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U.C. Berkeley Mathematician and Ph.D. To Tackle: What Will Happen to Your Stocks in 2019? The answer – and what it means for your money and your retirement – might surprise you. If you have any money in the stock

It’s called How to Know the Exact Day to Sell Any Stock You Own . And you can get a copy of this new report – FREE – by simply going to . There, you’ll also learn more about the huge event Dr. Smith is hosting on February 13th… where he’ll reveal exactly where he’s convinced stocks are headed in 2019. Will the bull market continue? Or will stocks crash in the next few weeks? You’ll want to tune in to hear Dr. Smith and some of the most recognizable names in finance show you why your assumption today might not only be wrong… but could cost you dearly this year. The last time an event like this was held…more than 120,000 folks around the world signed up to tune in, and find out what they needed to do with their stock portfolios. This event could be even bigger. Bottom line: There are specific moves you shouldbemakingwithyourmoney right now. If you’ve already begun selling your stocks, you might actually be too early – and could be leaving $10,000s on the table. But there’s only one way to know for sure. Check out the unique system Dr. Smith has developed to show investors the perfect day to get out of every stock you own… and find out where he believes the stock market is headed in 2019 immediately, at . If you have ANY money in the markets today, or own any of these stocks – you’ll want to tune in on February 13, 2019: Apple (AAPL)..........Sell Date: ??? Caterpillar (CAT).....Sell Date: ??? EBAY (EBAY)...........Sell Date: ??? Overstock (OSTK)......Sell Date: ??? Target (TGT)..........Sell Date: ??? Micron (MU)...........Sell Date: ??? Alphabet (GOOGL)......Sell Date: ??? Microsoft (MSFT)......Sell Date: ??? Cisco (CSCO)..........Sell Date: ??? Visa (V)..............Sell Date: ??? Dr. Smith explains more in his

He’s shown investors how to maximize the gains on every stock they own thanks to a powerful secret he’s discovered… in some instances showing folks how to make as much as $368,627 more – simply by knowing the perfect moment to get out of their stocks.

market… chances are, you’re unsure what you should be doing with your investments right now. Every day, it seems like you see one headline recommending:

Then a few days later, you’ll see the complete opposite:

His research has even shown that well- known billionaires including Warren Buffett and Bill Ackman would be even wealthier today, if they had simply been more precise in getting out of their winners and losers at the perfect time. And now… for the first time ever in front of a live studio audience, Dr. Smith is getting ready to reveal the secret behind his buy and sell technique – which could have a huge impact on your finances in 2019 . Dr. Smith believes that – no matter where you think the market is headed in 2019… whether you’re bullish or bearish today, and no matter which direction stocks ultimately go this year – he can show you exactly when to know how to get out of any investment you currently hold for maximum profit potential. In fact, he recently put together a free report detailing the perfect exit price for the top 10 most popular stocks in America right now. You probably own at least one of these stocks directly, or in an index fund. “Go to to find out how Dr. Smith was able to show this investor how to make an extra $368,627.”

Mixed messages like this will scare most folks into selling most of their stocks at the worst possible time. Which is why so many investors are scared today. In fact, when the S&P 500 recently fell to correction levels, investor pessimism hit a near-3-year high. “If you have any money in stocks right now, or own mutual funds in your 401(k) or IRA, and you’re just blindly selling… you could be making a huge mistake,” says Dr. Richard Smith, a U.C. Berkeley mathematician and Ph.D. who believes he knows the EXACT moment investors should sell their stocks. “And if you’re not careful… you might end up selling too late – or, even worse – too early. And this mistake could potentially cost you thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars before the next stock market crash even begins ,” he says. A mathematician whose work has been sought out by Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and NYSEG… Dr. Smith has helped over 50,000 investors track more than $20 billion in assets for more than a decade.

For the first time ever, Dr. Smith is revealing the secret behind his technique to the American public. Go to to see why this investing expert recommends every investor pay attention to February 13th… and get a copy of his brand-new free report: How to Know the Exact Day to Sell Any Stock You Own .

new report “How to Know the Exact Day to Sell Any Stock You Own.” Go to today for a free copy.

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