Y8 Bulletin 19.04.24


This term we have a few different things occurring. I know that a Year 8 football tournament is in the works as well as a range of different events and clubs. Due to popular demand Mr Reynolds is starting his Ultimate Frisbee Club again. The Frisbee club is great for any student wanting to try something new, I am looking forward to attending some practices myself! With it being Summer Term students are reminded that we move to ‘Out Days’. Unless the weather is poor, students are expected to be outside of the school using the fields. I encourage students to get outside and be active at lunchtimes. I think that is the best way to enjoy your scheduled break times. If students are after any sporting equipment, let me know and I am happy to arrange something to be borrowed.

Congratulations to 8EFR who are leading the way with a staggering 106 points this week on the epraise leaderboard. It is a close competition for second and third place, with 8PWA collecting 68 points and 8SGZ not far behind with 65 points. Well done to the top three tutor groups and keep up the good work everyone!

Looking forward we have the Year 8 RE trip coming up where students will be attending a buddhist temple. We have four trips and in the past the day-out has been a great success as students are able to build upon what they have learned in their RE classes. We were able to have such a great experience at our Drama trip earlier in the year, I hope our students make another great presentation of our school.

A final reminder that students should be in appropriate uniform for the Summer term. A reminder that fake nails and false eyelashes are not a part of Waldegrave’s uniform policy.



‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ by Suzanne Collins

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is the prequel to the popular Hunger games series. This book follows the story of a young President Snow (or Corialanus Snow, as he is called in the book). The story features the 11th Hunger games and focuses on the surprising talent of District 12’s tribute, Lucy Gray. If you like the dystopian genre and lots of action, this book is a ‘must read’! To me, the themes of friendship and betrayal were very strongly portrayed. I liked how the story progressed and the very shocking ending really stayed with me. With the release of the movie last year you can watch it, too!

~ Recommended by Ada (7PUN)

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