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Who We Are: Phyllis Weber Associates, LLC, is a consulting firm, specializing in New Business Development for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction firms in the tri-state area. With a degree and background in both Marketing and Design, we are successful in bringing new business opportunities because of our understanding and ability to bring these two worlds together. Our Company has been in operation for over sixteen years.

Company Name: Earth Engineering Incorporated Type of Firm & Overview of Company: Earth Engineering Incorporated (EEI) is a

full-service geotechnical- geoenvironmental engineering consulting firm composed of a group of engineers and geologists dedicated to providing the swift, cost-effective, professional service needed tomeet the demands of any project. Mission Statement: At EEI, our goal is to provide every client with our core principles: Quality Consulting & Investigative Work and On-time, On-budget Performance. We’re committed to providing our clients with the higher level of service and experience they have come to expect from EEI. Headquarters: East Norriton, PA Additional locations: Emmaus, PA - West Berlin, NJ - Mechanicsburg, PA No. of employees: 77 Employees Services and or Products offered: Geotechnical Consulting, Subsurface Investigations, Infiltration Testing, Construction Inspection & Testing, Geotechnical Specialty Design Services, Environmental Site Assessments, Clean Fill Analysis, Laboratory Soil Testing. What is your Vision and Strategy in the next year: Tomaintain an aggressive forward-thinking posture. To continue to refine our organizational structure and enhance our company culture such that we are prepared for the emerging construction market. To vigorously apply our core principles and client-first service to every project. Geotechnical Engineers

What We Do: We have found that our niche is in working with small to mid-size firms that do not always have full time personnel dedicated to the Marketing and Business Development that are absolutely critical to A/E/C firms. It is New Business Development that sets apart those companies who will flourish, from those who will struggle to survive. How We Do It: Initial Meeting - The first step is for us to meet with the client in order to get a good understanding of their present position in the marketplace. We listen to what our client wants to achieve. This gives us a road map to help develop our plan. Creating the Strategy - We work with our client to develop the best Strategy to take them from where they are today, to where they want to go. We will conduct an evaluation of their present activities to determine which ones are working and where we need to add additional marketing activities. Many times the strategy may include: properly placed advertisements in the media which is being read by their target audience; active memberships in appropriate professional networking and business development groups; trade show participation; website design with hyperlinks to active professional organizations and of course cold calling. Client Representation: While there are several Marketing Consultant firms that can handle what we have outlined above, very few can do what we do. We have enjoyed great success in breaking through barriers and getting to specific prospects, previously not available to our clients . For example - we have an Architectural firm as a client, who called on a college for seven years in an effort to get a meeting. We were able to arrange a meeting for him to make a presentation to the “decision makers” of that college, which resulted in the firm winning their first project with the college. Another client was trying to get known in this geographic area, and wanted high profile exposure. We were able to take care of that for them. We made the right introductions to the right people. This resulted in their winning a major multi-million dollar construction project. How many times have we heard….”It’s all about relationships”. Take Action: If you would like to learn more about how we can help you to grow your business, contact us to arrange an appointment for a FREE Initial Consultation. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose! Phyllis Weber

Sales And Marketing Consultant




Geotechnical Engineers & Geologists


SERVICES C LIENT A ND B USINESS D EVELOPMENT P RESS R ELEASES A DVERTISEMENTS | T RADESHOWS P.O. Box 492 Marlton, NJ 08053 856.988.7213 www.phyllisweberassociates.com

Construction Inspection & Testing Subsurface Investigations

Retaining Wall Design

Environmental Site Assessments and Remediation

Clean Fill Testing

Stormwater Infiltration Testing Carbonate Site Assessments

Laboratory Soils Testing

South Jersey: 856.768.1001 Central PA: 717.697.5701

Corporate Headquarters: 610.277.0880

Lehigh Valley: 610.967.4540


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