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Costa Rica is extraordinary. A place to disconnect and recharge; somewhere where there are no limits on adventure. Costa Rica’s 800 mile Pacific coast is a spectacularly diverse stretch of secluded coves, hidden beaches, wild, rainforest-fringed shores, rocky coves and isolated islands, each offering safe, scenic anchorage sites and plenty of opportunities for adventure. Off it you can swim with whales, turtles and vast mega pods of dolphins, go fishing, scuba diving or free diving. On it you can relax on deserted stretches of sand, go surfing or snorkeling. Beyond it ,and easily accessible from wherever you’re anchored, are spectac- ular landscapes that are yours to discover; rainforests and protected parks full of wildlife, volcanoes, rivers and valleys, all of which can be explored however you like, from walking to flying, rafting to driving. A small nation with nature on a grand scale, within its landscapes are some of the most bio- diverse areas on the planet, an astounding array of habitats hosting half a million different species. Here, rainforests remain sacred, protected havens for creatures that defy the imagination, places where nature is at its most intense and incredible. Smouldering volcanoes stand watch over abun- dant valleys filled with every possible shade of green, bountiful fields worked by traditional farming communities and crossed by cowboys. Across the country, from coffee plantations and farmland to some of the most isolated stretches of rainforests and mountains, indigenous cultures continue to survive, the communities practicing the age-old traditions of their ancestors. This is just part of Costa Rica’s rich tapestry of heritage, which contributes to a vibrant culture that is a joy to discover. So it’s no surprise that the Costa Rican people are some of the world’s happiest, their pride in their paradise home the force that has propelled them to world leaders in conservation. Their vibe is fueled by the very essence of Costa Rican life: ‘pura vida’. A palpable and positive feeling, it will grab hold of you and have you relaxed and wholeheartedly throwing yourself into a laidback way of life from the minute you arrive. There is no better place to immerse yourself in the majesty of the natural world and savour a friendly and fascinating culture. This is something

made easy by a handful of luxurious properties, small, boutique lodges and private estates that place you in these breathtaking settings, or close to the heart of authentic daily life. Wild and untamed, Costa Rica is a place to embrace life!

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