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CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO Arrival & Departure Information

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE PROCEDURES Please provide the marina with an ETA at least 24 hours prior to arrival if feasible. Upon arrival, please hail the marina office on VHF channel 88A. The marina office will provide you with a slip assignment and directions. Dockhands will meet you at the slip to assist with guidance and lines. Once settled in your slip, please visit the marina office to complete registration and check-in procdeures. If you are arriving after office hours please contact Marina Cabo San Lucas Security on VHF channel 88A for assistance and report to the marina office in the morning. Clearance formalities vary greatly from country to country and change periodically. Please make sure to review the customs and immigration for any port of entry that you are considering. The infor- mation here is to be used as a general guide and IGY Marinas is not responsible for any issues regarding entry.

CUSTOMS & IMMIGRATION US Citizens are required to show proof of citizenship when traveling to and from Mexico. Each visitor needs a valid picture I.D. and one of the following: • A state issued birth certificate with an affixed seal, or • A naturalization certificate, with a laminated naturalization card, or • A valid US passport (expired passports are not accepted) To get into Mexico, some travelers may need to bring a passport and/ or a visa. Coming from the US, no visa is required. It is recommended to use the services of a naval agent. For your reference we recommend the following agents: Victor Barreda agebarr@prodigy.net.mx Office: T +1 052 624 14 30207 | Mobile: T +1 044 624 17 75019

Aduana de la Paz, B.C.S Col Centro. Cabo San Lucas | T +1 052 624 143 0059



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