910115_A La Carte HVAC Kits - Kiev / Moscow

Rear / Front Mount Options Independent System (Moscow VAC & Kiev HVAC)

Optional plenums and covers available

High-performance, twin-fan, Valencia Condenser is lightweight with low noise operation and less than 6 in. height

Optional ModulAir ducting See page 7

System Controller

Kiev HVAC Unit 45,500 BTU/h Cooling 39,000 BTU/h Heating

Auxiliary Compressor

Moscow VAC Unit 48,000 BTU/h Cooling

Optional under body HTC condenser

*Rear mount option shown. Also available to front mount.

Vehicle Integration - Cooling The Kiev HVAC or Moscow VAC operate independent of factory front HVAC and integrated with a dedicated compressor and condenser. Vehicle Integration - Heating Heating is achieved by plumbing the Kiev’s heater core with the engine’s coolant loop. Engine coolant flow is controlled by coolant valve and auxiliary pump.


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