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The Grassroots’ Club was established to enable the grassroots leaders to reach out to members. This is so as to build a stronger and more cohesive grassroots network.

Issue 100 (November 2015)

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Year-end Wanderlust! Getaways Without Getting Away Free & Easy Self-Drive Holiday in USA!

“…(TGC should) have programmes catering to an active and mainstream crowd.” ~ A TGC Gen Y Member In Focus 12 Ways to Give Back to Society HAVE YOUR SAY! Which Country Would You Visit If Budget Were No Issue?


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Spotlight Leading A Healthy Lifestyle

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TGC Sunday: Sisters, Here We Come! Free & Easy Self-Drive Holiday in USA Getaways without Getting Away

Voices: Which Country Would You Visit If Budget Were No Issue?

To TGC with Love

Warm Welcome To Our New Members TGC Through The Eyes Of A Gen Y

National Day Awards 2015

Issue 100 (November 2015)

In Focus 12 Ways to Give Back to Society


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Dear Readers,

Grassroots with Passion is TGC’s main communications platform to reach out to our members. Nobel idea but the neat trick is, given our very busy lifestyles and schedules, to make the publication a must-read and not just a “good-to-read.”

We are not there yet but the changes, both in editorial and design, have begun.

Over the past few months, you would have noticed that recent editions of our Grassroots with Passion magazine have undergone several changes mirroring the physical changes at TGC itself. Aside from a fresh design and more in- depth articles, the entire editorial slant of the magazine has shifted to become more engaging and outreaching. I would like to thank several readers who have noted and complimented these changes. Advertisers have also noticed the changes and I’m pleased that more are coming forward with support to make the magazine self-sustaining. But we are not yet done. In the next few months we will introduce a digital version of the magazine , aimed at reaching out to our younger grassroots leaders. The digital version will be available on android, ipad and desktop platforms and will enable readers to leave comments or reactions to the stories and articles we publish or post. All these developments would not have been possible without the strong support and commitment of the E&P committee, namely Edward See, Marie Lim, Lim Yen Lan, David Seah, Toh Sze Wei and Joey Koh as well as the help of the TGC Secretariat especially Iris Teh and Ethan Seet. We also much acknowledge the guidance and leadership of the President Mr Lim Ang Hock as well as the entire Executive Committee. Thank you all for helping and contributing continuous feedback on our magazine.

John Lim Chairman Education & Publication Committee

Happy reading!


Chairman John Lim Vice Chairman Edward See Chak Fei, PBM

Members Lim Yen Lan, PBM Marie Lim Soo Cheng Toh Sze Wei, PBM Joey Koh Eng Hwa, PBM David Seah Kah Long, PBS

Secretariat Chan Jee Siong Iris Teh Ethan Seet Design & Editorial Words Worth Media


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As we open a book and start reading it, we may be filled with a sense of excitement or a rush of the thrill of the many twists and turns of emotions and many more, but these will not deter us from reading on to find out the plot or the conclusion. We want to be immersed in the storyline and imagine being part of the casts. Likewise, here at The Grassroots’ Club, there will also be a lot of “happenings”, and we want to read those “plots” as well. We are looking forward to “writing your stories” that members will be able to experience and motivations that will compel us. Please allow us to share your stories. We are looking forward to be part of that.

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Grassroots interviews two members to find out more about their healthy lifestyles and hear their tips for keeping fit. Meet Ms Audrey Tseng, 59, and Ms Helen Tan, 60, who frequent TGC’s gym as part of their healthy lifestyle routine.

H: Yes, Singaporeans should carve out time for exercising. I also get friends to exercise with me. Exercising for about 1 to 1.5 hours in a week will help one to keep fit. Any other tips for our members on keeping fit and staying healthy? A: Exercise well and eat right. Also, to have discipline to exercise regularly. H: They could start with gentle exercises such as yoga at a CC/RC near their homes. This will motivate them since they do not need to travel far. Also, it would be more enjoyable when friends exercise together. One should make time to exercise to get into the momentum of exercising. How do you balance work, exercise and family life? A: I believe it is about self-discipline – I will always set aside time for exercising despite my busy schedule. This way, I make sure that I get to exercise every week. H: As I am not working, I will prepare meals for my children and go for an exercise while they are having their meal. I will let them know that I am attending an exercise class at the nearby RC so that they can look for me if they wish. On weekends, my friends and I will go for swimming together while our children stay home to rest. This way, I balance my family life with exercise.

How often do you exercise at our g y m? Audrey: Every week day around noon. Helen: I use the gym here about 2 – 3 days a week, either in the morning at 10 or about 1pm. What do you like about our gym? A: It is close to my office and very convenient for me. H: It has the Jacuzzi, steam room and gym all in one; not many places have that convenience. I go to the Jacuzzi first and then to the gym. A good soak before my workout makes exercising relaxing and more enjoyable. Tell us your gym routine. A: I go on the treadmill, the rowing machine, bench press and sit-up bench. I enjoy using the treadmill and the rowing machine most, often alternating between the two. H: I use all the gym equipment, but particularly enjoy being on the treadmill and the bench press. Despite the hectic lifestyle of many Singaporeans with low priority for keeting fit, what do you advise? A: They can go for after-dinner walks in their neighbourhoods. It is important to set aside time for exercising and to instill self-discipline no matter how busy.


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TGC SUNDAY SISTERS, HEREWE COME! Weekends come and go too quickly for me. A typical one is spent performing chauffeur duties. Thereafter, hunting down a Starbucks café or a MacDonald outlet, leeching on the free Wi-Fi while waiting for the wife and children to end their activities and classes. How does this reasonate with daddies and parents out there?

By member Mr Han Wei Kwang Photo credits: Mr Richard Kuah

Destination coming into view, Little Island is seen here on the right and Big Island is on the left.

Despite the humdrum I just described, whenever I can, I do make it a point to engage in some out of routine activities to promote healthy lifestyle among family and friends. In this writeup, I would like to share with you on a recent weekend getaway I had with some good friends where we had a day of healthy mind and body activities. Sisters Island The Sisters’ Islands Marine Park spans about 40 hectares around the Islands and along both St John’s Island and Pulau Tekukor. As home to a rich variety of habitats including coral reefs, sandy shores and seagrass areas, the marine park serves as a platform for outreach, educational, conservation and research activities related to native marine biodiversity. Out of more than 500 species of hard corals thriving in the region, over 250

of them can be found in Singapore’s waters. The Sisters’ Islands Marine Park offers a safe refuge for the teeming biodiversity around the Southern Islands and its surrounding waters. The legend Legend tells of a poor widow with two beautiful daughters, Minah and Linah, who were very close to each other. After the widow died, the sisters left the village to live with a distant uncle. One unlucky day, Linah met a group of pirates while fetching water from a well near the sea. Frightened, she ran back to her

house with the pirate chief giving chase. Reaching home, the pirate chief brandished a knife and made known his desire to marry Linah. That night the two sisters wept bitterly in the arms of each other. At dawn, the pirate chief and his men came to take Linah away. While clinging to each other, Linah was forcefully taken away. The desperate Minah then swam after the boat but was drowned. Linah then plunged into the turbulent waters in an attempt to save her sister. Sadly she too drowned. The next day, the villagers were shocked to find two

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Spotted! From top left (clockwise): A native islander, beautiful coastline and clear lagoon, soft coral and happy kids.

islands in the exact location where the two sisters had drowned. These two quiet islands, called Subar Laut and Subar Darat, became today’s Sisters Island. The Sisters Big Sister Island (Subar Laut) faces the open sea while Little Sister Island (Subar Darat) faces the mainland. The two islands are separated by a narrow but deep channel. Currents through this channel is dangerous and it is not possible to swim from one island to the other. Getting there To get there, it’s a half-hour bumboat ride from Marina South Jetty. The boat has a capacity of 12 persons and offers a quiet bumpy ride due to its small size. Nonetheless, it was an exciting and anticipating ride as it was our first visit to the island. Upon arrival, a bright orange sign greeted us once the boat came alongside the jetty. A sense of tranquility from being one with nature promptly engulfed us as we left the hectic city life behind. More amusing, a furry bunch of local natives welcomed us warmly. We soon encountered about 20 of these long-tailed macaques who roamed the island freely. These monkeys can

be aggressive and it is important not to leave any food unattended and to dispose all rubbish properly into the monkey-proof bins provided. Scenic scenery We took in the scenic delight of the idyllic coastline of coconut trees swaying in the sea breeze. If not for the lack of 5-star luxury amenities, it has the like of a world-class beach resort. When the tide is in, it is perfect for snorkelling and swimming; and when the tide out, take a stroll down the lagoon to admire the biological diversity it homes. Good fun with good people For me, I spent the day snorkelling, hunting down the vast variety of underwater lifeform around the island. When tired, I caught up with my friends, lazing under the warm sun, soaking in the environment of cool sea breeze and fresh air. What better time for a hearty get-together and building of relationships, and what better way than when we are all “marooned” on an island. The children had their fill of fun on the sandy beach and clear water. Between them, the children collected a huge amount of seaweeds – so much that, there was enough for a seaweed fight. They began by grabbing a handful of the seaweeds,

pressing them into a ball and throwing them at one another. Talk about creative play! The day on the island ended just before sunset. We arrived back on the mainland just before dark. In retrospect, the day was truly fun and enjoyable for both the adults and the children. It is a rare occasion for us city folks to be able to embrace the warmth of Mother Nature and to smell the roses, as they say. But such trips do much to refresh the body and the mind, more than any designer latte can do… and even better, without the calories that we can accumulate if we overdo on the lattes. This trip to Sisters Island is my first but will not be the last. I am sure we will be back again soon. What could be better than to immerse in some pristine island beauty. Sisters, we will be back soon!

Sea anemone beauty


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By member Mr Toh Sze Wei, PBM

With the year-end approaching, I would like to share my experience and some tips for planning a free-and-easy self-drive holiday to the USA. Generally, the more flexibility in your travel plan, the higher the cost. Since long haul air tickets and accommodations will be two of the largest cost drivers, travelling during off-peak periods when demands are low should yield attractive savings. Below are some tips for your planning.

Airfares For long-haul trip to USA, take advantage of periodic airline promotions to enjoy cheap discounted air tickets. Or plan your travel itinerary three to six months in advance. Use the airline fare calendar to view the fare over a period to find the lowest fare (the fare difference can be up to 30 percent) within ±2 weeks. Or make use of your frequent traveller miles to redeem limited air tickets for redemption. Car rental While various American car rental companies provide competitive car rentals, most of them do not list their car insurance clearly in their websites. As the car insurances may add up to be more than the car rental rate, you may end up paying more. Be sure to purchase comprehensive insurance such as Theft Protection and Collision Damage Waiver while other insurance are optional. Websites such as include car Theft Protection insurance and Collision Damage Waiver as part of the car rental. A common gimmick among car rental companies is to offer free or cheap upgrade for your rental car vehicle at your car collection. Do check the condition of the upgrade as it may void the promotional rate of car insurance that came with your original car rental booking,

and you may end out paying more for the car rental. Usually pre-paid car rental is around 10-15 percent cheaper than post-paid one. Travel insurance In these days of flight mishaps, travel insurance is hardly a luxury. A travel insurance policy can provide you with peace of mind to know that if a delay, cancellation or disaster does occur, you will be able to recover some of your loss and have access to assistance services that may not have otherwise been available to you. Premium travel insurance plans are recommended over basic ones as most of them insure against flight cancellations, cover for car rental excess and liabilities. For flexibility in your travel plan, book your accommodations through a reliable hotel chain. Many hotels allow free changes or cancellations before 24 hours of the booking. A personal favourite is Marriott Residence Inn (www. whose family suites include choices of 1- or 2-bedroom suites complete with a kitchenette. Do sign up for memberships to enjoy free Hotel deals

Grassroots with passion 09

© Irina Silvestrova

nights or other perks. You can also book through such like Airbnb, but pay attention to their cancellation charges.

flexibility on which day to visit and which attractions to visit on the fly, plus a full refund if you do not activate the pass within a year of purchase. Outlet shopping A must-do is outlet shopping, found in every major city. Literally, everything – clothes, shops, bags, luggage, toys and kitchenware – at near crazy discounts. Member discounts and privileges are even crazier, so you may want to get a membership (online) before dropping in. Timing your visit is also important: aim for their end-of- summer sales in July and August or their end-of-winter in February. In November, the Thanksgiving Day and sale of pre-Christmas merchandise are both big shopping days. From December 26 through mid-January, they hold big after-Christmas sales. I had gone for outlet shopping twice during Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November) and enjoyed fantastic discounts (up to 70 percent) in several stores. Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving) are also good shopping days. Safe driving As USA is left-hand drive unlike Singapore’s, do give yourself time to familiarise with driving in the opposite direction. All passengers must have their seat belts on and children must be secured with child seat. For long- distance driving, have a front-seat passenger chat with the driver throughout the journey and plan for a pit stop after two hours of driving. After the pit stop, rotate the driver and front passenger whenever possible. For example, during my six-hour driving from San Diego to Las Vegas, I planned for three pit stops at Lake Elsinore Outlets, Tanger Outlets and Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas so that I can have a-break-cum -outlet-shopping. In summary, free and easy self-drive holiday in USA can be a lot of fun if ample planning is done before departure. What are you waiting for; grab a tablet and start planning now.

SIM card Get on the internet to find the best pre-paid SIM card (voice and data plan) before you leave for USA, and check for their price, package and most importantly coverage in the places that you will be visiting. Ordering online of your SIM card not only allows you to have it delivered, usually free, to your first stop hotel so that you can start using it upon arrival, it also commonly comes with discounts and free deliveries. SIM cards bought at physical stores are usually more costly plus they may not carry card type that you need. In fact, some SIM card plans are only available online ( For example, I paid US$100 for two SIM cards which were selling at a petrol station for recommended retail price US$35 each; it is also not easy to find nano-SIM cards for iPhone. City passes Major US cities (such as Los Angles, Boston) packaged multiple attractions into a City Explorer Pass (www. that allows you to build your own package or choose from the 1- to 7-day package deals. The City Explorer also offers up to 45 percent savings on admission to top museums, tours and activities and allows pay nothing at the gate. Multiple day-passes come with

© Supannee Hickman


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Hotel Fort Canning

Vacations are a luxury as they cost both time and money – two rare commodities for many of us rat racers. But if you are in dire need of a break, what do you do? Go on a staycation! Here are some spots we recommend.

Sofitel So In May 2014, the Sofitel So Singapore opened with much fanfare, mainly due to its association with Karl Lagerfeld, creative director at Chanel. The Kaiser’s chief contribution? The creation of the hotel’s emblem, “The Lion’s Seal”, which has been applied liberally onto flourishes and embellishments around the hotel, from bathrobes to doorknockers. But the hotel’s quirky 18th-century French decadence- meets-contemporary comfort is due in large part to the keen eye of French interior designer, Isabelle Miaja (MIAJA Design Group), who has also given the Trump Residences and a string of other prolific hotels and properties in Asia and the Middle East the midas touch. Rooms are dressed to impress, each enhanced by three- metre high ceilings that render the rooms bright and spacious. Bespoke light boxes, set above each bed, feature images of palatial glass domes inspired by the traditional architecture of Europe and modern constructions in Singapore.

At Sofitel So Singapore, you can feel like a modern-day Marie Antoinette. Lounge in your guestroom, enjoy the in- room minibar that includes complimentary soft drinks/beer and snack, and control everything in the room – from the TV to the curtains – all at the touch of an iPad mini. And in true Parisian-meets-Singaporean style, Marie Anoinette can have a satay or two at Lau Pa Sat that’s just next door.

Grassroots with passion 11

Italian Grill & Pizza Bar that’s long been reputed to serve impressive Sicilian and Southern Italian food and Tisettanta Lounge that boasts an outstanding wine collection. For local flavours, head to The Glass House Restaurant for local dishes with a touch of sophistication such as Fried Mee Siam with Boston Lobster. Guilty from all that eating? Take a dip in one of the hotel’s three pools that are chlorine and chemical free, and are instead treated with ionising technology so you can swim in healthy, natural water. Naumi Liora The infamous Keong Saik Road, once a redlight district, is now home to hip coffee joints, watering holes and restaurants. Naumi Liora, the second boutique hotel by Naumi Hospitality (the first being Naumi Hotel on Seah Street), joined the fun in November 2012.

Grand Park Orchard If you’re a hardcore shopper, Grand Park Orchard is a good one to staycation at. Located in the heart of the Singapore’s shopping district, Grand Park Orchard is designed with fashion in mind. Following an impressive S$80 million makeover, Grand Park Orchard now boasts an outstanding herringbone-designed glass façade and dramatic eight- storey tall media wall that sure is glamorous. The glamour doesn’t end there. The full range of Bvlgari bathroom amenities also adds a touch of luxury to the experience. All this in addition to a DVD player and LCD TV, mini bar and coffee/tea making facilities. If all these aren’t reasons enough to do a staycation at Grand Park Orchard, its Staycation Special should be a push factor. From now till 31 December 2015, staycationers get to enjoy exclusive benefits such as S$50 worth of daily F&B credit (Mitzo, the hotel’s contemporary Chinese restaurant, serves up dim sum and other Cantonese favourites with a twist) and late check-out till 3pm, subject to availability. Staycationers also enjoy complimentary smartphone service with unlimited free 3G internet connectivity, local and international calls to selected countries. Hotel Fort Canning Nature lovers would want to retreat into the Hotel Fort Canning, a magnificent conservation hotel tucked within 18 hectres of lush greenery of the historical Fort Canning Park that is within the city. Interestingly, guests at the Hotel Fort Canning also get to share, if only temporarily, the exclusive address of many of Singapore’s ancient rulers and colonial leaders. The iconic building, built in 1926, was the Administration Building of the British Far East Command HQ and the General-Officer- Commanding, Lt-General Percival, once had an office here. As if that’s not enough history, it’s also Singapore’s only hotel to showcase an Archaeological Pit with 14th and 19th century artefacts. Showcased in four pits, the artefacts trace the history of the inhabitants of the Park, and highlight the ancient glory of this once “Forbidden Hill”. If exploring the property’s history leaves you hungry, choose from excellent in-hotel dining options. There’s Gattopardo

Naumi Liora is essentially made up of several 1920s Peranakan-styled buildings with their original timber flooring, French-styled windows and ‘five-foot way’ traditionally preserved. The buildings were originally commissioned by a gentleman named Tan Chin and were built as townhouses, rather than shophouses. While the style of the building is much in line with the Westerhout tradition, comprising a refined neo-Classicism, its embellishments are very much influenced by the Chinese culture. Look out for the decorative bat reliefs beside the capitals of the main pilasters of the upper storey – these are meant to bring well-being and prosperity to those who occupy the building because the Chinese word for bat (“fú”) sounds the same as the Chinese word for good fortune and wealth (both also pronounced “fú”). The rooms come in three sizes, ranging from small to big: Liora Quaint, Liora Heritage and Liora Porch. The latter two have in-room Nespresso machines so you can sip all the coffee you want. Otherwise, the hotel’s reception lobby is also the spot of a complimentary 24-hour self-serve Nibbles snack bar, where you can treat yourself to ice- cream, biscuits, fine teas and yes, Nespresso coffee. After all the munchies, burn some calories at the gym that doesn’t close. Or, take a walk around Naumi Liora; charming Ann Siang Hill, Kreta Ayer, Maxwell Road and Tanjong Pagar are within the vicinity.


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With year end around the corner and holiday plans in the air, Grassroots with passion asked members where they would be headed for… if money were not an issue. Here is what they say.

I would go to Egypt and South Asia. In South Asia, I previously visited China and India, so this time I would do Japan if I have the opportunity. Japanese cuisine alone would be enough for me to make the trip, but there’s the beautiful scenery too of course. ~ Ms Wong Poh Lan, 66

The moon! Haha! For a place on Earth, it would be Antarctica or the Arctic, the place of icebergs, penguins and landscapes in pure white – that would be a lovely scarce sight! ~ Mr Tan Meng, 59

Eastern Europe, Russia, USA, Iceland, Northern China…there are so many places I want to go if money were no concern. ~ Ms Tseng Pek Eng, 59

Korea’s Jeju and Hokkaido in Japan for sightseeing and to enjoy good food. ~ Mr Simon Sim, 66

LV379-(Nov 2015)-Grassroots Magazine-HPFC(200x90)mm-FA.pdf 1 5/10/15 4:52 PM

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As Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebration draws to a close, TGC brings it to a new high in this season of Christmas giving. BACK TO SOCIETY 12WAYS TO GIVE

While Singapore is well reputed as a prosperous nation, the reality is the needy will always be with us. They are from all ages and walks of life, and to truly be an inclusive society, we mustn’t leave them behind – those who suffer from ill-health, those abandoned by their families, the unemployed, the ex-convicts. The list goes on. The Ministry of Social and Family Development, along with charities and other non-profit organisations, has devoted time and effort to offer assistance, be it through policies, welfare schemes or voluntary work. But is helping the less fortunate solely the job of the government and related organisations? Hardly. As individuals, there is much we can do to help. Here are 12 ways that we can give back, perhaps one for each day of Christmas. Where better to start than at The Grassroots’ Club? Join us and be involved in our many social programmes for the community. Volunteer time to serve at a favourite charity organisation. This can be a day, a weekend or once a month – however long you can commit to. And it can be in food distribution, giving tuition, or caregiving duties. Do a spring-clean of your home before the year ends to gather items that are in working condition for donation to the Salvation Army, be it clothes, books or furniture etc. Organise a fundraiser amongst family and friends – this could be a fun fair or a simple bake sale where volunteers bake cakes, cookies and the likes to be sold to raise funds. 1 2 3 4

Pledge to give up some treat for a month (like designer’s coffee, or chocolates, or clothes shopping) and donate money saved to your favourite charity.


Keep current on pressing needs through the social media. It only takes a click to share news and to help garner support for those in need. Post on your social media page that for this coming Christmas, instead of presents, encourage family and friends to consider giving you “cash in lieu” which you will donate to a favourite cause. If the company you work for does not yet have any Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, volunteer to help it start and implement one. Take part in sports events organised in conjunction with charities or non-profit organisations. The money collected goes to a good cause, while you get to enjoy a workout. Participate in crowdfunding projects that aim to ease someone’s plight or offer an innovative solution to a need.






Give second chances to those in need – ex-convicts, or those who have been ill.


Educate and nurture the young about the need to be compassionate. In the long run, this future generation would form an empathetic society that is willing to go out of its way to care for others.



Grassroots with passion


Client: Singapore Science Centre, Dr Sharon Chang Event: Singapore Science Centre Shell STEM Youth Innovation Challenge 2015 Final Judging & Prize Presentation Ceremony Venue: Theatrette Hi Kay, Just want to send a note of thanks to you and Mr Rajan for the well- organised and well-coordinated Shell STEM Youth Innovation Challenge event on 13 July 2015.

It was a pleasure working with you.

Looking forward to working with you again.

Client: SIM University, Ms Kristin Suaw, Manager (School of Human Development & Social Services) Event: ICSD 2015 Closing Plenary and President’s Dinner Venue: Multipurpose Hall On behalf of the Organising committee of ICSD015, thank you for the excellent service, Kay. You went the extra mile to delight your customers by ensuring that everything was in order and ready for this important event. You have way exceeded my expectations and I am most impressed by your cool, “Can Do” attitude, your initiative and your super-efficient team.

Well done, Kay and keep up the excellent work!

Grassroots with passion 15

TO OUR NEW MEMBERS! *As of 30 October 2015 Chin Yan Fong Felyn Chong Yaw Khian Christopher Vidhyasagar Nair Chun Thai Leng Irene

Gay Choon Hooi Heng Teik Khoon Joanne Lin Li Xuan Li Weili

Lim Kok Nam Kelvin Lim Kwang Kheng Lin Kuan Ting Nagarajan Vairalingam Ng Hai Kiew Doris Ong Cheng Kiat Peh Peck Hoon Wendy Philip Yong Kee Kok Tan Chong Seng Victor Tan Tong Meng Teo Irene Wong Kwong Chung Julian Wong Song Wang NEED A VENUE FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT? Please call BANQUETING SERVICES @ Tel: 6550 2121 / 6550 2120 or email: Woon Lee Han Yeo Swee Hau

12 SESSIONS FREE 13 SESSIONS – option of Harmony Facial OR Full Body Detox Massage (60 MINS UP $138) Package signed allows sharing with up to 10 friends BUDDY BUNDLE PACKAGE $ 1680

F.O.C: 1 Month Unlimited Chromo Light Full Body Detox Steam for Buddies

*Terms and Conditions: 1) Valid for customers 21 years old and above 2) Package signed valid for 12 months 3) Valid for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents only 4) Not valid with other promotions and discounts 5) Package allows sharing with up to 20 friends


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EYES OF A GEN Y Abel Tan, a TGC member, serves in Aljunied GRC, Hougang Zone 4 RC and also in the Management Committee of the Institute of Company Accountants. At work he is a certified accountant running his own accounting practice.

What Club facilities do you use now, and what facilities would you like to see in the future? Abel: The Health Centre. In future, I hope to see facilities such as a pub, BBQ pits, a western restaurant and reciprocal affiliations or tie-ups with other clubs or organisations. Do you think the Club is attractive to young grassroots leaders? Why? A: Not at the moment. Even the Health Centre which is the main draw for the young, does not have enough gym equipment. All the other outlets such as F&B are also open to the public, so a membership offers us no real advantage. How can the Club further meet the needs of young grassroots leaders? A: Have programmes catering to an active and mainstream crowd. I think a good example is the SPANS Clubhouse by HomeTeamNS who has tailored its programmes to meet the needs of young members; they have attracted many new members. How can young grassroots leaders be more involved in the grassroots movement? A: Many young grassroots leaders may not be aware of the different activities, hence the low participation rate. I feel that courses at NACLI is valuable for young grassroots leaders like me to pick up knowledge of the different areas of grassroots movement. It is also a platform for us to learn from the experience of senior and experienced grassroots leaders. Since the NACLI campus is not easy to get to, we should consider holding some of the courses within TGC premises for member convenience and better participation. If properly negotiated, it can even mean extra rental income for TGC.

Tips for young grassroots leaders who are juggling work, family and grassroots involvement? A: Having a worklife balance is a real challenge for many young grassroots leaders who are still in the midst of building their career. In my opinion, it is important for each of us to set realistic targets and commitment according to our own circumstances. If not, many of us might just lose heart and the will to volunteer and give up in serving in the grassroots. Secondly, it is important for young grassroots leaders to begin involvement in areas of interest close to their heart, so choose carefully from the range of grassroots activities and areas. Thirdly, if things at work or in our families become too overwhelming, it is always helpful to speak up, seek advice and assistance from our peers or Grassroots Adviser. If there is a need, by all means take a short break to sort out personal matters before returning to serve; this would be better than letting our problems affect peer relationships or service quality. But be sure to return, grassroots need you!



Mr Goh Yeow Tin, BBM

Ms Soh Geok Kee, BBM

Mr Chua Lai Teck, BBM

Mr Soh Tze Churn, Jack, JP, BBM

Mr Loy Chee Hiang, BBM


Mr Ng Cheok Yew, Lawrence, PBM

Mr A Marai Malai Maran, PBM

Mr Ho Kim Sai, Willie, PBM

Mr Koh Hock Siong, Lawrence, PBM

Mr Peh Seck Gee, George, PBM

Mr Kwek Kwee Hua, William, PBM

Mr Nai Kin Choon, PBM

Mr Goh Peng Hong, PBM

Mr Ng Kian Woon, PBM


Mr Lim Yew Ming, Ken

Mr Leong Kai Chong, Simon TGC Honorary Secretary

Mr Toh Sze Wei TGC Honorary Assistant Secretary

Mr Wong Peng Thim

Dr Tan Kow Wah TGC Honorary Assistant Secretary

Mr Chua Sock Kiang

Mr Lim Yong Guan, Peter

Mr Ng Kok Hwee

Mr Wan Pak Khiong

Mr Yeo Swee Khiank

Mr Ng Moi Song

Mr Ramamoorthy s/o Krishanan


Grassroots with passion


BALLOON SCULPTING WORKSHOP Date: 28 November 2015, Saturday Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm Venue: TGC Fees: $36 (members), $40 (GRLs), $45 (guests) Inclusive of 1 pump and balloon materials Workshop outline: a) Introduction to the tools and materials required for balloon sculpting b) Learn core techniques to create your own designs

c) Learn to make five types of balloon toys d) Step-by-step instruction by the trainer

CHINESE KNOT WORKSHOP Date: 5 December 2015, Saturday Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm Venue: TGC Fees: $10 (members) $12 (GRLs) $15 (guests) Inclusive of materials

TOMBOLA NIGHT Date: Every 4 th Friday of the month:

27th November 2015, 22th January 2016, 25th March 2016

Time: 7.00pm to 10.00pm Venue: TGC Price per ticket: $2.00

Start a new hobby of an art form that not many know and build your own handmade Chinese knot collection, beginning with the two to four knots that you get to bring home after this class.

Come play the number games, make new friends and win exciting prizes.

For registration and more information please call or email Mr Ethan Seet at 65502119 or

Grassroots with passion 19



Time: 10.00am to 11.30am Venue: Geladiso Café, TGC Fees: $16 (members) $18 (GRLs) $20 (guests)

The workshop will cover

a) Understanding the difference between traditional ice cream, sorbet, yogurt and artisan gelato. b) Why gelato is healthier than ice cream? c) Food preparation – hygiene aspect. d) Have lots of fun appreciating gelato – unlimited free sampling of gelato.

Meeting Room 1

Meeting Room 2

In addition to the above, every participant will get 1 waffle, 1 drink and 1 scoop of gelato of their choice.

Meeting Room 3

48 TH INTAKE YOGA CLASS Date: 7 January to 31 March 2016 (Every Thursday) – 12 sessions Time: 6.45pm to 8.30pm Fee: $16.00 (Member),

In the naming the three meeting rooms in TGC, we would like to involve you by proposing suitable names that are creative and meaningful. Each submission should contain a set of three proposed names, one for each of the three rooms. If your proposal is adopted, you will win dining vouchers from our generous sponsors: 7th Heaven KTV, Geladiso and Muslim Delights. Contest is open to members only. Email your proposals to Closing Date: 15 December 2015

$22.00 (GRL), $24.00 (Guest)

Pick up yoga to achieve total- body health. From the right poses, greater flexibility, to reduced stress and right breathing techniques.

For registration and more information please call or email Mr Ethan Seet at 65502119 or

PAT269-GRC Magazine Ad-(Mar-Apr 2015)-(90x200mm)-FA.pdf 2 21/1/15 10:11 AM



MUSLIMDelights needs little introduction. Voted Singapore’s Top 5 “Nasi Padang Restaurants” by a local radio station, the halal restaurant is made famous by its fabulous offerings of nasi padang Indonesian style such as ayam masak merah, sotong hitam, sambal goreng and much more. Also known for its Halal catering services, MUSLIM Delights was the choice of Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah whose recent wedding party in February 2015 hosted 3,000 guests, as well as Radio DJ Syah Ibrahim who hosted 6,000 guests at his wedding on November 2014. MUSLIM Delights at TGC will provide theme parties such as Penang Fair, BBQ Fiesta, Arabian Night and much more. So if you are planning a function or seminar at TGC, choose from our corporate packages for seminars, company retreats, annual dinner & dance, even kids’ birthday parties.


For booking or event enquiry please call

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