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Even though it is December 1 and, from numerous reports, the Resort has been and still is very full and busy, Welcome Back. Welcome also to all the new Owners, some 200 plus, who ’ ve bought a lot at ORPS in the past two seasons and are now getting to enjoy all of what ORPS has to offer. You ’ ve heard me say that at Board meetings many times, but thanks to General Manager, Ed Vitrano, and the entire staff for their tireless efforts this past summer to complete the many facilities and amenities repairs, refurbishments, and improvements. And all the work put into making the Resort ready and looking great upon owners return throughout October and November. Your Board of Directors has been working very hard throughout the summer and into the fall as well. We ’ ve realized that this is an RV Resort business that requires regular attention all twelve months of the year. Top of the list is putting the finishing touches on a presentation on the Strategic Facility Improvement Plan, based on your survey responses of more than a years ago. The Plan will be put to the entire ownership for your consideration in January 2022, with the actual date still to be determined. On top of that, the Board and Ed are working on finishing the plans and approvals on a Dog Park located outside the west wall towards the back of the Resort. The expectation is this facility will be ready for pet owners ’ use when you return in November 2022. And very shortly, Ed will start focusing on preliminary preparation on the 2022 - 2023 Resort Budget, including the Resort ’ s Reserve Study, and those items and facilities which will require attention in the next year. By now you will have seen, and most likely completed a short opinion survey, sent to Owners mid - November, asking your opinion on the state and appearance of the resort when you arrived. It is our plan to ask your opinion on various aspects of the resort and its operations, so expect to see a few more of these short surveys throughout the season. In keeping with the Resort ’ s Mission of being a Premier Quality RV Resort, the Board has set a target to provide a high - quality level of service and experiences to the Owners and Renters, by achieving at least an average 4.0 satisfaction rating on the “5” very satisfied to the “1” very dissatisfied survey rating scale.

To all, please enjoy your winter. Don Renoe Board President




The Safety & Security Committee is excited about the start of a new season! We look forward to seeing all of our friends from both sides of the border this year. Despite the Covid - 19 impact and lack of members in the Resort last season the Safety & Security Committee feels good about several accomplishments. Keeping the committee charter in mind we achieved the following: • Conducted a review and testing all of our earthquake disaster supplies & equipment. This included our gas powered generator, radios, search & rescue equipment, medical supplies and the emergency response team supplies. • Revised and updated the contact list of ORPS owners who were physically present in the resort during last year and available to respond (if needed) to an earthquake or other type disaster. • Ensured the committee was able to establish an Incident Command Organization and serve as advisors to the General Manager and Board of Directors in the event of an actual emergency. • Worked closely with the Cathedral City Fire Department to review & update their copies of the ORPS map and 911 response protocols within the resort. The goal was to ensure fast and efficient 911 response times (typically numbering 2 - 5 calls per month). • Inspected, maintained and added first aid kits throughout the resort, including those located in all the satellite laundry rooms, club houses, tennis & pickleball courts. • Worked with the ORPS Post Commander to support his efforts to maintain/upgrade safety & security policies within the resort. • Keeping in mind the safety of pedestrians and pets, the committee improved the functionality & data being collected from the ORPS speed signs. Future recommendations will be made based on the information gathered. We do ask that vehicle and golf cart drivers to please be mindful of your driving speed and for night time pedestrians to always walk with a flashlight for improved visibility. • As the new season begins, we look forward to welcoming four new members to the committee. This season the Safety & Security Committee will continue to support and maintain the safest possible environment for our Resort.

Whether you ’ re a long - time Owner, or an Owner within the last few months, “ Welcome Home . . . Again! ”

This being my first non - Covid year, where travel was so limited if not restricted, seeing you flow back into the Resort puts a smile of satisfaction on my face. I knew how hard the staff worked this off - season to finish major projects and put a shine on the Resort. However, veteran staff and Owners indicate that they ’ ve never seen the Resort so full so soon. As a result, I knew that our systems would be challenged to keep up with demand. Indeed, trash dumpsters were full to over - flowing due to US - based Members arriving by the first of November with our pent - up Canadian friends arriving shortly after the border opened . . . a long 20 month wait. More than 400 services requests were received in the 30 days from October 11 to November 11! A challenge that had to be met. While there have been glitches and the challenge is still to be completely neutralized, staff has risen to the task. Thank you for your patience. We will respond and fix any issue still outstanding. I write this after attending to two of the most rewarding social events of recent years. Comedy night, a ticketed event on the “ heated ” El Saguaro Pool Deck, was filled with laughter and warm toasts as everyone partook of the tasty offerings for sale and purchased their beverage of choice from the 19 th Hole Bar. However, the “ Home Again – Welcome Back Redux ”, also primarily on the ES Pool Deck, has received the highest marks. While 400 tickets were issued, more than 300 Members were served from the buffet table, members greeted each other again or for the first time, and listened to easy - listening music during dinner. Immediately following that, the music turned more to a dance mode as the spirit turned celebratory. The highlight was a new sound system where the music played on the deck also was heard in the Clubhouse as well. Now that the initial rush has slowed, with yet another in - flow after the first of the year, the challenge now changes to one of repeated continuity of excellence and rise to every occasion. Covid is still with us and I caution letting your concern wane. The Board will be reviewing governmental orders as a guide with an outlook of depending on your personal responsibility to others. To be Ladies & Gentlemen Serving Ladies & Gentlemen is still our creed. We will do our best.

Dan Hannah, Safety & Security Chair

Welcome Home . . . Again. Sounds good, doesn ’ t it?

Ed Vitrano General Manager




Recently Facebook changed its name to Meta as a nod to an immersive next - generation version of the internet. Before that, Kanye West legally changed his name to Ye for personal reasons. And before that... (drumroll please) the ORPS ukulele group changed its name to The Ukulele Crew of ORPS for entertainment reasons. Last season eight players practiced outdoors twice a week during Covid. Performances were canceled, but a golf cart concert in Febru- ary gave The Crew a chance to put on a show and introduce their new moniker. The Crew is slowly coming back and new music, new instruments and new solos will elevate The Crew ’ s musicality. That ’ s entertainment! The Crew is looking for new members. Practices are every Saturday starting with the beginner session at 1:00 - 1:55p.m. This is very basic play. Following the beginners, players of all levels meet at 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Beginners should attend this session also, as it speeds up learning. The Crew meets in the La Palma Clubhouse East Room. There are also Wednesday practices in the East Room for all player levels with emphasis on practicing a play list for this season ’ s performances. New or returning players need to bring their ukulele, music stand, chip clips to anchor their music, last season ’ s songs, songs recently emailed to them for printing, holiday songs and the original ukulele book. Anyone needing music can purchase copies at practice. The Ukulele Crew Holiday Show is Saturday, December 4. Check the Daily Planner from the Lifestyle Office for the time and location. Proof of vaccination with a vaccine card or cell phone app is required to attend the ukulele practices, which are held indoors. Once a card has been shown, at the door, it does not have to be shown again. Currently ORPS management has face mask requirements posted at clubhouse entrances. Please follow those posted rules for masking.

Welcome back everyone! An especially warm welcome to our Canadian Owners. We missed you last season. As is typical for this time of year, the A&A team is already very busy processing new Permit requests. During the off - season, the A & A Committee was very active reviewing and approving Permits as well as revising the A&A Rules. The new Rules were approved by the Board of Directors on October 18, 2021. If you are planning on doing any Lot modifications, please familiarize yourselves with the new Rules. A link to them can be found on the page in the Messages popup once you login. Remember Permits are required for all Lot improvements and repairs including, without limitation, the construction, installation, alteration, removal, or remodeling of any walls, privacy screens, fences, landscaping, golf ball screens/netting, antennas, utility lines structures, installations, and improvements of any kind. For repairs to lot lights, fifth wheel enclosures and stairs, and for the removal of landscaping materials and hedges, a No Fee Permit will be issued. For all other improvements, you must submit a Permit Application and pay a $25 fee. NO WORK CAN START PRIOR TO A & A COMMIT- TEE APPROVAL OF YOUR PERMIT . If unpermitted work is done, Owners could be subject to fines and possibly removal of this unpermitted work. So, if you are considering doing some work to your Lot and uncertain about whether it requires a Permit, please contact Julia, our Compliance Officer, for assistance with your Permit application or to request a consultation with members of the A&A Committee. Approved Permits must be posted on your Washingtonian palm tree at the front of your Lot until the work has received a final inspection. This is also a reminder that all Lots for sale within the Resort must undergo an inspection prior to the final sale. In addition, prior to the purchase and sale of an RV that is intended to stay within the Resort, an inspection is required. Please notify Julia in Compliance if you are intending to sell your Lot or your RV. If you have time on your hands and are interested in helping Owners improve their Lots and maintaining the beauty and architectural standards in the Resort, please consider joining us as a Committee member. We are interested in anyone who has general or specific experience in construction methods, engineering, plumbing, electrical, safety standards, process controls or administration. If you have these or similar qualifications, please consider applying to become a member of the A&A Committee. Finally, the A&A Committee welcomes suggestions and ideas from you, the Owners. Please feel free to contact us. Looking forward to seeing all your Improvement ideas this season and your continuing efforts to keep our Resort the beautiful place we all love.

For additional information, contact Marilyn Sabens, Lot 363: 909 - 754 - 7492

Kathy McCune A&A Chair




Our Welcome Back Gathering - November 12, 2021

December 2021 ORPS Chapter, Family Motor Coach Association

What have we been doing and what are we doing in the near future. November 2021 • 12th Welcome back Club meeting - Fifty - three friends came out to share light snacks & discuss the upcoming officer election, catch up with each other and learn about our future events for this season. • 18 th Hot Air Balloon Glow on Sunset Circle/Golf Course. Hope you caught it! 3 rd 5:00 p.m. Ugly Sweater Dinner & Dance co - sponsored with ORPS Pickleball - El Saguaro Ballroom • 10 th Group trip to Wild Lights at Living Desert Zoo & Gardens in Palm Desert • December 2021 • To Be Announced “ Santa for a Senior ” program in conjunction with Cathedral City Police Department. We will share our time & gifts with our local Cathedral City Seniors. Look for announcements from our President Sue Strauss. January 2022 • 12 th - 16th FMCA Western Area Rally, Indio, CA • 19 th 4:30 – 7:00 pm Chapter Potluck Dinner - El Saguaro Card Room

February 2022 •

10 th 4:30pm – 7:00pm Wine and Food Pairing Dinner - El Saguaro Ballroom. P.S. This is a very special event!

Our Hot Air Balloon Glow—November 18. 2021

March 2022 •

2 nd – 3 rd On - Site Rally

• 2 nd Golf Tournament Tee - off times TBD, ORPS Golf Course • 3 rd RV Life Seminar - El Saguaro Card Room • 3 rd Pickleball Tournament - ORPS Pickleball Courts • 3 rd Rally Dinner , Cocktails and Business Meeting • 18 th Volunteer Appreciation Dinner - La Palma Ballroom • 23 rd – 26 th FMCA 104 th International Convention & RV Expo at Pima City Fairgrounds, Tucson, AZ Who are we? We are 63 families strong and growing. President - Sue Strauss - 518 - 368 - 8084 Lot 632 President Emeritus - Jeff Buchman - 202 - 577 - 6478 Lot 835 Secretary - Ken Hearn - 610 - 573 - 3747 Lot 835 Treasurer - Vicki Hilmer - 253 - 312 - 0193 Lot 1082 FMCA National Director - Doug Hibl 209 - 480 - 8971 Lot 99 Please direct comments or questions to: Sue Strauss Lot 632 You will find local membership applications in both Club- houses in our wall displays. Membership in the National FMCA is required for membership in our local chapter FMCA ORPS. Please sign up first at to get your na- tional FMCA ID number. (Local $25.00 dues & $10 badge for each person)

Submitted by Ken Hearn, FMCA Secretary






Board Vice President, John Boudin & General Manager, Ed Vitrano at the Opening Day Tournament

Hello ORPS Members,

Welcome back to another season, we are looking forward to having everyone back this year! As you may know, we are using a new handicap system this season and will use for tournaments as well. This includes Tuesday Fun Scrambles and Thursday Team Best Ball tournaments. Advanced signup and handicaps are required for tournaments. Each member will have an established, base handicap after three 18 hole scores. We have already updated members handicaps who posted from previous seasons with the last three scores to create a base handicap for those individuals. You may now post scores online through the link below or through the Golf Mobile Network app on your phone or iPad for ORPS as well as most other courses in the USA and Canada. If you are going to use your phone or iPad, the app is best for posting scores and more user friendly than using a browser on those devices. The base handicap will be adjusted based on which course and tee you are playing, meaning that your course handicap will be lower than your base handicap when playing individual tournaments at ORPS due to the length and par 3's. Contact the Starter Shack for Username and Password. Please login and get familiar with the system as we will not have a kiosk this season at the handicap room. For those mem- bers who are unable to post online, bring your scorecards to the Starter Shack during business hours and we will be happy to post those for you. Again we are looking forward to a great season, please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

Welcome Tony Aguilar, Golf Teaching Professional, and Natasha Whaley, Golf Assistant, to Outdoor Resort.

Natasha is from Colorado and a people's person! “ I'm really excited to be here. I look forward to getting to know everyone better. I'm very excited to be working with everyone now and in the future. ” Tony comes from Arvada, CO and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you with your game! Some of his many accom- plishments include: • 10,000 plus hours of golf instruction • 1997 US Open Qualifier • Canadian and Asian Tour Member • PGA Tour and Korn Ferry Tour Events Qualifier • Owner of Flex Putter Trainer (used by many Tour Professionals) Tony can help golfers of all abilities, from beginners to experts, with any aspects of the game. Group and Individual Lessons are now available. The cost is $20 per person for an hour of instruction, with 4 students maximum to Instructor ratio. Please refer to the attached Golf Lesson Calendar below for days and times available. Sign - ups are now open through ForeTees , under the lessons/group lessons tab or the Starter Shack. There is also access to the Cathedral Canyon Country Club this season for Full Swing lessons on the range. Please contact Tony directly for individual, couples, or specialized lessons at (720) 989 - 3940 or .

Sincerely, Remington Post, PGA Director of Golf (760)328 - 3834 ext. 280 |

Laura Wilson Hole #9 11.06.21

Marty Lentz Hole #7 11.06.21

David Walker Hole #17 11.08.21 Debbie Penero Hole #10 11.16.21

Fred Hyde Hole #4 11.18.21




Tap at Two on Tuesday

Tuesday Tappers perform during Big Star Night.

Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain , Shirley Temple On the Good Ship Lollipop , Bill “ Bojangles ” Robinson up and down the staircase, and Savion Glover on Sesame Street . You ’ ve seen them all. What do they have in common? They ’ re tap dancers. Tap dancing is thought to have begun in the mid - 1800 ’ s. It gained prominence in vaudeville, then emerged into an art form and means of expression alongside the evolution of jazz. It is still going strong and it ’ s Tap at Two on Tuesdays every week in the ES Clubhouse main room from 2:00 to 3:00. All levels of dancers are welcome. Dancers practice technique drills, new steps and short choreographed routines. Tappers are welcome to join the Resort performances. All Covid restrictions for indoor activities will be followed. For more information contact Marilyn Sabens: or Deanna Joe: deanna-

Well another interesting year has passed. The 2020 - 2021 year is in the past and the 2021 - 2022 year is looking great.

Over the summer tee boxes were repaired and expanded. This season started with two tournaments. The season opener had over 130 golfers. The welcome back tournament was played on November 20. It was great to have golfers from all over return. The old handicap room is locked up and a new program is available. Golfers can now enter their scores right on their phones. Don ’ t worry if you ’ re not technically there, just drop your card at the Starter Shack and our staff will be happy to assist.

Monthly calendars are available from the starter shack and in the El Saguaro clubhouse so you can see upcoming events.

Submitted by Marilyn Sabens

Due to supply shortages the water fountains on the course are not all working. Please bring water out for your rounds. We hope to have this fixed in the near future.

Ladies Bible Study

ORPS Ladies Bible Study will join together once again!!! January 12 – March 9, 2022 in the East Room 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Payouts at this time have been moved into the club house. Masks are mandatory when in the building and moving around.

We will be studying 2Corinthians All Things New by Kelly Minter each lady is to bring the work study book. LifeWay makes it available on Amazon. If you have prime there ’ s free shipping. We hope you will join us. You will meet warm, Jesus Loving Women. It will be the “ Most Rewarding ” part of your day!

Christine Anderson Golf Committee Chair

Donnice Koch.




Welcome back everyone!!!

It is wonderful to see so many friends back at the resort already this year. We anxiously await the arrival of our remaining Canadian friends in the coming days and weeks. We had a great turnout for or first Horse Race of the season on November 4th. Everyone seemed to have a great time, especially Brian Goltz who won the 50/50 drawing. Our next Horse Race will be February 8th. Our first Mixer of the season was held on November 13th. It was hosted by the Tennis Committee with a “ Welcome Back Canadians ” theme. We Americans learned how delicious Poutine is! There was a 50/50 raffle won by Cindy Stoneback. With a third of the pot being donated to the Salvation Army ’ s Thanksgiving Turkey drive. Our next mixer will be January 22nd. Hosted by the Desert Mixed 3.5 team. The Tennis Committee is trying to implement a Tennis ball recycling program here at ORPS. Unfortunately, trying to do the right thing costs money. We are looking at various options to accomplish this.. obtaining a sponsor, fundraising among the tennis community, etc. If you have any ideas on this please let me know. This year there will be a week long “ Can - Am ” event starting February 26th that will involve Tennis, Pickleball, and Golf. The events will be coordinated so you have the opportunity to participate in one, two or all three sports. I look forward to an event that will bring people from the different sports together and hopefully foster a little more good will between all. Dawn Williams Tennis Communications




WHAT A DAY OF REJOICING THAT WILL BE!!!! This is the sentiment of hymn writer Eliza Hewitt who wrote a long time ago...I have changed the truth from "When We All Get To Heaven What a Day of Rejoicing That Will Be;" to our coming together at ORPS and Chapel each Sunday. Imagine singing, praying, hearing great sermons, and having CANADIANS back!!! Imagine having a "full" service with friends and outstanding speakers/musicians. First Chapel was on November 7 with a family of singers and speaker brand new to us, you will love the program. Here are some who will be with us this season, many we know and love: Mark Williams; the Larrings; John Guest; The Samoans; Craig Hazen an apologist; Ron Cline; Robert S'chuler Jr; Ron Pearce; Huntley Brown; Steve Musto; Bill Rigg; Larry McCarthy; Bill Butterworth; I will speak a few Sundays. Hope you attend every week, knowing how blessed you will be. A true time of rejoicing. Invite a friend 8:50 am SHARP Moses gave us this truth in Deuteronomy 20:29. "The secret things belong to God." The older we get the truer that becomes. Many secrets won't be made known till we arrive in Heaven, even though we long for the answer now. Why did this happen? How much longer will I live? How will our kids and grandkids fare in days facing them? Many of us know Lupe, the hairdresser salon lady who has a shop at El Saguaro. She does an outstanding job which I joyfully affirm with my wife Karen after each appointment. Ladies, who haven't been to her yet, now is the time to begin!! Lupe has a son Cruz who is very sick and needs our prayers at this time.

Happy Times Are Here Again!!! Have you been in the mailroom/library at La Palma?

Did you notice the new carpet and sun shades or the sun shades in the ballroom or the new flooring and sun shades in the East Room? Well, if you haven't, go check it out. Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, " Good planning without good working is nothing/" Well, due to good working and good planning, ORPS is on schedule to have a Dog Park. Our Board of Directors started the good work over the summer. Our General Manager, Ed Vitrano, started the good planning with the direction from the board. The Board of Directors then voted to send the project to the Planning Committee to work with the General Manager. Letters were sent out to owners asking for their input. The Planning Committee held two Zoom meetings with the Ed prioritizing the owners thoughts and concerns. The Planning Committee then made a proposal to the Board of Directors along with the drawings from the General Manager. Please refer to the 18 October Board of Directors minutes to see the next steps. Hold on to your leashes.

Respectfully Submitted Michael Curley Planning Committee Chair

We would like to invite you to join us in the West Room Monday through Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We will follow the ORPS guidelines for preventing the COVID 19 virus. As you may know the ORPS guidelines coincide with the Ca- thedral City COVID guidelines. They are: • Face masks will be worn at all times while inside any public facility.

For everyone ’ s good health, if you experience any COVID symptoms, stay home .

This group allows us the room and time to work on individual projects, as well as, group projects. The group projects help the club to raise money and give resources to the Cathedral City Fire Department first responders and to domestic violence victims at Shelter from the Storm. This club is open to everyone. Please drop in and see us or email us for more information at You can join our Facebook page by searching for: ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club

Cruz has an extremely serious disease called Schwachman - diamond syndrome. His mom took him to see Monsignor Lincoln at his church recently. Here are a couple pictures of him with the Priest. Please pray and when you see or write Lupe let her

know. Her only request is that her friends keep them in our prayers and that the Lord surely will answer. I look forward to being with each of you and know the Lord will give us a terrific season.

Laura Moore, Lot 646 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Reporter

Jim Gwinn Chaplain 847 - 445 - 0077




TOURNAMENTS There will be several tournaments throughout the season with the first one kicking off in December! SHOOTOUTS You now need to have a Trackithub subscription ($1.98/mo or $19.98 annually) to be eligible to register for the weekly Wednesday morning shootouts. You must login on to to pay the required fee, before you will be permitted to play. Fran will no longer have the ability to contact you without the subscription and you will not be able to play if you just show up at the courts.

How fabulous to have our Canadian and American friends back together again!!!!! It has been a long time coming! Bring on the pickleball! Some of you are new to ORPS and we are excited to meet you on the courts! There is open play every morning at 8:00 AM. LESSONS If you are a beginner or want to improve aspects of your game, come out and join the lessons “ Skills and Drills ” on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting November 23 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM. ROUND ROBIN Women get together for recreational round robin play on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 3:00 PM! Fun and more fun!

If you have never logged into before, your password will likely default to Password 1.

Shootouts are scheduled to begin November 17, providing that there is a minimum of 35 subscribed participants.

If you experience challenges, please contact Fran at

CLUB MEETING The next Club meeting is scheduled for noon on Wednesday November 23 at ES. ETIQUETTE REMINDER Please do NOT cross the courts of others when they are playing. Instead use the outside gates located between a) courts 7 and 3 and b) courts 12 and 10.

December 3, 2021 – “ Ugly Sweater Tournament ” This is a mixed doubles morning tournament. Choose your partner before signing up November 29 and 30 between 8:00 and 9:00 AM at the courts. Cost is $10 per person.

December 31, 2021 – “ New Year ’ s Eve Tournament ” This fun tournament will take place between 4:00 and 6:00 PM with food, drink, and prizes! Cost is $10 per person.

January 13, 2022 – “ Hawaiian Pickleball Tournament ” Save the date! Details will be forthcoming!

DECEMBER 2021 Submitted by Lynn Barry, Pickleball Public Relations



Halloween Bash 2021 Past Events!

If you haven't been to the gym yet, please do so. The new equipment is a wonderful addition to our resort. There are a few kinks to work out, but over all it's fantastic!! I know owners are loving the new rower as well. Owners and renters, PLEASE, clean off your equipment after each use. It is not being done by several people when I am in there. There is a specific spray for the monitors. Please only use the appropriate spray if u want our equipment to last. Also, you MUST wear a mask in the gym. It is mandated by the county. Please don't get mad at the messengers ☺ HEALTHY THOUGHTS .... If you want to have better focus, improve your memory, and boost mental performance, you can take several steps to nurture your cognitive health. Certain daily habits may not only contribute to your mental acuity but also may help improve your mood, keep your body in shape, and provide a good foundation for supporting your overall well - being. You may be surprised to learn that some of the things you do for fun, including socializing with your friends, can help promote mental acuity. Activities like playing pickleball or even a musical instrument can engage your brain while you practice focus and memory recall. Even listening to your favorite music could help activate your recognition memory. On top of that, having positive social relationships is associated with better cognitive performance and less memory decline as you age. So, the next time you enjoy time with your family or friends, know that you ’ re also contributing to self - care for your mental and psychological health. Just have fun!!

Chavalla Lopez - Bassham Health & Fitness Chair

Friday Night Funnies!

















69411 Ramon Road Cathedral City, California 92234

760 - 328 - 3834

ALL PRO 951 906 5200

Admin Office


BBQ ISLANDS 909 735 5009


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Maintenance Dispatch Community Standards

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La Palma Clubhouse Board Office


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Mailroom Bella Roma

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Beauty Salon

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