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LONDON, ENGLAND Arrival & Departure Information

If you need to wait for the next available lock, you may use one of our 6 yellow mooring buoys, located downstream (east) of the lock entrance. The buoys are suitable for vessels up to 15 metres length overall, and a weight that does not exceed 25 tonnes. If you are stemming the tide (not using a mooring) do not impede any traffic using St. Katherine’s Pier or navigating through Tower Bridge. Maintain a listening watch for river broadcasts, done on the hour and half hour (00.00, 00.30) on VHF Channel 68 and at a quarter past and quarter to (00.15, 00.45) on VHF Channel 14.

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE PROCEDURES COMING INTO THE LOCK Once you have Tower Bridge in sight contact St. Katharine Docks Marina to update us on your location and estimated time of arrival (ETA). We operate on VHF Channel 80 or alternatively you can reach our dockmasters on 020 7264 5312. All vessels must maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 80 to await instructions & keep a look out for a dockmaster on the side of the lock, using hand signals.

• Whilst approaching or waiting to enter the lock, please prepare your lines and fenders. Most boats will be asked to tie starboard side to our floating pontoon, or another boat. The middle of the fenders should be around 1m high from the waterline. • If the lock is busy, you may choose to put extra fenders on your port side. Please stow away equipment on the guardrails (such as BBQ etc.) and make sure wind generators will not be a hazard. • During busy locking periods, you may be asked to tie to the wall on the port side of the lock. There are bolts and chains on the wall to secure your lines to initially, before transferring your lines onto bollards on the lock side. • In windy conditions, particularly from the south, it is recommended that you have stern line or midships ready as your first line. At all times the skipper is in charge of the vessel and its crew’s safety. • If there is a high number of boats waiting to come in, please remain patient. We will invite you to enter the lock as soon as safely possible. • When all vessels are inside the lock, the outer gate will be raised.

There will no longer be wash from the river and movements in the lock will calm down. The lock will then be levelled up to the water level of the marina. If you are tied up on the port side on the wall, be prepared to adjust your lines. • This process may take up to 30 minutes. We make best use of this time and request that one person from each vessel visits Marina Reception to complete a registration form and to receive a map with an assigned berth. Before visiting reception please wait until the water level in the lock is higher and there are fewer steps to climb on the dock ladders. • You do not need to bring anything, except maybe reading glasses! • When all vessels are registered and the water in the lock is level with the marina, the inner gate will open and the bridges will lift so you can access/go to your berth. All lock times are approximate and may be subject to change, owing to several different factors. During high spring tide, locking might be suspended for safety and operational reasons. You will be advised of this as it happens.





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