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SPECIAL OFFER BRINGS YOU g r This Famous Book For Down Payment of H

Balance of $4.00 on your own terms Do you know Robert Jamieson, D.D., was minister of St. Paul’s Church, Glasgow; A. R. Fausset, M.A., belonged to the Evangeli­ cal School of the Church of England, and was Rec­ to r o f St. Cu th bert’ s, York. Widely known as the a u t h o r of many scholarly, highly valued books; David Brown, D.D. was a renowned Presby­ terian Minister and later, Professor of Theology, Aberdeen. Widely known as a conservative. Author of many able books. 4 V O L U M E S Complete In One 1 3 4 7 P a g e s Handsome, Durable, Buckram Binding ". . . should be in the library of every preacher and indeed of every Bible student of the land. I have been Indebted to It for a generation.**—Dr. George W. Truott. . . reliable . . . devotional. I know of nothing in the English language that, within the same space, gives such help to the Bible student. When my son, who Is a minister, moved from my home he car­ ried with him my Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary, and he wouldn’t give It up for the world.”—William Evans. D.D.

At last! This scholarly work yours in new and larger print. Send only 95c now and remit the balance o f $4.00 on your own terms. Fill out and mail coupon, below, today. The Finest One-Volume Edition Contains the largest type of any one-volume edition of this work ever published. It is complete and has been consulted by thousands. You will discover its possession to be one of the best investments you ever made. It il­ lumines the Sacred Page; aids in an intelli­ gent» thoughtful interpretation of the Word; fosters a deeply spiritual atmosphere. This great work has been for years a fount of Biblical knowledee and inspiration to Spir­ itual Leaders and Teachers» Doctors of Divin­ ity, and Famous Preachers. A verse-by-verse analysis of the whole Bible—Old and New Testament — with critical and explanatory notes, full introductions and helpful tables. Comments of Enthusiastic Users “A wonderful book put in ouch simple phrases that the ordinary layman ean understand them.” —C. J. Yount» East Stanwood, Wash. ” 1 am delighted with the Commentary. It is far beyond my expectation and is a mine of Biblical Information."—E. C. Pyatt, Phlllipsburo. N. J. "The new Commentary eame Monday. I find the new print muoh easier to study.”—Mrs. J. H. Halverson, Jeffers, Minn. "I received my Commentary and it is simply marvelous.**—Mrs. June Napier, Rapid City, 3. D.

Lar ger T y p e , Bet ter B i n d i n g , A B i gger Book

volume.*'—W. B. Riley, D.D., First Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minn. " . . . we heartily recommend it for its evangelical Scriptural character and prac­ tical presentation. The price, too, makes this edition attractive.”—Dr. Walter A. Maier. "Sound, clear, and lucid. I know of no commentary whieh supersedes, or is even to be compared with it.”—Harry A. Ironside, Litt. D.

Read the Judgment of Great Leaders "Sound and valuable for Bible students.” —J. Oliver Buswell, Jr., D.D. "No commentary has been published which is comparable to it.”—Lewis Sperry Chafer, D.D. "I have of it a very high opinion. . I consult It oontlnually, and with growing interest.”—Charles H. Spurgeon. "The most valuable Commentary en the Bible existing in the form of a single

W A R N IN G ! This Is an entirely new edl- tlen of the Jamleeen, Fausset and Brown Commentary. Do not oonfuso It with tho small type edition now being offered at lower prloes. Do not pur­ chase a Commentary without first examining our new large-type one-volume edition. Its superiority will astonish you.

The Large Type Edition The only large type volume— Easy to handle, easy to read.

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ZONDERVAN PUBLISHING HOUSE, Dept. K.B.» 815 Franklin St., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Ver. 1-28. A bad conscience makes men timid; the righteous are alone truly bold (ch. 14. 28; Psalm 27. 1). 2. ‘Anarchy producing contending rulers shortens the reign of each, but by a man . . . prolonged— or, " by a man o f understanding—i. e., a good ruler—he who knows or regards the right, L e., a good citizen, shall prolong (his days)." Good rulers are a blessing to the people. Bad government as a punishment for evil is contrasted with good as blessing to the good. 3. A poor man . . . Ac.— PaMbted hjr ZONDERVAN PUBLISHING HOUSE Dept. K.B., 815 Franklin St.» Grand Rapida, Mich.

^Enclosed*And 95o as first payment on Jamieson, Fausset and Brown's COMMENTARY, new and larger typo edition. Full price $4.95. I will remit balanee as follows: $1.00 in____ - ____________months $1.00 In--------------------------- months $1.00 ln.__________ - ____ months $1.00 in---------------------------months (Please fill in time required) Postpaid for remittance of $4.95 with order. Otherwise transportation is extra.

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