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THE HERO I N S I DE R THE POWER OF WORDS 5Ways to Amp Up Your Content

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Can someone explain to me how time seems to speed up in the fall?

Maybe it’s the cycle of football weekends, the shorter days, or just the anticipation of closing out the year. I only know that Grandma Ruth’s wisdomwas correct again,“Time goes faster as you get older.” Quick update —Yolofsky Law was the runner- up to Great Legal Marketing’s Marketer of the Year competition. This could not have been done without the contributions of Marketing Director Veronica Fabara. Her work is greatly appreciated! We’ll redouble our efforts and go for gold next year! Now, we would really like your input on something. We’re considering hosting a monthly business breakfast in which we’ll bring professionals from the disciplines necessary to run a profitable business. We’ll even make the presentations accessible from the internet. If you would be interested in attending, or even speaking, please contact Anna! Also, coming soon will be a quarterly series of presentations on estate planning and business law. Stay tuned to your email for more on these. It’s an exciting time for us at the firm. We’re thankful for the support of our clients, community, and families. See you next month!

If you’re reading this newsletter, then odds are you understand the powerful pull of good content. Words have the ability to conjure goals, hopes, dreams, and ideas, and they’re an integral part of building your brand. If you don’t communicate with potential clients, how can you expect them to trust you? You can build that trust by crafting quality content on your website and in your advertising. Once you start looking, you’ll probably be surprised by just how many words your company puts into the world each month. We could spend all day going over tips of the trade, but, whether you’re just getting started or giving your brand image an overhaul for the holidays, these are the high points you don’t want to miss. 1. CHOOSE A VOICE When it comes to content, consistency is key. Few things are worse than scatterbrained messaging: If your company’s tone is upbeat and slang-happy one moment and serious and pedantic the next, your customers will develop whiplash, and, worse, they won’t have a good understanding of who you are. Your best strategy for building a bond with potential clients is to pick a coherent company identity and stick to it.

-AJ Yolofsky

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