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MÁLAGA, SPAIN Arrival & Departure Information

NOTES: At least one member of the crew should have a VHF radio operators certificate. The Spanish maritime ensign, which should be flown as a courtesy flag, differs from the Spanish national flag in that it does not have the crown in the centre. Yachts must carry on board, the original yacht registration certificate. ALL PASSPORTS: Proof of 3rd party insurance – in Spanish. You can probably get the appropriate certificate free of charge from your insurance provider. A VHF operators license. One member of the crew must have a radio operator’s certificate of competence. For EU boats, proof of VAT status is also required. Although a Certificate of Competence (ICC) is not required, many Spanish Harbour Masters believe it is, so it is advisable to have one. For information on the ICC see the Noonsite European Union page.

CLEARING-IN: Boats from other EU countries need only to clear in if arriving from outside the EU. In practice, however, the authorities expect to be informed of one’s arrival even if coming from a neighbouring EU country. In the case of non-EU boats, the captain should proceed ashore and clear Customs (Aduana) and Immigration at a port of entry. Normally officials then come to inspect the boat. Special care must be taken when filling in a marina or shipyard’s entry forms as these will be sent off to the Border Police Office and revised. Therefore, if you come from an EU port, make sure this is stated. The same applies if you come from a non-EU port. CLEARING-OUT: Non-EU boats should clear with Immigration and Customs on departure from Spain. Customs will record the date of departure on the Customs permit if you have one. This permit can be used again if re-entering Spain within the period of its validity. Each arrival and departure must be noted by Customs on the permit.

Clearance formalities vary greatly from country to country and change periodically. Please make sure to review the customs and immigration for any port of entry that you are considering. The information here is to be used as a general guide and IGY Marinas is not responsible for any issues regarding entry.



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