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SARDINIA, ITALY Arrival & Departure Information

• There is any notifiable illness on board • There are any people on board who need immigration clearance • Any repairs or modifications, other than running repairs, have been carried out since the vessel last left the EU • You will need to comply with any further instructions that you .are given. If arriving from outside the EU the National Yachtline will ask you to complete form C1331. If you already have a form C1331 part 2 on board, from when the vessel left the UK, you should complete section (iii) amending details of persons on board, if necessary, then sign and date the form again. You can obtain form C1331 or by phoning the Imports and exports: general enquiries helpline. The form may also be available from some local yacht clubs and marinas. National Yachtline ............03001232012 Imports and Exports . . . . .General Enquiries 0300 200 3700

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE PROCEDURES Whether you need to notify your arrival to the customs authorities depends upon where your last port of call was. If you are arriving directly from an EU Member State, you only need to contact the customs authorities if you have goods to declare. However, there may still be immigration requirements that need to be met. When arriving direct from a country outside the EU (the Channel Islands are regarded as outside the EU for this purpose), you must phone the National Yachtline. You will need to inform the Yachtline if any of the following apply: • VAT has not been paid on the vessel • you have any goods in excess of the travellers’ allowance detailed in Notice 1: Travelling to the UK • you have on board goods which are to be treated as duty free stores • you have any prohibited or restricted goods

Clearance formalities vary greatly from country to country and change periodically. Please make sure to review the customs and immigration for any port of entry that you are considering. The information here is to be used as a general guide and IGY Marinas is not responsible for any issues regarding entry.





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