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THE NOURISH LETTER The Power of Mental Purification DON’T CONFUSE THE UNIVERSE Earlier this winter, my daughter was experiencing anxiety about taking her NAVLE test — the veterinary equivalent of the Bar exam. This huge standardized test determines if Audriana gets to be a veterinarian after years of schooling and she was understandably stressed. But it reached the point where she kept getting worked up with negative thoughts, fearing she would fail. “Listen, kiddo,” I finally said. “What you need to do is spend five minutes before you go to bed at night focusing on good, positive thoughts. Think about getting that email that says you passed. Think about making that call to Mom and telling her you passed. Think about where you will be and how thrilled and accomplished you’ll feel. Make it real in your emotional center and you’ll find that not only are you calmer, but it sets the stage for the universe to make that your reality.” She thought about this for a moment and replied, “Dad, that’s some deep stuff.” When do kids stop being surprised that their parents have good advice? Audriana started spending more time focusing on positive thoughts and though she was still nervous, she felt a lot better during the days leading up to the test. What many people don’t realize is how much power we have over our reality through just our thoughts. Everything is connected on a quantum level. Life and consciousness in all things in the physical realm have a level of vibration and harmony. We are so loved by our creator and

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He has given us the agency to create our own realities and shape limitless possibilities, but we must first stop underestimating the power of our own thoughts. Great things can occur when we purify ourselves of the negative mental blocks that hold us back. Keep in mind that we can’t just think positive thoughts and expect the universe to hand- deliver our dreams. Our thoughts work in conjunction with our actions. It wouldn’t be enough for Audriana to just think about passing the test; she also had to work hard to pass the NAVLE by going to school and studying long hours. It’s okay to feel stressed or worried about the future, but it’s no good to let that fear consume us. Whatever you think about, the universe works hard to conspire and make it manifest in your life. When we focus on success and achievement, that’s what we see in life. But then we let ourselves focus on doubts and shortcomings, the universe gets confused and you end up with middling results. As we enter the new year, many people look at New Year’s resolutions as a way to clear bad habits from their lives. My focus in 2019 is to purify my thoughts. When we focus on positive and higher thoughts, we can look to the future with an open heart and an open mind. It’s going to be a great year and I’m excited for it.

“When we focus on positive and higher thoughts, we can look to the future with an open heart and an open mind.”



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