Orange County Insight June 2022

Team Orange,

All we do is Win, Win, Win!

This month we feature some of the individual, team and organizational recognitions for the championship work we are doing to serve the citizens of Orange County. As the Stanley Cup finals are underway, the College World Series continues, and the NBA playoffs are drawing to a close, it ’ s time to talk a bit about what it takes to be a champion. No surprise … its teamwork! Teamwork is our superpower and drives the accolades mentioned above. I am excited that we have kicked off our culture of teamwork initiative through organizational development sessions with our Senior Leadership, and later this week with our Key Leaders group. Here, we are learning about ourselves and each other, and what it takes to work effectively as a team. And I ’ m excited to say there is more to come. We ’ ll be able to announce another award for Team Orange next month after it becomes official. I couldn ’ t be prouder that we are being recognized by our peers and national organizations for our performance.

Let ’ s keep winning! Go Team Orange!

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