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What Is National Physical Therapy Month All About? For almost 40 years, physical therapy has been celebrated by official proclamation. And since 1992, October is the month for honoring physical therapists and the important role they play in healing people in pain. In the modern era of social media, hashtags like #UsePhysicalTherapy and #ChoosePT have helped spread the word. Physical Therapy Month allows patients to share their stories about how PT has changed their lives for the better. It also gives physical therapists a forum for spreading the word about the different kinds of treatment patients can receive. Many members of the general public don’t realize that aside from specialized exercises that build strength and flexibility, PT also offers pain management through massage, heat and cold applications, and specialized electronic-pulse devices. Why #ChoosePT? Prescriptions certainly have a valid place in pain management, and it’s true that physical therapy isn’t right for every patient. So how can you tell if physical therapy is a better choice than prescription opioids? The CDC suggests that if you fall into any of these categories, physical therapy can be beneficial: • Pain comes from fibromyalgia, low back pain, knee arthritis or hip arthritis. These conditions in particular are known for responding well to physical therapy when it comes to pain management.

physical therapists are out there making a difference every day? In many ways, yes! If you or a loved one has been on the fence about giving PT a chance, the many stories you’re likely to hear during this month of public awareness may help you to decide. If you have any questions about whether you should #UsePhysicalTherapy, call our office today to discuss your condition and to set up an evaluation. Sources: https://www.moveforwardpt.com/ChoosePT/ Toolkit https://www.moveforwardpt.com/choose-physical-therapy- over-opioids-for-pain-management-choosept https://www.moveforwardpt.com/Resources/Detail/ physical-therapy-vs-opioids-when-to-choose-physica https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/160645.php https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-physical-therapy- month-october/

• The pain has lasted more than 90 days, meaning that it has gone from “acute” to “chronic.”

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