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Executive Women in Business

As assistant director of leasing and marketing Isabel Freire joins Bergman Real Estate Group

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NJAA, the NJ Professional Real Estate Women and the EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association). Tell us about your family. Married. My husband, Ed- ward, is an attorney. We have two sons, Jason, 32, in con- sumer goods marketing as a brand manager, and Mark, 29, a real estate agent in Manhat- tan, NY. Whatwordof advicewould you give to a woman about to go into your allied field? Working hard and staying hum- ble enough to listen and learn. n When I first started out in commercial real estate, prior to Gebroe-Hammer, I met an investor at a building for which I had the listing. The neighborhood was an up-and- coming residential district and I continually assured him this particular area had little-to-no crime. Following the showing, when we returned to our cars, his was no longer there. It had been stolen. n honest day’s work is successful to the soul. I hope to impart the same work ethic to my two children. What is the funniest, most unique situation you have faced/conquered during your business career? Whatwordof advicewould you give to a woman about to go into your allied field? I would recommend joining professional organizations and getting to know your professional colleagues. Other professionals can become your mentors, advisors, advocates, friends, and collaborators; they will help provide new con- nections and opportunities as you begin your career. n kayaking, cooking, wine tast- ing, listening to music, and watching a good sports game with friends and family.

and environmental aspects. Do you feel there are any differences in the way that men and women develop business relationships and if so, what activities or ven- ues do you participate in? Everyone is unique in their skill development and social strengths. It varies by the individual, not sex origin. I participate in the industry associations and outside busi- ness and sports activities including golf and tennis. Currently a member of the us “to yourself be true”. If you respect yourself and have proven yourself, a woman can be successful and insightful. The business world can see your level of commitment to a project. Women can nurture a project with instinct, and our industry requires patience, insight, and originality. I believe a woman is willing to wait a little longer to make the decision to abandon a project, which just may close. Tell us about your family. My Parents were blue collar workers who sent their three children to fine colleges. I am the youngest at 66 years of continued from page 4C Tell us about your family. My mother and father came to this country in the early 1970s and I watched my dad work hard most of his life to provide my brother and me with a comfortable life filled with opportunities. My dad taught me that putting in an has been my experience that being a woman allows me to connect on a different level with the wives and mothers at the table. Sometimes it is their kitchen or dining room table and we are able to re- late, woman to woman, as we discuss an important business transaction and its impact on the family unit. attending concerts, especially in Nashville where the oldest resides. Who do you feel was most influential in your lifewhen choosing this profession? My parents taught me how to be successful at whatever I wanted to do; they taught me, by example, to be respectful and considerate of others and to constantly give back to others. What activities do you enjoy during you free time? I enjoy hiking, traveling,


teenage daughters, Jordyn and Jennifer, and being ac- tively engaged in their lives often makes managing that work/life balance a challenge. Right now I’m involved in the daunting task of helping Jen- nifer prepare for college. She is driven to make her own way in the business world, and I’m so proud of how mo- tivated and ambitious she is. I’m also seeing how much she and her sister respect me as a role model, and there is nothing more rewarding than that. very young age. My first boss was a Senior Vice President of Marketing at a bank, and he introduced me to public relations. I was like a sponge, and he took the time to teach me the ins and outs of this business. His most valuable lesson was the importance of working with the media and the community. They go hand in hand and are the most im- portant elements of a strong public relations campaign. I am grateful for all he taught me, and I continue to share A graduate of Monmouth University, Jessica Veliz has a background in managing com- mercial real estate relation- ships and related portfolios throughout the region. In her role, Veliz will be responsible for business development and relationship management track record in commercial real estate, and we welcome her to the firm,” said John Osborne , executive direc- tor of leasing and market- ing. “Her responsibilities will encompass everything from drafting proposals to negotiating leases, working with architects on space planning, coordinating ten- ant improvement pricing and construction, preparing prop- erty flyers, providing website updates and coordinating advertising and marketing programs. “I am very pleased to join Bergman Real Estate,” said Freire, a resident of Edge- water, NJ. “The firm’s out- standing reputation in the New Jersey commercial real estate marketplace speaks

What word of advice would you give to a wom- an about to go into your field? Like any profession, you have to understand what you’re getting into. It’s im- portant to have an open mind, to be willing to listen, learn and be patient. And perhaps most importantly, you must have strong intes- tinal fortitude and be able to tolerate rejection. It can be a very lucrative and rewarding career, but it’s not for the faint of heart. n What activities do you enjoy during you free time? I will find any reason to be at the beach. I go there to exercise, relax, swim, walk, collect shells, do yoga, paint and be with my friends and family. There is nothing better than the beach – and yes, the Jersey Shore! n what I learned from him, as well as from my own experi- ences, with my professional colleagues. In that respect, I guess you can call me a teacher too! for clients throughout New Jersey, the New York metro region, and Pennsylvania. “Jessica is a dedicated, knowl- edgeable, and experienced professional and we are proud to see her contributions rec- ognized with this well-earned promotion.” said Paul Cian- cimino , SVP and director of commercial real estate. n for itself, and I look forward to be able to contribute my professional abilities to this outstanding team.” A New Jersey licensed salesperson, Freire is a graduate of Pace University with a BBA in International Marketing. With more than 15 years of commercial real estate experience, she joins Bergman Real Estate Group from Jones Lang LaSalle, where she served as leas- ing agent for the Northern New Jersey market primar- ily focusing on Bergen and Hudson Counties. Previously she served as the market research director for NAI James E. Hanson. Freire began her career in 2000 at Edward S. Gordan, now CBRE. n

SELIN, NJ — Isabel Freire has been named assistant director of leas-

ing and mar- k e t i n g a t B e r gma n Real Estate Group , an- n o u n c e d M i c h a e l Bergman , p r i n c i p a l , p r e s i d e n t

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Isabel Freire

and CEO of the privately held firm. In her new role, Freire will represent Bergman Real Estate on in-house leasing transactions and tenant rela- tions, as well as developing marketing programs for the firm’s Northern and Central New Jersey office building portfolio. “Isabel has an established

Sun National Bank promotes Jessica Veliz to vice president MOUNT LAUREL, NJ — Sun National Bank , head- quartered in Mount Laurel, with Commercial Lending Offices based in Edison, NJ, has announced the promo- tion of Jessica Veliz , to vice president and relationship manager for the bank’s Com- mercial Real Estate team. Most recently, Veliz served as assistant vice president and relationship manager.

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was intrigued by the fact that I was a woman, but what led to us working together was my ability to “talk the talk.” The competition in our industry is fierce, and I’ve learned that women need to know their stuff that much better than men. Looking different may get you noticed, but success hinges on being competent. Tell us about your family . My husband Steve and I have been married for 29 years, and he is extremely supportive. We have two am a person who has a great career and a great business. Although the majority of my clients are men, we commu- nicate together and share mutual respect. If there are any disadvantages, I have not experienced them. Who do you feel was most influential in your life when choosing this profession? What is funny is that I went to school to be a teacher, but I got into the business world at a

Dorothy LaGreca, The Kislak Company age. My parents purchased a home in Weehawken in 1939, it had a view of New York City. It was a multi-cultural place to live and learn about, life in a great society. I was partner and wife to the late, Vincent La Greca, SIOR, Sr. VP. Feist & Feist Realty Corp., deceased, 2007. We have a daughter, Victoria Moribaldi., an amazing young woman and wife.

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What word of advice would you give to a wom- an about to go into your allied field? Know your profession, pre- pare for meetings, listen with your eyes, see with your ears. n

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