Kinect PT: Goodbye Achy Knees

Outstanding Patient Results

This has been a great experience! “When I came in I could barely get around. My knee replacement limited all I could do. Now, I can walk, stand, and play golf again. This has been a great experience! They work you hard, but it is worth it!” - Patrick C. I am able to bend further! “I am able to bend further, and I can also pick up more weight that was hard to carry. In the beginning, I couldn’t sit but for about 20 minutes. Now, I can enjoy my favorite shows on TV! Thank you so very much Rick, McKenna, and also your whole team!” - Philicia H. My range of motion has increased! “My range of motion has increased more than I expected, and after only two months! I can resume so many activities, such as yard work and shopping. I am also bowling with my friends again, my #1 goal!” - Barbara I. I can run again! “Starting at Kinect I couldn’t run, let alone walk without a limp. After 12 sessions of regaining my ankle mobility with the Kinect team, I cannot only walk without a limp, I can run again! Thanks Kinect team!” - Ashley P.

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