Orange County Insight June 2022

Orange County Planning Commission Meetings Now Livestreamed in the Agendas & Minutes Portal

By: Orange County Communications Department

Orange County Planning Commission Meetings have joined the Board of Supervisors ’ Meetings, and are now livestreamed through a built - in feature of the Orange County website: the “ Agendas and Minutes ” portal. This function will replace the YouTube channel for livestreaming purposes.

Accessing the livestream is simple. Follow these steps:

1. Begin by visiting the Orange County, Virginia website, located at

2. Click the “ Agendas and Minutes ” icon on the homepage. It is located just below the logo, and is the third icon from the left. This will take you to the “ Agendas and Minutes ” portal. 3. Current and future meetings will be displayed at the top. If a current meeting is available for livestreaming, you will see a red “ LIVE ” icon to the left of the meeting listing. 4. Click the meeting text for the meeting you wish to watch. It will read “ Board of Supervisors ’ Regular Meeting, ” “ Board of Supervisors ’ Worksession, ” or “ Planning Commission Regular Meeting. ” 5. A new window will open. At the top left of this window is a video interface. Click the “ Play ” arrow to begin your livestream. From this window, you can also view the agenda and relevant meeting documents. Past meeting recordings and agendas are also available for viewing in the “ Agendas and Minutes ” portal. This feature is a great resource to help citizens stay connected to their government ’ s activities. For additional guidance, a “ How - To ” video is available on the Orange County Local Government Facebook page.

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