Campbell Wealth Management - May 2020

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Even When Apart, We’re Together

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone dealing with the virus, including those who have fallen ill, those with loved ones who are ill, and those in the medical field who are on the front lines taking care of our community. We’re thinking of you as we slowly work our way to recovery. In the mix of it all, it seems that being stuck at home has become the new normal, at least for now. While there is light at the end of the tunnel, many people are continuing to work from home, or they’ve been furloughed, laid off, or they’re already retired. No matter your situation, we’re all in this together — even if we’re apart.

us go into the office if we need to. I’ve been working at the office here and there, and Mark Wagner, our Director of Investments, has been in as a well. But don’t worry! Our offices are at opposite ends of the building, so we are observing social distancing! And speaking of Mark, I really have to tip my hat to him and his team. They have been managing our portfolio exceptionally well! They have been working hard and it's paying off. Our portfolio was structured to not only work well when the market is up but also to continue to work well even when the market takes a hit. Despite the challenges of the last few months in terms of the

market, I’m happy where we currently stand. And I tip my hat to the rest of our team as well. They came together right when things started changing. We had a business continuation plan in place in the event our normal business was disrupted. We never expected to put this plan into effect quickly or for this long, but we did it and thanks to the Campbell Wealth team, it’s been working great! Our phone lines are open and we’re communicating with clients, whether it’s over the phone, via email, or virtually, using apps like GoToMeeting. We’ve even brought on a few new clients during all of this. It’s great to see as a firm that we can adapt and maintain “business as usual” — or as close to it as possible. On the home front, the kids are home from school. Connor, our oldest, is back from college and taking classes online. He’s been taking classes at Florence-Darlington Technical College, which also has a Division I baseball team. The baseball season was canceled along with in-person classes, but there was a piece of good

Many people have also found themselves with more free time than they used to have. You may be in the same boat. How are you using this time? If you’ve found yourself with an excess of time, then you might call it a silver lining and get creative with it. Maybe you’re going outside more. If you’ve been putting off gardening, that might be an option. You don’t even have to go out to get seeds. Everything can be found online, even gardening supplies! Now is also a good time to work out more or put together a healthier meal plan. As a family, we’ve been doing a lot more cooking. On the flip side, I know a lot of people are catching up on their Netflix and Hulu shows. It is a great time to find a new favorite TV show or movie. Families who may be separated by distance are coming together online. They’re playing online games together and having virtual dinners and happy hours. It’s wonderful how modern technology makes it easy to be together, even when we’re apart. At the office, we’ve been using technology to keep things going. Everyone is working from home, and it’s working well, though a few of

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