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Eco funeral package

An alternative to traditional burials and funeral services is an eco funeral - a more environmentally responsible or "green" funeral. Eco funerals are quickly becoming a popular choice as we all become more aware and concerned about our carbon footprint - even in death. These types of funerals use materials in the end-to-end funeral process that are less harmful to the environment or wasteful.

Our eco funeral package is fully inclusive of all the necessary services you require. In addition to your standard attended funeral charges, this package also includes: • A premium sustainably sourced Somerset Willow eco coffin • Provision of a fully-electric Wisper Tesla-based hearse and suitable number of personnel (see page 15) • For every eco funeral package we will donate £50 to the local Wildlife Trust Total cost from £3,445 excluding third party charges *additional products and third party charges not included: • Third party charges; purchase of a grave, interment fee, grave digging fee, cremation fee, doctor's fee • Memorialisation; a selection of eco-friendly urns and caskets can be found on page 30 onwards • Hybrid limousine(s), flowers etc • Add a hybrid limousine for just £175

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