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This led me down another thought rabbit hole. As someone who is always in a hurry to get to the next thing, get it done, and get to the next thing (lather, rinse, and repeat), it gave me pause. Sometimes I look back and wish I’d done that differently, or wish I had more time, or wish I made a different choice if I’d taken the time and considered more variables, for —whatever — after the fact. The pause led to a what if? What if I did take more time? What if I did slow down? What if I did take the TIME to slow down and not rush through the “to do’s”? Shelly Coffman Sometimes those answers don’t feel as good as just getting it done in the moment. Later, however, there’s less looking backward, less second guessing, fewer mistakes, and more certainty. Often, it’s harder to hold on than it is to let go. Holding on to difficult decisions, projects, relationships, challenges, or even physical stuff can be hard. But slowing down, being certain, and fully processing decisions and actions leads to a more peaceful and anchored path, whatever that may be. My wish for you is that you take some time to slow down on the hard things, the challenging things, and not just get through it . Feeling challenged is hard in whatever form it presents us. We tend to avoid it. Acknowledging the hard, respecting the difficult, and doing the hard work is where the joy and peace come back to you. You’ll feel more you then, too. –-Shelly Coffman

As we head into summer, with longer days, kids out of school, and fun adventures to be had, it’s easy to cram as much as we can into our northwest summer. It won’t be like this for long, right? But there’s a difference between doing all the fun summer things and having fun, and actually being present for the fun in order to savor the summer. A little aside — I read an article recently about the association between increased protein consumption and increased cancer risk. As someone who regularly takes in a bit of protein, I thought, “Bah! How could protein be bad for you? If it’s not grilled or full of nitrates, it’s good right?” (I do hope you’ve switched to the nitrate-free bacon. It was a sad day to learn bacon and salami increased cancer risk). So I dug in and read a little more. It turns out, protein turns up the speed of your DNA synthesis. All those As, Cs, Ts, and Gs need to be generated very specifically. In my ever so visual, monkey- brain thought process, I immediately thought of Lucy and Ethel and the candy factory. As the factory belt sped up, they couldn’t keep up with doing their job well and ended up shoving their mouths with chocolate (and it made me just a little sad right there to realize that cultural reference is going to be lost on quite a few of you! The fun of aging. ... ) Or even speeding — there’s a reason our insurance rates go up when we speed. The increased speed of driving statistically increases our risk of an accident. Even when you see the accident coming, you don’t have time to make changes and avoid impact.

B uild Y our F amily ' s S ummer B ucket L ist

Summer vacation is a wonderful time of year. It gives kids a much-needed break from school and gives families a chance to bond. But three months is a long time, and soon the summer days of limitless possibilities turn monotonous and boring. Make fun an intentional part of your summer by creating a summer bucket list in three simple steps. 1. Have every member of your family write down 10 things they would like to do this summer. 2. Type up the list or make a poster to hang on the fridge. 3. Start checking things off and have fun! A bucket list is a great way to keep your family from spending the summer in front of the TV. It can also help your kids stay busy. When the dreaded chorus of “I’m bored!” starts, you can point to the list and suggest they check off a few items. Things like “Go camping”will require adult planning, of course, but the kids can turn a dog day of summer into a fun afternoon with “Build a pillow fort” or “Make homemade bubbles.”

Here are a few things to keep in mind to help your family create the ultimate summer bucket list.

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