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Technology to Get Back in Shape

FIND SUPPORT WITH SOCIAL MEDIA No, not by posting progress selfies every week. Look into joining a support group online. Support groups are a proven way to accomplish your goals and create better habits. The American Heart Association states, “Seeking out like-minded people will help you make progress and keep you motivated and accountable to your physical activity program.”Whether your goal is to lose weight, get back into running, or simply exercise on a regular basis, there are plenty of online communities full of people eager to share tips, support you through struggles, and celebrate the big wins. Working out can be difficult at first, but these resources can make it easier. What are you waiting for? Craft a workout plan that’s perfect for you, and start sweating!

with far more options. Build muscle with the ScottHermanFitness channel, find a full- body workout on Blogilates, try a fun dance workout with REFITREV, or take a yoga class on Yoga With Adriene. Most of these workouts require little more than a yoga mat or hand weights, making them perfect for a living-room workout. APPS FOR YOUR PERSONAL BEST Adding a fitness app to your phone is the best way to take your workout anywhere. There are apps for all workout types and experience levels. Get started with the popular Aaptiv, a personal trainer and playlist in your pocket. Or maybe you’re ready for an intense CrossFit workout. Download Keelo to feel the burn outside the gym. Zombies, Run! adds a little fun to your run by putting you in a “Walking Dead” episode, and Charity Miles donates to charity as you burn calories. Check your phone’s app store and find one that best suits you.

Exercising is great! Going to the gym or paying for an expensive personal trainer? Not so much. Stop relying on old-school methods to get in shape. The internet is full of free resources to help you get a great workout without ever having to set foot in the gym again. GET RIPPEDWITH YOUTUBE Looking for a specific kind of workout? YouTube has you covered. Personal trainers in every field post videos online. It’s like those Jane Fonda videos from the ‘80s, only

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