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UNITED STATES Arrival & Departure Information

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ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE PROCEDURES We are excited to have you visit our destinations throughout the United States. If you are visiting from another country or if any of your crew or guests are not US citizens, the vessel will be subject to United States customs and immigration rules, with regulation imposed by United States federal authorities. If you are arriving from a non-United States location, or if you have a non-US flag or have foreign crew or guests, and the marina is your first port of call in the United States, then you are required to clear immigration and customs into the United States with the Department of Customs and Border Protection. United States Customs & Border Protection .. . . . +18872098526 Portland, Maine Customs & Border Protection. . . +1 207771 3600 New York Customs & Immigration .. . . . . . . . . . +12014430500 Jacksonville, Florida Customs & Immigration .. . . +1 904 714 3100 Miami, Florida Customs & Immigration .. . . . . . . +13058105120 St Petersburg, Florida Customs & Immigration .. . +1 813 712 6000 St Thomas, USVI Customs & Immigration .. . . . . +1340 774 2510

CUSTOMS & IMMIGRATION When arriving by boat, please adhere to the following procedures: • The vessel master must immediately proceed to a port of entry office • No crew or passengers may disembark before being properly cleared

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You will require the following documents: • Vessel registration documents • Your clearance documentation from the last port of call • Passports of all crew and guests • A copy of the ship’s registry • Copy of passenger and crew list (form 418) • Vessel Entrance or Clearance Statement on CPB • Form 1300 and I-94 for all foreign guests and crew

Those reaching the port of entry after closing hours are required to raise a quarantine flag and report in the next morning. If you are arriving from another United States domestic location (including the mainland United States, the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico), and have a US flag and crew, no special immigration procedures are required. All vessels must file a notice of departure 24 hours before leaving. A vessel may file a notification of departure at the same time as arrival. If departure time changes more than six hours from initial notification, an update must be filed. In order to clear out of the US, you will need the following: • 1300 Form • Passenger and crew list Before arrival to the US please review all Customs and Immgration requirements at wwwcbp gov

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Clearance formalities vary greatly from country to country and change periodically. Please make sure to review the customs and immigration for any port of entry that you are considering. The information here is to be used as a general guide and IGY Marinas is not responsible for any issues regarding entry.




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