American Consequences - January 2019


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This division of labour, from which so many advantages are derived, is not originally the effect of any human wisdom... It is the necessary, though very slow and gradual consequence of a certain propensity in human nature... to truck, barter, and exchange one thing for another. Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

Let me have no lying; it becomes none but tradesmen. William Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale

Aloof with hermit-eye I scan The present works of present man –

Awild and dreamlike trade of blood and guile, Too foolish for a tear, too wicked for a smile! SamuelTaylor Coleridge, “Ode toTranquillity” “To sully one’s hands with trade” Phrase still extant among certain people who consider themselves “upper class”

No nation was ever ruined by trade. Benjamin Franklin, “Thoughts on Commercial Subjects”

Where wealth and freedom reign contentment fails, And honor sinks where commerce long prevails. Oliver Goldsmith, “The Traveler” The root of evil, Avarice, That damn’d ill-natured baneful Vice, Was slave to Prodigality, That noble Sin; whilst Luxury Employ’d a million of the poor, And odious Pride a million more: Envy itself, and Vanity, Were Minister of Industry; Their darling Folly, Fickleness, In diet, furniture and dress,

Not a place upon earth might be so happy as America. Her situation is remote from all the wrangling world, and she has nothing to do but to trade with them. Thomas Paine, The American Crisis trade in ideas – that the best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Supreme Court opinion, Abrams v. United States Free trade, one of the greatest blessings which a government can confer on a people, is in almost every country unpopular. Lord Macaulay, “Essay on Mitford’s History of Greece” Free trade is not a principle, it is an expedient. Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, House of Commons speech on import duties

That Strange redic’lous Vice, was made The very Wheel that turn’d the Trade. Bernard Mandeville, The Fable of the Bees, or Private Vices, Publick Benefits

The dogs bark, the caravan moves on. Arabic Proverb


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