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What It’s Like to Complete a Fitness Competition LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE

Last month, I completed my first fitness competition. This isn’t something I ever expected to do. It was after seeing a colleague who transformed herself through a similar competition that I became inspired. She got into the best shape of her life, and not only did she feel great about her physical self, but making positive changes helped her handle some other sources of stress she was dealing with. So, I thought, let’s do this! Last August, I jumped into what’s called a bikini challenge. My goal was to see how much weight with eating and exercise. To my surprise, I lost 20 pounds. But then I slowed down. The balance shifted, and I didn’t make enough time for eating or exercise. I could lose and how consistent I could be

struggled with eating more almonds than my allotted amount. I turned to my fitness coach for support. “Stop bringing them into your house,” my coach instructed. “They aren’t making it into my house,” I told him. “I’m eating them in my car.” But he was right — I had to own that I was responsible for what I put in my body. I wanted to step it up. I recommitted myself to the program. I went through the challenge again and lost another 23 pounds. My girls convinced me I should do something radical to celebrate, so I dyed my hair. If you haven’t seen me in the last month, you might be shocked to see my blonde hair. I’ve never done anything this drastic, but it felt right to celebrate my transformation with a fun change. On the day of the competition, my girls came out to support me. Jamese flew in from LA , and we included Jamelah via Skype from Alaska. I walked in front of a supportive crowd. I was onstage with all these other amazing women my age, and you know what? It was liberating and transformative. It helped prove to me that just because you’re a certain age doesn’t mean you can’t set goals and take the world by storm. Sometimes the path to your goals isn’t a straight line, but if you’re committed to yourself and focused and believe you can do it, you will. When I was cheered on by my daughters, another role-reversal took place. Growing up, they saw their parents at all their ice skating events and sporting competitions, cheering them on. Having them there was an amazing experience, for me and for them. Jamese cried, and my eldest daughter beamed like a proud parent. We have the awesome job of raising kids, and eventually, they turn around and parent up. Life comes full circle. After completing my first competition, I’ve got the bug. I want to keep making improvements in my overall fitness. The competition proved that I could go out on a limb and make a positive change for myself. I’ve realized that I’m the only person who can do that, and I’m owning it. –Polly Tatum

I regretted not following the program to reach my full potential, so I made a commitment to myself that I would do the challenge again starting at the end of January. I struggled to get exercise in for as many days as I was supposed to, I struggled with eating too many Stover’s chocolates, and I

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