebrews 7:24 in their lives. Though all Christians need to apply the full council of Cod's Word, we neglect so often this basic concept. The faculty must consider each student with his or her own individual problems and needs. Students must recognize that there is no such impersonal entity as an "ad­ ministration" or "faculty." They are in Christ for a common purpose. We are proud of our students at Biola and Talbot. Many of them have been Christians for only a few years, and we cannot expect in them the degree of Christian maturity that comes from walking with the Lord for thirty or more years. However, they are unique. Instead of provoking riots, con­ frontations, and destruction, these students are perfecting the work of provoking young and old into a closer walk with Christ. They are, indeed, activists — activists for Christ. We do a lot of provoking in one lifetime. Ministers, teachers, neigh­ bors, members of the family all feel the brunt of our agitation. Let us develop the ability to stir peo­ ple up to greater service. Through prayer, well-chosen words, and a genuine concern for the other per­ son, we can effectively serve Christ. Page 5




by Lome Sanny President of The Navigators

It seemed that the more I tried to help him, the less progress I made; so I talked with an older missionary who knew him well. The older man said, "I don't be­ lieve that the great truths of the Bible have really gripped his soul, and therefore, he is indecisive, he is uncertain, he is unstable in his life." And I have observed since that Christians who are not consistent in nourishing their lives on the Bible, the Word of Cod, there is an indecisiveness, an instability,

In the work for which I am re­ sponsible we have missionaries in 23 nations around the world, and part of my responsibility is to visit them to see how they are doing. I recall one of our missionaries who was very indecisive. He could nev­ er quite make up his mind if he should be on the mission field or not. Should he be a non-profes­ sional missionary, or a professional missionary. This seemed to charac­ terize his whole life. And as inde­ cisiveness so often does, it reflected on his wife and family life. Page 6

These films were originated by Dr. Irwin Moon. His father, a very godly man, gave him some instruc­ tion when Irwin went into the min­ istry. I will never forget his advice: he said, "Son, as you begin your min­ istry there is a verse of Scripture I want you always to take with you." Now you might wonder what verse of the Bible a godly father would give his son to begin his lifetime of ministry. He said, "Son, I want you to take I John 1:9, " 'If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteous­ ness'." Isn't that a great truth? We are not only forgiven, but we are cleansed from all unrighteousness. Not only do we have the great truth here that sins are forgiven, but also how it can keep us from sinning. Psalm 119:11 says, "Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against Thee." I do not think it says that simply by mem­ orizing Scripture you will be kept

an uncertainty that seems to pre­ vail in their lives. During one of the Billy Graham crusades, a reporter, who was not a Christian, found himself at the newspaper office defending Mr. Graham before his fellow journal­ ists. In doing so he was trying to relay to them Mr. Graham's mes­ sage. Though not quoting it directly, the reporter was interpreting Ro­ mans 5:8, "But God commendeth His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." And in his own words he told the assembled reporters, "Mr. Graham says that Christ died for sinners. Why, in fact he said that Christ died for me." The moment he said that, a light went on in his own heart and mind. At that very moment he himself was converted as the great truth that Christ had died for him gripped his soul. Has that gripped your soul? Perhaps you have seen one of the "Sermon from Science" films, produced by Moody Bible Institute.

Lome Sanny is President of The Navigators and Editor of The Navigators Log. Page 7

Pictured is beautiful Clen Eyrie, home office of The Navigators in Colo­ rado Springs. The Navigators is an international, interdenominational Christian organization concentrating their work on campuses, on military bases and among businessmen in the United States and in 23 countries presently.

from sinning. But, memorizing is a tool. It is a weapon the Holy Spirit can use as a means to keep us from sinning. I remember a young fellow by the name of George, a sailor, whom some of us were trying to help become a Christian. George had a very disconcerting habit: he talked in his sleep. But he not only talked in his sleep; he talked loudly and clearly. But even worse, George would curse and swear all night long. George was a hospital corpsman. One day a Christian Marine, who had been wounded, came into the hospital; and the Marine started George memorizing Scripture. As he memorized Scripture more and more, George still continued talk­ ing loudly and clearly in his sleep, but now he would quote verses at night instead of cursing and swear­ ing. Later, when he was discharged from the military, he stayed in my home. I came home at night on more than one occasion to hear him giving the Gospel in his sleep. "Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee." Have you been hiding any of His Word in your heart? Any of the great truths of the Bible? So that God can use them in your life any time, day or night?

The article by Mr. Sanny is re­ printed by permission from the lanuary, 1971, issue of The Naviga­ tor Log.

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by Leighton Ford

"Houston, we've got a problem." With that terse announcement it was apparent that the astronauts on board Apollo 13 were in serious trouble. National resources were mobilized for the rescue attempt and from all over the world mes­ sages offering help poured in. On their return, John Swigert told a relieved world that he had prayed and of his belief that " . . . the pray­ ers of a lot of people around the world had a lot to do with bring­ ing us back.'/^Ç _ V "

Leighton Ford is an associate evangelist with the Billy Graham Evangel­ istic Association. This is part of his address given to 12,300 delegates at the recent Urbana Conference.

Boswell recorded a conversation Samuel Johnson had with Sir Joshua Reynolds about his fear of death. "What are you afraid of?" asked Reynolds. "Damnation, sir" replied Johnson, "damnation." How many are concerned today about damna­ tion and being saved? Zacchaeus, the old-time IRS of­ ficial, was a comfortable material­ ist— a "successful sinner" — who did not seem very "lost" to most of his contemporaries. Yet he wel­ comed Jesus into his house in great excitement and joy, saying "Sir, from now on I will give half my wealth to the poor." And Jesus told him, "Salvation has come to this home today." Evangelistic concern is born when, like Jesus, we walk with God among men. This con­ cern need only start with the one Zacchaeus we meet. Only God can carry the burden of the world. People say, "Modern man is not concerned about salvation." But even though people may not talk about damnation, ifwe care enough to listen we will find that most of what they are saying is about be­ ing lost and saved. People who do not see themselves as lost from God will freely admit they are lost because they have found no mean­ ing. How many live with a terrible sense of loneliness — how many others are gripped by despair about the world situation? Get behind

If the whole world can be moved to concern for three men lost in space, how much more Christians should be motivated to rescue mil­ lions from spiritual disaster? Jesus was convinced that men were lost when He wept over Jeru­ salem, as was Paul when he cried, "Woe is me if I preach not the Gospel." Trace the history of the movements which have brought great numbers to Christ, and at the heart you will find the one over­ whelming concern — that man should not perish. That man should not be lost. But today we are not comfort­ able with dividing men into those "lost" and "saved." In philosophy, morals and everyday life, we are told: do your own thing. A new sense of honesty and realism has humbled our self-righteousness. We have learned that God is not our "Great White Father" and that Jesus does not wear red, white and blue. Historic evangelism has said to men: "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved." The so-called "new evangelism" says to men, "You are already saved. Be­ lieve it!" This tempts us to think, first, let us change the earth then we can talk about heaven. But the core issue is, can we change the world without saving souls? And can men really be saved without trying to change the world? Page 12

the mask as Jesus did with Zaccha- eus and you will find the misery. Man is alienated from himself, from his fellow man, and from his world. Above all, he is lost because he is alienated from God. When we lose touch with God we lose ourselves and our other relation­ ships go wrong. The salvation we need is one that deals with our ba­ sic lostness from God — and also begins to heal all these other alien­ ations. And this is what Christ of­ fers! All men, teaches the Bible, have been given life by God, and all have rejected that life. But all men are offered new life in Christ. But many have chosen to say "no" to God's design and to run their own lives. The result of their sin will be spiritual death, eternal banishment from the presence and fellowship of a just and holy God. God's blessing is eternal life and His wrath is eternal death. Death means that we lose something es­ sential to the kind of life we were made for. Life means fellowship with God; death means to lose that fellowship — here, now, and here­ after in hell. Does the thought of hell seem to you to belong to the Dark Ages? Jesus, who died to save us from hell, had the most to say about it! He, and other New Testament writ­ ers, use every image in their power to tell us that hell is real, that it is terrible, that it is something to be feared and avoided at all costs. In other words, hell will be as real and as lasting as heaven. G. K. Chesterton once remarked, "Hell is God's greatest compliment to the reality of human freedom and the dignity of human personality." You see, God is really saying to us, "You are significant. I take you se­

riously. Choose to reject me — choose hell if you will. I will let you go." If we really grasp the Bible view of man — as sinful but significant — then we must understand that there is no barrier between social action and evangelistic concern. For if we really believe that man has a soul worth saving, then we will be committed to offer that man eternal life, and also to see that he receives economic and so­ cial justice in this life. The gift of God is eternal life through Christ. He is the bridge by which we can come back into per­ sonal contact with God. Jesus said: "I am the way, no man comes to the Father but by me." (John 14:16). This is not Christian arrogance, for it was Jesus Christ alone who died for the sins of the world, not Buddha, nor Krishna, nor Rama. If you are concerned about those who have not heard of Jesus, per­ haps God is saying, "You go tell them! How can they hear without a preacher?" We do not evangelize from a superiority complex. It is my re­ sponsibility to point you to Jesus who is the light, but it is God's re­ sponsibility to judge. I suspect Zacchaeus trusted Jesus because he sensed this man was ready to die for him. And I suggest men will believe what we say about Jesus when they see we are willing . . . in some sense . . . to die for Him and them. Is man really lost? Do not an­ swer too quickly. If we say yes, then Jesus may say, "Come with me, disciple . . . to Jericho . . . to Jerusalem . . . and to Calvary, and to the ends of your world." Page 13

36th Annual Torrey Memorial Conference Speakers Back Row (left to right): *Dr. Charles Feinberg, *Rev. Harold Penrose, Dr. Haddon Robinson, Dr. Earl Radmacher, Dr. George Rutenbar, *Dr. \. Richard Chase, Dr. Donald Rickards, Rev. Ray Stedman. Front Row (left to right): Dr. Donald Campbell, Dr. S. L. Boehmer, Dr. lohn Mitchell, Rev. Paul Smith, Mrs. Ethel Barrett, *Dr. Samuel H. Suth- land, Dr. lack Hyles, Rev. Sumner Wemp, Rev. Robert Shelton. *Representing Biota College and Talbot Theological Seminary

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Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland Dr. Charles L. Feinberg PANELDiscussions Dr. J. Richard Chase

man race. He was the son of Adam in that He was a human being. The Saviour was and is entirely apart from sin. This is why He can bring us eternal salvation. Q. Long Beach, Calif. "Please ex­ plain the last clause in Hebrews 12:23, 'And to the spirits of just men made perfect.' Does this refer to those who have already de­ parted for glory? Someone told me that they thought it meant our loved ones who have died and that their spirits contact us now." A. Such is neither logical or scrip­ tural. No one who has died physi­ cally can contact those who are now living. We are warned against holding such views in both Old and New Testaments. The refer­ ence you have quoted does signify those who have died in the Lord. We know that to be absent physi­ cally from the body is to be pres­ ent with Christ. Hebrews 12 is a directory of the glorious heavenly city above. This is the heavenly Page 15

Q. San Francisco, Calif. "/ read an article recently which stated, 'Christ is the only one man of Adam's race who is now living in that in­ corruptible, immortal, resurrection body, and who will never die.' Can it be said that Christ belonged to the Adamic race?" A. This is an interesting theological question. The term “ the Adamic race" does not occur in Scripture. It signifies that all human beings are sinners, as were our first par­ ents, Adam and Eve (Rom. 5:12). In the genealogical record of Luke 3, verse 38 reminds us the Sav­ iour's earthly ancestry traced back through Adam to Cod Himself. Christ is identified in this passage through His human mother Mary, an offspring of Adam. There was the human, as well as the divine. Our Lord was not born of a hu­ man father. Sin came from Adam from father to son. It is not accur­ ate to speak of the Christ as be­ longing to the Adamic race if we use that to identify the fallen hu­

Jerusalem. Inhabitants include an innumerable company of angels as well as all those who have been born again through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Many students of the Word believe this phrase you have in question refers to Old Testament saints particularly. The most wonderful part of it is that our Saviour will be there! Q. Santa Barbara, Calif. "Is there a verse that says a homosexual will not go to heaven? I have heard that people are born homosexuals and cannot help it. Is that true? It is hard to believe since God is fair and just, this would be unfair to the individuals." A. Questions on this subject come to us with increasing frequency. First of all, there is no verse in the Bible which states that it is impos­ sible for a homosexual to be saved. A homosexual will go to hell, not because he is a homosexual, but because he has rejected the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Sav­ iour. The same is true with every­ one else. Should a homosexual be saved he will ask the Lord for the power to overcome such an existence violently denounced in Scripture (Rom. 1:18-32). What a dark picture that is when we read, “God gave them up." He allowed them to practice the lusts of their own hearts, dishonouring their own bodies between themselves. Where did it all start? Read this important passage. First of all man turned his back on God. It is sad to report and realize that this is a vile and growing condition. We need to pray for our children and young people! Cod can keep them clean from this devilish practice. Page 16

Do not minimize the problem. It is gravely serious. The judgment of God will not be withheld against it. Q. "Why were the Apostles for­ bidden to take the Gospel to the Samaritans (Matt. 10:5) when in Acts 8:25 they are told to preach to the Samaritans?" A. Acts 8:25 is a fulfillment of the commission to preach the Gospel as outlined in Acts 1:8. These two portions to which you refer have a real basis for a dispensational ap­ proach to the Scripture. This means that at certain given eras of time God entrusted commitments to people in various manners to show them that there is only one way to be saved and that is through faith. Matthew records a command giv­ en by the Lord during the age of the law which existed until Christ died on the cross and was raised from the dead. Between these two references comes a significant change in God's dealings with man. Israel has been put aside tempor­ arily. The Gospel is preached to all men, Jew and Gentile alike. There is another interesting change to observe in Matthew 10. Note verses 9 and 10 stating that no pro­ visions are to be made for physical needs. But, later in Luke 22:35 and 36, the reverse is stated. The Lord's purposes have not varied but His methods have changed. Both com­ mands are applicable to the age in which they were given. Q. "There is quite a difference of opinion among Bible scholars as to the age of the earth. Some teach that there is possibly a million years between Genesis 1:1 and 2. Others teach that very little time

elapsed. What is Biola's view and how important is what we believe concerning the span of creative time? Were the days 24 hours long? A. Many fine Bible scholars believe that the days of re-creation were 24 hours in duration. Others hold to the view that they were indeter­ minate periods of time. Biola does not hold any official position on the subject. No one really knows how many years may have been involved. Of this much we can be sure: whenever it happened, God did it. Keep in mind, too, that evo­ lution is not a science but merely an hypothesis. It cannot be de­ fended successfully. Our God is infinite. Whatever He chooses to do, He can do! Q. Huntington Beach, Calif. "Some folks refer to Jesus as 'our elder Brother.' Where is the basis for this Scripture (Matt. 12:15, Mark 3:35, Luke 8:21)? I know as believers that we are joint heirs with Christ. The other terms, however, bother me." A. This phrase was much more common several decades ago, used mainly by liberals. They based their terminology on just such verses. There is a cult which also used this title. It is interesting, however, to observe the proper respect and honor due our Lord by the Apostle James, physically a half brother of the Saviour's. Yet, instead of calling the Lord his "eld­ er Brother," he referred to himself as a "bond slave" (Jas. 1:1). Rather than using "elder Brother' it would be better to talk about the blessed One who is our Saviour, Jesus Christ. He is the "Lord of Glory."

Dr. John Mitchell, Pastor of Beth­ any Bible Church, Phoenix, Ari­ zona, pictured here with Biola's President, Dr. Chase (right).

Page 17

Q. "If the Holy Spirit is taken out of the world at the time of the Rapture, how can people be saved during the Tribulation (II Thess. 2:3-6)?" A. "He who now hindereth" refers to the Holy Spirit. The third per­ son of the Trinity will continue to hinder the working of iniquity un­ til the time of the anti-Christ. In this dispensation of grace people are saved by the ministry of the Spirit in their hearts. During the Tribulation men and women will be saved as they were during the Old Testament era, through faith. The Holy Spirit will not be active in the world in the same way He is now. Keep in mind that there will be many in the Tribulation who heard and rejected the Gos­ pel during this age of grace. They may become saved individuals al­ though it will cost them their lives at that time in martyrdom. Q. Victorville, Calif. "Was Jude ac­ tually the brother of lesus? The older Scofield Reference Bible seems to indicate he was, while the new one seems to have a dif­ ferent view." A. Jude, as was true with James, was actually Jesus' half-brother. All were born of Mary. Jude and James had Joseph as their human father while Christ was conceived of the Holy Spirit. Keep in mind, too, that the Scofield notes are not inspired as were the original autographs from the hands of the inspired writers. The basis for this declara­ tion is not any man's opinion but taken from Scripture (Matt. 13:55). Q. Santa Paula, Calif. "The other evening my husband and I were bothered by a motorcyclist. He Page 18


Students and visitors during 1970 Missionary Conference banquet on campus. took down the license number and called the police. While we were the ninth persons to complain about him no one else had been willing to sign a complaint. Con­ sequently, the cyclist will be taken to court. Was this the proper thing to do? A. We certainly do need to do our part as good citizens. One trouble today is that so many are afraid to speak out against lawlessness and

indecency. We should let law offic­ ials know that we are willing to stand behind them in every way possible as they seek to maintain law and order. To report such a person is still a demonstration of love both for the innocent who might be hurt, as well as the indi­ vidual himself. This is why a police officer gives out tickets. It does help to support the law. Q. Everett, Wash. “A friend asked me to explain Psalm 137. I realize it is a prophecy for the lews, but the last verse has me puzzled." A. This Psalm basically has to do with the Jews and their captivity in Babylon. Some think the Psalm­ ist may be David himself, although the Spirit of Cod does not reveal that to us. It does not seem too likely since he did not live in the time of the captivity. The verse in question states, “ Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones." Of the 150 Psalms there are less than a dozen which invoke a curse not on personal enemies but those who are against Cod. These Psalms also emphasize the holiness of Cod, as well as His love. Here we see His judgment upon those who are against His will. Notice the two previous verses which indicate further the destruction befalling all who seek to destroy Cod's chosen people. We recall what happened to evil Haaman. The Lord's pur­ pose is to keep the stream clear from which the Messiah would be born. Cod's judgment revealed here is upon those who have de­ filed His Word and truth. In His sovereignty punishment will be meted out.

Q. Newport, Wash. “ The Bible says that to be a minister one must be called of God (Rom. 1:1), filled with His Spirit (Eph. 5:8), and have a knowledge of His Word (II Tim. 3:18). Where do we find in the Bible that we must go to a theo­ logical school or seminary?" A. The answer is rather obvious: nowhere. Scripture does not enjoin us to go to grammar school,high school, or college. The question is how we can be most effective for the Lord. The danger is that many of the cults have been started by those who have taken verses out of their context only to confuse people. We encourage as much education as possible but not at the expense of one's faith. While Dwight L. Moody never got be­ yond grammar school God blessed him greatly. And yet he selected Dr. R. A. Torrey as his right-hand man when the Bible Institute was started. He realized he was not qualified for such a position. God can certainly take a man who does not have an education and use him. In His providence, how­ ever, He has provided us with brains and abilities to be employed for His glory. Theological schools do appear in the Word of Cod (I Sam. 19:18-20; II Kings 2:5). These were the schools of the prophets of which Samuel and Elijah were appointed leaders. Paul testifies of his seminary experience in Acts 22:3. (Acts 5:34 tells us who Gam­ aliel was.) We earnestly believe that it is highly advisable to go to a school where the Word of Cod is taught, believed, proclaimed, and to become saturated with the Scripture and what godly men have written concerning it. Page 19

Dr. Arvid Carlson Member, Biola Board of Trustees and Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Orange, California

Dr. Carlson, this month's radio guest speaker, has presented an excellent series of messages centered on the home, the role of husband and wife, children and parental responsibilities, and the place of the family altar in the life of the believer. You will be challenged and, hopefully, encour­ aged to apply the Scriptural truths and practical suggestions in your own home situation.

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WHEN A HOUSE IS A HOME Acts 16:25-34

We have no proof that he had ev­ er heard the Word of God before, unless he had listened to the con­ versation and singing of the two prisoners. This simply points up the fact that a man must first real­ ize that he is lost, before he can fully realize his need of Christ. Stanley, the discoverer of Living­ stone in Africa, reported that he found men on the dark Continent who never knew they were black until they looked upon a white man! The second step was that of Contrition for sin. Again the rec­ ord says, "he fell down before them." The jailor did not cry out in desperation, "What must I do to be saved," merely because of the earthquake. Such quakings were common to that part of the world, and still are. He did not merely fear the anger of his gods, nor was he afraid the prisoners would escape. They were all pres­ ent and accounted for. He was un­ der conviction of sin and wanted to repent of it. Page 21

Sociologists agree that home- life must have a unifying center. Psychologists declare that inner happiness can only come from an integrated personality. Life cannot run smoothly when there are two centers of supreme interest. This is one reason why there are so many marital breakdowns in to­ day's world. Our homes in Ameri­ ca are completely saturated with conflicting loyalties, resulting in nothing but a grand civil war. The New Testament declares that Jesus Christ must become that unifying center to both our lives and our homes. When He takes over the heart and the home, peace and harmony will reign supreme. If the members of the household are not together in spiritual things, they will fall apart in all other things. It is well to notice how the Jail­ or's home became truly Christian. His first step was that of Convic­ tion of Sin. The record says, "he came trembling to Paul and Silas."

The third step in the process was that of Conversion. The Scrip­ tures tell us that "he washed their stripes." This is good evidence that such a previously cold, cruel, cal­ loused, and calculating jailor had experienced a change of heart. In one moment he is flogging the prisoners. In the next, he is wash­ ing their stripes. John Chrisostom, the golden-tongued orator of the early centuries, said in reference to the jailor's experience: "He washes them while he himself is washed from his sins." Conversion was instantaneous! Paul and Silas did not present the man with ten easy lessons for salvation. The fourth step is that of Con­ fession. The record simply declares that he was baptized and all his house. Baptism is the outward tes­ timony of an inward work of grace. It is God's object lesson to a world which needs to see the Gospel as well as to hear it! The New Testa­ ment makes more of baptism than most of us do! In this case, it was even more than a testimony; it was this man's identification with Jesus Christ. Who is head of your home? What is the unifying center of your family? Please notice that the jailor's en­ tire household was in on it! The record says that Paul and Silas "spoke unto him the Word of the Lord, and to all that were in his house." The message was intelli­ gible to everyone present. There was not a Gospel-hardened indi­ vidual in the entire family! Unfor­ tunately, all too many children raised in today's Christian homes take the claims of Christ complete­ ly for granted. So do their parents! Children can be influenced by the Word, but not changed by it! This Page 2 2

is the reason why we "must be born again by the Word of Cod, which liveth and abideth forever." The urgent need of many church homes is simply more of the Word. Cod has not promised to bless anything else. Paul and Silas did not give this family their own opinions, they gave them the Word! This is the only means by which we can nurture our chil­ dren! Parents must do it. We can­ not pass the responsibility to the pastor, youth workers, or Sunday school teachers. Too many parents allow television to be the focal point of their children's education. Their minds must be filled with the Word of God to the greatest degree possible! Let me ask you, what kind of a home do you have? Is it a place where Christ is the Head and feels at home? Is it a place where the Word of Cod is honored and read? Is joyful service the surrounding atmosphere? If not, allow Jesus Christ to become Saviour and Lord of your home as well as your heart (Acts 16:31).

A house Is built of logs and stone Of tiles and posts and piers; A home is built of loving deeds That stand a thousand years. —Victor Hugo

If anyone in biblical history de­ serves a Father's Day award, it is certainly Noah. He lived a holy life in the midst of one of earth's un- holiest hours. He built a boat long before anyone had seen a drop of rain. More importantly, however, he saved his entire family from the destruction which ultimately came upon an unbelieving world. It is not by accident that Noah's name appears in the "Westminster Hall of Fame" chapter, the 11th of Hebrews. The record says that "he prepared an ark to the saving of his house." What greater thing could Cod say about any parent? Cod is not interested in social standing, prestige, position or pow­ er. As a parent, your prime respon­ sibility is for the salvation of your children. Cod issues a special call to dads today! Fathers are the prime movers and molders of their children. Cod's responsibility, despite the 20th century's reversal of the or­ der, is directed to fathers. How foolish the scornful criticism, "re­ ligion is for women and children." Fathers must lead the way. They must be the best examples pos­ sible. We cannot expect children to imitate our virtues when they see so many of our vices. I say, shame on the father who sets his son a bad example and then pun­ ishes him for doing the same thing! You cannot expect your chil­ dren to be Christians if you refuse the grace of God. Children need to see a consistency in the Chris­ tian life. If you want your children to pray then you must pray! We should be counsellors and best friends to our children. One of the easiest ways to lose them is simply to become "too involved." Page 23

GOD'S CALL TO DADS Genesis 7; 1

What shall you give to one small boy, A glamourous game, a tinseled toy, A barlow knife, a puzzle pack, A picture book, a real live pet; No, there's plenty of time for such things yet. Give him a day for his very own — Just one small boy and his dad alone. A walk in the woods, a romp in the park, A fishing trip from dawn to dark, Give the gift that only you can — The companionship of his Old Man. Games are outgrown, and toys decay — But he'll never forget if you give him a day.


Paul's word to Timothy points up the unique role a Christian mother plays in the spiritual devel­ opment of her children. Because parents have accepted Christ does not automatically mean children will follow in their steps. Without question it is the most important help we can give them. Psycholo­ gists have attempted to explain “ mother-love" as springing either from sentiment or sex. Today's gen­ eration seems to have little respect or regard for parents. They do not realize that this would be a hard world without the love of mothers and fathers. Unfortunately, not every mother is worthy of the honor required. The Bible does not commend any­ one indiscriminately, including wo­ men and mothers. Athaliah and Herodias are not among the her­ oines of the Word. On the other hand, our debt to Christian moth­ erhood knows no limits. Solomon rose up “ To meet his mother and bowed himself unto her, and sat down on his throne and caused a throne to be set for the king's mother, and she sat on his right hand." This is where a godly moth­ er belongs for she leaves a legacy of love. All of us cherish something dif­ ferent in our parents. My last and almost only memory of my own mother, is that of two thin arms embracing her 7-year old youngest son before she slipped away into eternity. To me, those arms will Page 2 4

always be the arms of Cod enfold­ ing me for as long as time goes on. While they are different in many ways they are alike. A little boy was asked if mothers could make us good. He quickly replied, “ No, but they sure help." Salvation is not a process of heredity nor is it transmissable. We should seek to exemplify the Sav­ iour so as to have our children want to emulate it. Timothy's mother, Eunice, was likely con­ verted at Lystra. That is near the city of Tarsus where Saul was born. His grandmother was a born-again believer. Timothy had known the Scriptures from childhood. Faith comes by example. It is true it does come by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, but it also ap­ proaches through the “ eye-gate." Mother, what heritage are you leaving your children? Is your faith being reproduced in your off­ spring? Do you have a vital, living faith in Jesus Christ? Williams translates the text, "I am always longing night and day to see you again, that I may feel the fullest joy on being reminded of your genuine faith, a faith that first found a home in the heart of your grandmother Lois and then in the heart of your mother Eunice, and now in yours also, I'm sure." The verb means “ to dwell permanent­ ly, and so find a home." Does Christ have a home in your heart? More importantly, does He feel at home?




A REQUIRED HONOR Ephesians 6:1-3

There is a wonderful passage of Scripture for children in the Bible. Ephesians 6:1-3 commands obedi­ ence to parents, pointing out that honor to father and mother is the first commandment with promise. Choices are open to children and young people on other things, but not in the matter of obeying one's parents. It is well to note that both parents are involved in this con­ text. The Bible specially mentions both. We are to treat parents with re­ spect, graciously, manifesting con­ sideration and visiting with marks of favor." The Creek verse is in the present imperative. This means we are to "keep on doing so." Whatever else is involved, there is more to the exercise than merely "saying it." You may rationalize, "I love them, but I do not respect them." This is quite impossible! Honor involves our attitude and our relationship to parents. Allow life to go to pieces at this point, and it will crumble all along the line. We recognize the Divine right to demand law and order. This is God's order. Such a truth is deep­ ly ingrained in the Word of Cod. The Fifth commandment is found in Exodus 20; Matthew 19; and Ephesians 6 Law, Gospels, and Epistles! This eternal principle has never been abrogated, modified, or nullified. Every child is to honor his parents as the highest symbol of what God is to all of us. Many children in our society do not have Continued on Page 31

A Builder built a temple He wrought it with care and skill Pillars and doors and arches, All fashioned to work his will. And the men said, as they saw its beauty, "It shall never know decay. Great is thy skill, O Builder! Thy fame shall endure for aye." A mother built a temple With infinite loving care, Planning each arch with patience, Loving each stone with prayer. None praised her unceasing effort None knew of her wondrous plan, For the temple the mother built Was unseen by the eye of man. Gone is the builder's temple Crumbled into the dust; Low lies each stately pillar Food for consuming dust. But the temple the mother built Will last while the ages roll, For the beautiful unseen temple Was a child's immortal soul.

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a "Cod-image" because they have never known a true father-image. This is tragic! Professing Christian children ought never to develop anti-parental attitudes. If they do, they will be living a life outside the will of God. It is a fact that attitude toward parents usually de­ termines attitude towards God! This bestowment is a deserving honor. To our parents we owe our live. Giving us life, however, is only a small part of our debt to parents. What parent ever kept a ledger account? Did you know that the average child, up to the age of 18, requires an expenditure of about $20,000. Honoring parents is a vital build­ ing block of mankind. God intends this respect to saturate the entire social structure. Without it there is anarchy and chaos. Such require­ ment should be amenable to our conscience! Such honor is required because of our Lord's example. Luke 2:51 plainly tells us that "he was sub­ ject unto his parents." While He was born the "Son of God," He was also born the "Son of man." He was superior to his parents in every area of life yet for their sakes He was willing to be their subordinate! Reverence should be the start­ ing point. When Jonathan Edwards entered his home, his children rose to pay their respect. This virtue is part and parcel of true greatness! John Ruskin testified, "Among the most beautiful things that dwell in my memory is my mother's godly life." Many have been the testi­ monies of great men and women concerning their parents. Conf­ idence and consideration should

be extended to our parents. There should be no barriers. Keep the channels of communication open. None are more interested in you than they are. Possibly none will pray for you more fervently than they will.,They may not keep pace with contemporary things but that does not outdate them! Never write them off, not even after they have left this world's scene! Never forget the physical care which you can provide for them (Matt. 15:4, Mark 7:10). Children are apt to become selfish and pos­ sessive. The life-cycle does reverse itself. Those who cared for us in our infancy may need our care in old age! Extenuating circumstances may forces us to place our parents in a home of some kind, but let it always be remembered that our required honor must be fulfilled for as long as their life shall last. Our service is out of a heart of love. Let the honor flow also from joy and cheerfulness! Providence designed it so that ourfirstglimpse of our parents is that of the upward look! Let it never be reversed! Note the text which promises, "That thy days may be long in the land which the Lord thy God giv- eth thee." This is to be generally, and not specifically, interpreted. You will be at peace. That is worth far more than any legacy you might receive. The day may soon be here for some of you, it is already here for many of us, when your parents will be gone! Honor your parents today! In so doing, you will not only reverence them, but also the God who gave them to you. Give yourself the best chance to live out a life with no regrets! Page 31

WHERE GOD FEELS AT HOME Ephesians 5:21-6:5

There has been a great deal of speculation concerning the marital status of the Apostle Paul. It is not our point to argue either position, except to point out that his re­ corded writings were inspired by the Holy Spirit, and as such are important for our study and edifi­ cation. He rightly underscores the importance of building the Chris­ tian family. Next to salvation this should have utmost priority. Bishop Moule echoed this con­ viction in declaring, "It is not too much to say that the perfecting of the home is the masterpiece of the Gospel in its work of social bless­ ing. Nothing on earth is so beauti­ ful as a Christian home; and it takes the name of Christ and the grace of His Spirit to produce the full phenomenon." Wives Ephesians 5:22 teaches that wives are to be "in subjection to their husbands." Philipps translates it: "Wives, adapt yourselves to your own husbands." This is a difficult thing to do! When a woman tells me that she knows her husband like an open book, I simply remind her, "You haven't read the last chapter yet!" There is no such thing as an instant understanding of the whole scope of marriage. It requires a constant adjustment.

Student pictured is making good use of Art Department easels and paints to com­ plete a painting assignment.

Students pictured are Carl Olsen, Editor and Mary Tanksley, Associate Editor oi Biota's student newspaper—The Chimes. Page 3 2

Paul uses "subjection" which re­ fers to loyalty and leadership, not to a passive resignation to tyranny. Two people cannot drive the same automobile at the same time. If they try, their ultimate destination will be the ditch or the telephone pole. Paul implores wives to allow their husbands to be husbands! One of the problems of our time is that wives want to be husbands, and husbands are letting them! Little can be done for a man who would rather be the tail than the head. If a marriage is to be suc­ cessful and the home harmonious, the husband has to assume his headship! This is Cod's order. The relationship must continually be "in the Lord." It is constrained by Christ, not coerced by husbands! Husbands Husbands are to be lovers, not lords. Love evokes and elicits; it does not command nor demand. Husbands are not necessarily "kings of a vast domain!" A minister asked his class what matrimony was. One timid boy re­ plied, "Sir, matrimony is the place of punishment where souls must suffer for a time before they go to heaven." "Good boy," said the cleric, "come to the head of the class." The headship of the husband can only be justified on the basis of Christ's redeeming love. We are to love our wives as "Christ loved the church." When Dr. Harry Iron­ side was asked by a young man if he were committing idolatry be­ cause he loved his wife so much, the godly pastor of t he Moody Church replied, "Do you love your wife as much as Christ loved the Church?" "That's impossible," an­

swered the young man. "Well, then," said Dr. Ironside, "you are not committing idolatry." If such love is absent, there will be no victory in the personal life, much less at the family level. Phil­ ipps translates it, "Do not let bit­ terness or resentment spoil your marriage." Unfortunately, how of­ ten it does! Why should we act the worst around those whom we love the most? I have seen love fade, wilt, and finally die, for lock of nurture. If our relationship to Christ is right, so should be our love for one another. Children Obedience is one of life's chief virtues. It should be a part of our "ordered society." We cannot go it alone, either at home or in the world. It was John Donne who pointed out, "No man is an island." One of the chief reasons for law­ lessness and revolution in these days is that children have not been taught to obey. No wonder there are so many broken-hearted par­ ents in our churches. This text does not encourage blind loyalty or un­ qualified obedience, as if parents could do no wrong. There are al­ ways exceptions to any rule. Our Lord indicated that "a man's foes might be those of his own house­ hold." The time might come from a young person to decide between his loyalty to parents and that to Christ. The commandment is tempered by the words "in the Lord." Disci­ pline is more than a matter of muscle. Children are people, not dogs or cats! Parents must not, nor can they, give order to children which are not in keeping with prop­ er Christian ethics or conduct. Par­ ents should not exact unreasonable Page 33

1. A family who will keep loving me even when I do not deserve it. 2. A father who will understand and guide me and let me do some of the talking. 3. Parents whom I can trust, and who are honest. 4. Parents who stay at home once in awhile. 5. Parents who will encourage me. They always want me to do better, but they never say I have done well. 6. Parents who will pray for me, and with me. Salvation has always been re­ quired as far as our homes go. Never has there been a greater need for such a message than in this terrible hour. We are living in a day of unbridled wickedness. Think of the indescribable lawless­ ness and sensuality all about us. Educators, legislators, sociologists and others throw up their hands in despair. Who can cope with the problems confronting us. Society appears to have slipped beyond the point of no return. History's destiny is the judgment. Man's on­ ly hope is salvation through Christ Jesus.

demands, while children must exercise a loving and discerning obedience. No power on earth is as great as a mother's or father's prayer! Fathers Note that fathers are addressed, not mothers. While the heads of the household they are also to be examples. We owe our children more than money, clothing, edu­ cation, and board and room! The Bible says, "Abraham commanded his children after him." This is a responsibility fathers cannot shift to anyone else, not even to the mothers. There is both a negative and a positive command in this text for fathers. They are told not to pro­ voke their children to anger. One father confessed to me recently that it had taken him 19 years to realize that he had been hostile to his two sons. He wept as he said it! We may also provoke by con­ tinual negativism, by irrational out­ bursts of temper, by irritability, by constant threats without the ex­ ecution of punishment, by a lack of vested confidence, and by a fail­ ure to show creative companion­ ship. If we do not believe in our children, who will? If we do not live with them, who will? A father has three responsibilities for his children. He must pay for them, play with them, and pray in their behalf. The positive word is that we must bring our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We could well heed what one lad wanted of his parents:

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