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July 2019

Performance For Life


Return to Your Sport Faster with Blood Flow Restriction

July 2019

Are you recovering from an injury? If so, you may be a candidate for blood flow restriction treatments. This may seem counterintuitive - you might ask yourself, “Why would I want to restrict my blood flow? Isn’t it good for blood to circulate?” While these are valid points, blood flow restriction treatments can actually pose several benefits, especially in athletes. Blood flow restriction isn’t just therapeutic – in fact, it helps strengthen muscles. Treatments are usually done during exercise, using compression to restrict circulation in the affected area(s).This is done in order to promote hypertrophy (increase in muscle mass) and prevent disuse atrophy (decrease in muscle mass). If you are interested in learning more about blood flow restriction and how it may benefit you, contact Achieve Therapy today! How exactly does blood flow restriction work? The compression devices used during blood flow restriction treatments are similar to blood pressure cuffs. The pressure created by these compression devices is high enough to occlude blood flow at 50-80% within the affected muscles.

Blood flow restriction is based on a popular theory that the treatments lead to a “local hypoxic event,” meaning the tissues in the affected area will be temporarily deprived of oxygen. While this may sound intimidating, the local hypoxia actually helps in accumulating more metabolites, in order to regulate the body’s anabolic response system (also known as the way in which the body gains muscle protein) during exercise. Essentially, restricting the blood flow in the affected area helps to build more muscle protein.

Additional physiological responses to blood flow restriction include:

• Increased anabolic growth factors • Fast twitch fiber recruitment • Muscle fiber synthesis • Heat shock proteins • Nitric oxide synthase • Decreased expression of myostatin

If you think blood flow restriction is right for you, call us at 866.320.3562 or visit today!

Will blood flow restriction benefit me?

the affected area, in order to stimulate the body’s natural healing and tissue-building processes.This helps speed up your recovery time, so you can get back to your sport as quickly as possible. After treatment, muscle soreness may occur for the next day or two, and “limb fatigue” may occur for 20-30 minutes but should disappear shortly. Contact Achieve Therapy today! If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, and you are interested in potentially participating in blood flow restriction treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our licensed physical therapists are highly trained in performing this treatment and they would love to discuss how it may benefit you personally.

The core values we implement into our practice are Respect, Passion, Diligence, Honesty, Compassion, and Optimism. We strive to incorporate these into every treatment plan we create for the specific needs of each patient, in order to provide themwith the best care possible. When you come to us, you are not only here to improve your strength and relieve your pain – you are also here for encouragement and support, every step along the way! Contact Achieve Therapy today to schedule a consultation and get started on the path toward pain relief, increased strength, and overall functional improvement!

Atyour initialappointment,oneofourphysical therapists who specializes in blood flow restriction will conduct a physical evaluation, analysis of medical history, and discussion of symptoms, in order to determine if blood flow restriction will be the best course of treatment for you. Bloodflowrestrictionhasbeenknowntotreat almost any upper or lower body injury, and it can also be used as a form of rehabilitation following surgery. The compression device itself measures the amount of pressure that is recommended for the affected area, in order for the patient to successfully execute each targeted exercise and gain the desired effects. When performing the exercises, the intended goal of blood flow restriction is to tire out

If you think blood flow restriction is right for you, call us at 866.320.3562 or visit today!

Welcome Makenzie Gedrose!

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Makenzie Gedrose, PT, DPT is the newest physical therapist to our Achieve Team! She will be heading up our clinic in Grafton, ND. Makenzie is originally from Detroit Lakes, MN and received her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Mary. She enjoys treating a variety of patient populations, creating individu-



alized plans of care for each patient. Welcome Makenzie! To schedule an appointment with her, call us at 701.379.0125. Greg Paintner, PT, DPT has moved to our Columbia Road loca- tion in Grand Forks and is now seeing patients there full time. To schedule an appointment with him, call us at 701.746.8374.


Blood Flow Restriction Therapy in Jamie’s words Jamie Arola, PT, DPT

What is Blood Flow Restriction Therapy? Blood Flow RestrictionTherapy (BFR) is a relatively new form of exercise that includes reducing blood flow to the arm or leg to make the muscles work harder, which in turn increases or maintains muscle and strength with less risk of injury. This method was discovered and modified by the military with hopes of assisting amputee patients maintain limb strength, while they waited for their prosthetic to be created. Recently, the military has allowed the general public to utilize this strength method after noting the significant strength increases it provided. How does it work? Tobegin,acuff iswrappedaroundeither theupper thighor theupperarm. The machine will measure howmuch pressure is needed to occlude the artery and block the venous return. The calculation is completed (80% for the upper extremity and 50% for the lower extremity) and exercising begins with the cuff remaining in place. Who could benefit? Almost everyone! The most common patients currently using the BFR machine at Achieve, are patients who have had knee pain for years and know they could prevent surgery if they were able to increase their muscle strength but aren’t able to perform exercises on their knee joint. BFR assists the patient in completing exercises that will increase the muscle strength but not increase the inflammation/pain in the joint because the patient does not have to apply any weight. If interested in this, I encourage you to contact one of our certified physical therapists to see if it is right for you. Achieve Therapy currently has two Blood Flow Restriction Machines at the following clinic locations: Demers Ave. (located within Valley Bone and Joint) and 32nd Ave (located within Turning Point). Physical Therapists certified in Blood Flow Restriction Therapy/Training are:

How BFR can pump up your exercise routine Jeff Barta, ATC, CSCS The use of Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is not only limited to use in the clinic. It can also be used to supercharge your current exercise program and accelerate your gains.These gains are not limited to growth in muscle size and strength, however. Studies have shown that BFR can be used to produce aerobic and cardiovascular gains as well. The greatest appeal of BFR is the ability to produce positive change with low load exercise versus high load exercise. What does thatmean?Standardstrength trainingmethodsnormallycall for individuals to lift weights that are 65-85% of their 1 repetition maximum (1 RM). With BFR, loads can be as low as 20% of 1 RM and produce the same results. So as an example, if you had a 1 RM of 100lbs for an exercise, with traditional strength training you would use a minimum weight of 65 lbs. With BFR, you can reduce that load to 20 lbs. thereby reducing the load on the muscles and joints. This will produce quicker recovery and less stress to the joints. In a nutshell, BFR training can be used in any situation where the goal is to increase muscle size and strength or to improve aerobic capacity. Whether it is an aspiring athlete or a senior citizen, BFR training can be customized to produce the results they need to achieve their goals. Whether you are seeking gains in muscle size, muscle strength or cardiorespiratory endurance, BFR may be your ticket to a more efficient and effective exercise routine.To set up your BFR consultation, or if you just want to learn more about BFR, contact Jeff at 701-757-1322 or via email at jbarta@achieve-therapy. com and schedule your consultation today!

DEMERS AVENUE: Jamie Arola, PT, DPT Laurie Holte PT, MPT

TURNING POINT: Tom Carson, PT, DPT Jeff Barta, ATC, CSCS

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