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Make More Money

Spend Less Time

Managing Your Rental Properties

For Property Management Companies

For Condos and HOAs

For Commercial Property Managers

For Landlords

Manage Properties with QuickBooks ® is a complete and total solution for property management, real estate accounting and financial management software.

Manage Properties with QuickBooks, by Gita Faust:

• is simple to use • cuts software costs • gives you control of your properties • lets you control your tenants • provides seamless integration with additional software • turns you into a PROFIT POWERHOUSE!

Using Manage Properties with QuickBooks is like hiring a team of savvy propertymanagement consultants with a mentor, a business consultant, an accountant, and a property manager right at your keyboard.

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Gita Faust , author and developer of Manage Properties with QuickBooks, is a leading expert in QuickBooks integrated solutions and can provide assistance unique to your business.


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