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beware of pitbulls Beware of Pit Bulls… they will steal your heart. The Mountain® brings you this Beware of Pit Bulls design by Dean Russo that truly captures the face and love this dog has to offer. This unique dog apparel is the perfect gift for any age pit bull advocate. The bright colors and slightly abstract design make a statement that will start conversations to help bring awareness to this totally adopta-bull breed.

abyssinian Absolutely gorgeous. Dean Russo has mastered his craft with this Abyssinian design. The colors are striking, the patterns are detailed, and the entire effect is simply charming. You will get compliments from cat and dog people alike when you wear this graphic apparel by The Mountain®; bringing a moment of harmony between the two sides, and we thank you for that.

Available on: Adult #10-3796, Youth #15-3796, Ladies #28-3796, Longsleeve #45-3796, Hoodie #72-3796

Available on: Adult #10-3851, Youth #15-3851, Ladies #28-3851, Longsleeve #45-3851, Hoodie #72-3851, Hat #94-3851

dog is love Yup, yup, yup! All I need is love! L-O-V-E!! Throw the ball! Here, here! Yeah, that’s the way! Oooh, that’s loooove! Scratch my belly! Thank you, thank you, I love when you show me love! Feed me treats! Oh yeah--love, love! I’m a dog, and I love love. And you are human and you are wearing the Dog is Love attire from The Mountain and that means that you love love, too. Love, love, love!! We love our dog apparel and we love you!.

the originals “The Originals T-Shirt says what we all think but are too scared to say. Our presidents deserve recognition, that’s certain—but there were always those who came before, no matter who or where you are today. Featuring Chief Joseph, Red Cloud, Sitting Bull and Geronimo against a backdrop of US president profiles carved into Mount Rushmore, the contrast is powerful. This is the perfect shirt for someone you know with Native American heritage or who simply loves American history.

Available on: Adult #10-4177, Youth #15-4177, Ladies #28-4177, Hoodie #72-4177, Hat #94-4177

Available on: Adult #10-3615

independence eagle Show your patriotism by proudly wearing the Independence Eagle T-Shirt, designed by artist Dimitar Neshev. You will radiate nationalism with the sunbeams back-lighting the flag, which is crowning the noblest and most majestic bird, the bald eagle. Celebrate freedom year-round with your Independence Eagle T-Shirt from The Mountain®!.

dj jahman Hello, Mon! Your lookin’ a little blue today. Boss man gettin’ ya down? Well turn dat frown upside down! Grab a beer, put ya feet up and dust off dat smooth reggae record you’ve had stowed away. There’s nothin’ more revitalizin’ than unpluggin’ ya-self for an hour or two and getting lost in da heart of Zion. Live the beat with dis Mountain DJ Jahman Adult T-Shirt. It’s medium-weight 100% cotton and preshrunk so ya don’t have to worry about these locks, Mon. They’ll stay iron like a lion in zion for years to come. Available on: Adult #10-3175, Youth #15-3175, Ladies, #28-3175, Longsleeve, #45-3175 Hoodies #72-3175

Available on: Adult #10-4848, Hoodie #72-4848, Hat #94-4848

warrior wolf The Warrior Wolf T-Shirt, designed by artist Dr. Jeremy Paul, has layers upon layers of de- tails. This wolf tee is one of the finest in our extensive collection. It depicts a real animal, not romanticized or embellished at all, but an actual representation of a wolf that has seen battle, and has the scars to prove it! Enjoy your very own piece of wearable art with the Warrior Wolf T-Shirt, and let your friends be in awe.

russo elephant Celebrate all 7,000 pounds of this Dumbo-eared mammal. Though known for its loping gait and (of course) that prominent proboscis, elephants are an intelligent breed of mammal possessing complex communication abilities, as well as the emotion of empathy for fellow elephants. The Russo Elephant apparel gives this gentle giant a colorful treatment worthy of its majesty.

Available on: Adult #10-4979, Ladies #28-4979, Longsleeve #45-4979, Hoodie #72-4979

Available on: Adult #10-4059, Baby #89-4059

adventure wolf Beware of Pit Bulls… they will steal your heart. The Mountain® brings you this Beware of Pit Bulls design by Dean Russo that truly captures the face and love this dog has to offer. This unique dog apparel is the perfect gift for any age pit bull advocate. The bright colors and slightly abstract design make a statement that will start conversations to help bring awareness to this totally adopta-bull breed.

kittens selfie These playful pals know how to show off their purrsonalities! In the Kittens Selfie T-Shirt designed by artist Howard Robinson, you can tell which cat is the lazy one, which one is the hunter, the snuggler, the one that finds weird places to sleep, the one that eats flies, and the one that does as it pleases. It’s time to update your crazy cat tee collection with this fun Kittens Selfie shirt, and don’t forget to get one for your cat-loving friends. Maybe you could even snap a selfie of you and your friends all wearing your Kittens Selfie shirts! We would LOVE to see that! Available on: Adult #10-4988, Youth #15-4988, Ladies #28-4988, Longsleeve #45-4988, Hoodie #72-4988, Baby #89-4988

Available on: Adult #10-4013, Ladies #28-4013, Longsleeve #45-4013, Hoodie #72-4013

russo giraffe Stand tall in our Russo Giraffe T-Shirt. From the distinctive leopard-like pattern to its signature neck, the giraffe fascinates many. How this awesome animal attained its height has been long speculated in African folklore. Most notably, one eastern tale attributes the giraffe’s height to the ingestion of too many magic herbs. Whatever the cause, the giraffe’s regal presence has inspired artists for centuries. Share the majesty in our giraffe tee today.

patriotic kitten This Patriotic Kitten graphic t-shirt screams America from the top of its tiny little kitten lungs. Wearing it is like giving Betsy Ross a hug, and goes perfect with those jeans you can’t find anything to match. Take your patriotism and USA shirt collection to the next level with this sweet cat shirt from The Mountain®.

Available on: Adult #10-4060, Youth #15-4060

Available on: Adult #10-3941, Youth #15-3941, Slouchy #74-3941, Hat #94-3941

the sheriff We may be past the days of the wild west but that doesn’t mean that style has to eat the dust. Besides, someone’s gotta take charge around here, right? If you think you’re bold enough to step into the sheriff’s boots, then belly right up. This classic look from The Mountain simply oozes with bad-assery. From the timeless sheriff’s badge to the dual pistols and ammo casings, no one will mess you with once you’ve saddled up in this outfit. Come 10 paces closer and show us what you’re made of. Go ahead--make our day.

eagle talon flag I pledge allegiance... to this Eagle Talon Flag t-shirt. Nothing screams USA like a bald eagle soaring over majestic mountains with the stars and stripes waving in the wind. Update your patriotic shirt collection with this awe-inspiring design from The Mountain®.

Available on: Adult #10-1001, Hoodie #72-1001, Hat #94-1001

Available on: Adult #10-4245, Longsleeve #45-4245

three wolf moon The most stunning, most influential, most magical t-shirt design ever printed: Three Wolf Moon, designed by artist Antonia Neshev. From one satirical review, thousands of others sprung, and before we knew it, the world was buzzing about the powers of the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt. Multitudes have reviewed the shirt, and it has since been featured in countless articles on media networks all over the world.

northern lights Artist Collin Bogle is known for his attention to fine detail and ability to capture the true essence of the animals he illustrates. The Northern Lights T-Shirt is no exception; the art- work is truly astounding, from the expression of joy on the wolf pack leader, to the fading lights of aurora borealis in the background, you’ll have to agree that the Northern Lights T-Shirt is a top-notch wolf t-shirt.

Available on: Adult #10-2053, Youth #15-2053, Longsleeve #45-2053, Hoodie #72-2053

Available on: Adult #10-4881, Youth #15-4881

big face golden Who’s your best friend? Everyone will be when you wear this Big Face Golden Retriever dog t-shirt from The Mountain®! You’ll be showered with compliments, doggy treats, scratches behind your ears, and so many other dog-filled surprises. In fact, we’d love to hear from you about them! Whether this is for yourself or a gift for your Golden Retriever-loving friend, this unique and life-like 3D art t-shirt, designed by artist Michael McGloin, will almost identically resemble the family pet, and it will not disappoint.

russo 9 lives ‘I’d spend all 9 lives with you.’ Does it get any more heartfelt than that? The Russo 9 Lives T-Shirt is one of the sweetest kitty tees ever designed. Show someone how much you love them by giving this thoughtful and unique cat shirt as a gift.

Available on: Adult #10-5773, Ladies #28-5773

Available on: Adult #10-4023, Youth #15-4023, Ladies #28-4023, Longsleeve #45-4023

black lab face Make the ultimate fashion statement with The Mountain Unisex Adult Black Lab Face Short Sleeve T-Shirt. A bold way to show your love of Black Labradors, this whimsical design is sure to turn heads and get some nods of approval from your fellow dog lovers. Using a 100% cotton T-shirt that’s hand dyed with eco-friendly inks, it’s then screen printed with the realistic, 3D-graphic— just one wash and you won’t even be able to tell where the print ends and the shirt begins. The relaxed fit features reinforced double stitching on all seams, with a medium weight that will last years to come. Available on: Adult #10-3255, Youth #15-3255, Ladies #28-3255, Longsleeve #45-3255

pug face After just one wash you will not know where the print ends and the shirt begins. Our unique printing process actually pulls the dye color out of the shirt and leaves the ink color behind, essentially dyeing the cotton with the ink. The Mountain® Classic T-shirt features a relaxed fit, with reinforced double-stitching on all seams. After dyeing they are washed and dried, so they arrive to you comfortable, pre-shrunk & ready to wear. This Medium Weight 100% Cotton tee will last you years and years.

Available on: Adult #10-3369, Youth #15-3369, Ladies #28-3369, Hoodies #72-3369

yin yang wolves Light and dark, night and day; polar opposites brought together to create a complete entity. Yin Yang Wolves is one of our most favorite designs here at The Mountain®. The artwork of this design by Michael McGloin is flawless and represents peace and harmony. What more could you ask for in your wolf attire?

yin yang tree The Yin Yang Tree design represents the juxtaposition of light and dark, two contrary forc- es that chase after each other and come together to create something whole, balanced, and interconnected. This unique graphic apparel features beautiful artwork by Michael McGloin that pops right out and is sure to bring equilibrium to your life.

Available on: Adult #10-3922, Youth #15-3922, Ladies #28-3922, Longsleeve #45-3922, Hoodie #72-3922

Available on: Adult #10-3209, Ladies #28-3209, Longsleeve #45-3209, Hoodie #72-3209

beware of pitbulls In a perfect world, every dog has a home. Do you know a pit bull advocate, or somebody who has rescued or adopted one? This pit bull dog attire is the perfect conversation starter to help bring awareness to this breed. Dean Russo has captured to loving face of the pit bull and cleverly designed a lovely abstract piece of wearable art with his Perfect World design. It’s not just another dog shirt or cool graphic tee from The Mountain®, it is clothing with a message.

Dogs selfie These dogs sure know how to take a selfie; notice all those tongues hanging out! Artist Howard Robinson has put together all our favorite breeds here in the Dogs Selfie T-Shirt and created a masterpiece design. Get one of these cool dog tees for yourself and your best friend!

Available on: Adult #10-4984, Youth #15-4984

Available on: Adult #10-3920, Hat #94-3920

wolves lookout The full moon is on the rise, and these two wolves have the perfect seats to watch the show. Artist Tami Alba has beautifully captured a brief, yet serene, moment in time. The Mountain® is proud to have this Wolf Lookout T-Shirt design as part of our wolf shirt collection!

where dark meets light There is light and darkness inside all of us, but like yin and yang, we need both to balance and be whole. Light cannot exist without darkness. Find your balance with our Where Light and Dark Meet T-Shirt design by artist Jonas Jodicke and let your inner wolf howl at the light of the moon.

Available on: Adult #10-4978

Available on: Adult #10-4963, Youth #15-4963, Ladies #28-4963

chocolate lab face When you wear the face of the coolest dog on the planet, you will receive endless compliments. The eyes of the Chocolate Lab are so trusting and kind, and people will automatically think because you are wearing the shirt, you must also share these qualities. It’s a win-win! Whether this Chocolate Lab Face dog shirt is for yourself or your lab-lov- ing neighbor, it will be a big hit.

pit bull smile Happiness is a Pit Bull smile! Are you a Pit Bull advocate, or do you know someone who has adopted one of these adora-bull dogs? Artist, Dean Russo, has captured the loving and innocent stare with this fantastic Pit Bull Smile design. The vivid graphics on this dog design are beautifully rendered and are sure to spark conversations about this often mis- represented and misunderstood character.

Available on: Adult #10-3550, Youth #15-3550, Ladies #28-3550, Longsleeve #45-3550

Available on: Adult #10-3919, Hoodie #72-3919, Hat #94-3919

beware of pitbulls Let dreams of love and peace trickle down your dreamcatcher! The Wolf Heart t-shirt by The Mountain® is such a beautiful graphic t-shirt. The two white wolves inside the heart- shaped dreamcatcher is a spirit animal guide for any who wear this wolf shirt! Be inspired by this artwork by Carol Cavalaris, and follow your dreams!

canada the beautiful O Canada! Abundant in wildlife, culture, love, and maple syrup. Show your Canadian pride with our Canada The Beautiful T-Shirt, designed by artist Tami Alba, and, like the anthem proclaims, “Thou true North, strong and free.... Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.”

Available on: Adult #10-3817, Ladies #28-3817, Hoodies #72-3817

Available on: Adult #10-8569

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