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How did that bonus day in February work out for

you? What new ideas did you come up with? For us, it was a day to catch up! The 2020 pace has been speedy, to say the least. With changes to how retirement accounts are handled after the death of the holder, Florida’s corporate law, and everyone’s revised goals — things have been quite busy around the office. This is a good thing, and we are blessed to have the privilege to assist people with their planning. There are a few more exciting things happening that we will share with you next month. Until then, have you seen our new look? We launched our new logo and design a few weeks ago and the response has been AMAZING! We greatly appreciate the kind words and support from our clients, colleagues, and network. Stay tuned to our blog for more insight and information. As we reach the quarter-pole for 2020, please drop us a line and let us know how things are going for you!

HOW TO BEAT THE WAITING GAME And Prepare Your Teen for College

The most challenging time for parents of a teenager can be during their teen’s last year of high school. The pressure of waiting for college application responses, spending the last few months with school friends, studying for finals, and planning their departure into the real world can wear on teens and parents alike. With so much going on, including lots of waiting and anticipation, here are some tips to help everyone make the most of the transition.

important to note these are standardized tests. This means that the types and mechanics of questions on these exams don’t change. Some students struggle with ACT or SAT questions, especially in the English and reading sections, because multiple answers can seem technically correct. But the test is always looking for the clearest and most concise answer, or the one with the most supporting evidence. Practicing the exam is the best way to study. Trial and error can teach your teen how to recognize the subtleties. They should also consider taking the exam multiple times even after submitting their applications. Many colleges these days are “superscoring” the ACT, which means they will take the highest


If your teen is studying for college entrance exams, such as the ACT or SAT, then it’s

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