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2015 Healthcare & Medical Properties Conference December 9th, 2015 Sheraton Parsippany Hotel 199 Smith Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054

7:15 am Registration 7:30 am Hot Breakfast Buffet 7:55 am - 12:00 pm Program

PROGRAM AGENDA: 7:55 AM Welcome & Introduction

10:05 AM State of the Industry - Health Care & Medical Properties • What does the healthcare real estate industry look like across the country • Economic outlook & forecast – hospital & medical properties • Overview of critical parts of the healthcare reform bill & how it im- pacts healthcare real estate • Important changes to implement to stay compliant • How will healthcare reform impact healthcare & medical facilities’ needs • What to expect from regulators and how has reform changed the playing field • What types of opportunities will be available for the real estate industry • Future trends & predictions 11:00 AM Developing, Investing and Leasing Healthcare Facilities • Development – what does it look like, where is it happening and why • How to make a lease a win/win for tenants and owners • How to handle tenant improvements • How does New Jersey stack up to the rest of the country • How does leasing activity look in the healthcare industry and what does the future hold • How to negotiate with owners and how to get deals done • What does the Investment and Acquisition market look like • What are Healthcare Providers Needs and how are they changing • How we handle site assessment • Retrofitting existing properties vs. new development • Leasing requirement and building partnerships • Future trends and prediction on the Hospital and Medical Property Industry 12:00 PM Networking

8:00 AM Health Care & Medical Properties Managers & Operators – Industry Roundtable • What are healthcare providers’ real estate needs in today’s world • How hospitals’ requirements are changing the industry as we know it • How we handle site assessment and other expansion needs • Retrofitting existing properties vs. new development • Financing new medical properties & hospital expansions • Healthcare administrators leasing requirement –What we want and why • Future trends/predictions for the hospital and medical property industry 9:00 AM Critical Construction & Architectural Issues for Medial Properties & Hospitals • Trends & drivers – How healthcare organizations are reshaping the industry • Financial pre-planning: Owners perspective • New design trends that are impacting the industry • Case studies - The importance of preplanning & how it affects the construction process - How to work effectively with healthcare administrators and facility managers - Current healthcare project planning methods and tools • New construction practices that are impacting new projects • Important steps developers need to consider to develop a successful project

9:55 AM Break

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