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An out of town client graciously invited me stay at her home. Her husband and I had a conversation in his library about books. He told me he read a book a week. Now granted he was a cancer research scientist, but none the less, I was impressed. I struggled to get one book a month read. The next day on the way home I realized that I could read a book a week if I wanted to. I just needed to decide it was something worth doing, after all I just met someone who was doing it. I realized that I could take advantage of all the time I spent driving by listening to audio books. Later I discovered Executive Book Summaries. So in my own way I was able to read a book a week. Example can be a powerful teacher; if I can do it, so can you. I have eight mentors, five of whom I have not met. These five people are hiding in plain sight disguised as authors. They are also available to mentor you for the small price of a book or recording. Visit them, their names and addresses are listed here:

Brian Tracy @ briantracy.com

Jeffery J. Fox @ foxandcompany.com

John Maxwell @ johnmaxwell.com


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