Focus AE Level 2 Student's Book Unit 1

Personality adjectives • Adjective + preposition I can describe people and talk about personal qualities. 1.1 Vocabulary SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW 1 Match adjectives 1–5 with their opposites a–e. 1 clever a boring d 2 funny b negative 3 interesting c serious 4 kind d stupid 5 positive e unkind 2 With a partner, look at the photos and choose an adjective from Exercise 1 to describe each person. 3 CD • 1.12 MP3 • 12 Listen to Rani and check your answers to Exercise 2.


4 CD • 1.13 MP3 • 13 What do Sara, David and Rani want to be? Listen and complete the interview with the jobs they want to do.

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.


U N I T L A N G U A G E A N D S K I L L S Vocabulary: • Show what you know – personality adjectives • adjective antonyms • negative prefixes: un- , in- , ir- , dis- • adjective + preposition • word families Grammar: • present tenses – question forms • subject and object questions • w h- que sti ons ending with prepositions • verb + -ing or verb + to- infinitive Listening: • an interview and a conversation about volunteer work Reading: • a text on teenage stereotypes Speaking: • showing interest Writing: • a personal email/letter F O C U S E X T R A • Grammar Focus page 144 • WORD STORE booklet pages 2–3 • Workbook pages 8–19 or MyEnglishLab • MP3s –


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