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It’s the season of giving, so this month, our team is sharing stories about the best gifts we’ve ever given! Who knew an Xbox could have so much meaning? Not long ago, my wife decided to switch her jewelry from gold to white gold. This meant she needed a new wedding ring to match. My wife held onto the hope that I’d take the hint until Christmas Eve when she was wrapping the last Christmas presents with our daughter. “I was hoping your dad would get me a new ring this year,” she said. “But it’s Christmas Eve, and I’ve still got the old one.” When my daughter told me about this conversation later, I knew I’d pulled off the best present ever. What my wife didn’t know was that the diamond in her ring that Christmas Eve was actually cubic zirconia. Weeks earlier, I snagged the ring after she’d taken it off and raced to the jeweler. There, I had them take out the diamond, replace it with some cubic zirconia, and returned the old ring before she noticed. On Christmas morning, my wife was stunned to open a small box and find her diamond set in a brand-new white gold band. I was certainly Husband of the Year that Christmas.

When they say, “It’s the thought that counts,” they don’t mean, “It’s enough that you remembered to buy someone a gift.” I think a good gift is something you put thought into and get specifically for that one person. That’s why the best gift I ever gave was a quilt I had made for my mom. When my grandfather passed away, it was really hard on my mom. She and her dad were super close. Sometime before Christmas that year, I was at CVS when I saw they could make blankets with photographs on them. I quickly gathered up a bunch of pictures of my mom and grandfather together, then I had them printed onto a blanket with one of my mom’s favorite quotes. I know this was the best present I’ve ever given because I could see how much it meant to my mom when she opened it up — and also because, in my family group chat, the cousins all agreed that I “won” Christmas that year. This might sound a little stereotypical, but the best present I’ve ever given was the Xbox One I gave my boyfriend one Christmas. My boyfriend comes from a family of eight kids, so growing up, they could never afford any of those video game systems. The year the Xbox One came out, I knew I had to get him a brand-new system for Christmas. – Genna Aguiar

It was so much fun to see how excited he got when he opened the box. We play “Call of Duty” and “Grand Theft Auto” together all the time now.

– Gabriella Aguiar

The best present I’ve ever given wasn’t a gift I wrapped during the holidays. I’ve always felt that small, unexpected gestures go a long way to show people they’re loved. When my friends or family members are going through a rough time, I like to surprise them with football tickets or tickets to a Devils hockey game. There’s nothing like a live sporting event to brighten someone’s mood. Plus, why should we wait until the holidays to give our loved ones something they’ll cherish?

– Laura Chmielewski

Whatever you give or get this year, we hope your holiday season is full of joy. From all of us at APN Physical Therapy, we wish your family happy holidays and a bright New Year!

– Peter B. McHugh

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