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$30 Million Construction Loan

128 Luxury Apartments

Limited Recourse – 80% LTC

Brad Domenico, Managing Director, led the Progress Capital team in arranging a $30 million construction loan. Terms included 24 months interest only with a 6 month extension at LIBOR + 350; 25% Limited Recourse and 80% LTC. "More and more, Progress Capital Advisors is becoming the financial arm of our clients", Domenico said. "We treat each of their deals as if it is our investment, providing a thorough financial analysis to ensure profitability and portfolio growth."

Recent Representative Transactions

$4,300,000 Livingston, NJ Construction Loan on Spec Flex Building Warehouse, Office

$10,000,000 PA and NJ 4% Fixed Rate Loan for 15 Years Retail

$3,600,000 Jersey City, NJ Land Loan without Approvals Multi-Family

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