AmerCareRoyal Launches PrimeWare Compostable Straw

From the trusted brand AmerCareRoyal comes PrimeWare, the leader in compostable tableware and utensils. Delivered with efficient, dependable service, PrimeWare is ready with solutions for you first.

January 16, 2024 AmerCareRoyal ® Launches PrimeWare ® Compostable Straw: Uniting Performance and Sustainability in a Revolutionary Product [Exton, PA] – AmerCareRoyal (“ACR”), a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation, the PrimeWare compostable straw. Crystal clear and crafted from cellulosic material and bearing the esteemed BPI Industrial Compostability Certification and TUV OK Home Compostable Certification, this groundbreaking straw combines the performance of a plastic straw with the sustainability footprint of a paper straw. The PrimeWare compostable straw has been designed to address the pressing need for eco- friendly alternatives to traditional single-use plastic straws. By harnessing the power of advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, AmerCareRoyal has created a solution that exceeds expectations in both functionality and environmental impact. The PrimeWare compostable straw is offered in four in-demand sizes, catering to a wide range of usage needs. Key Features and Benefits: • Unmatched Performance : The PrimeWare compostable straw boasts the same durability, flexibility, and functionality as a plastic straw. Unlike paper straws that can become soggy and deteriorate quickly, the PrimeWare compostable straw maintains its integrity, providing an exceptional drinking experience. • Sustainable and Certified : With a strong commitment to sustainability, the PrimeWare compostable straw has obtained both the BPI Industrial Compostability Certification and TUV OK Home Compostable Certification, guaranteeing the highest compostability standards. Made from cellulosic material derived from renewable resources, the PrimeWare compostable straw reduces the strain on the environment, leaving behind no harmful residues and offering a viable solution to combat plastic pollution. • Versatile and Available : Understanding the diverse needs of consumers and businesses, AmerCareRoyal offers the PrimeWare compostable straw in four of the most sought-after sizes. This ensures that the straw meets virtually any usage requirement across various industries, including restaurants, cafes, and foodservice providers. The availability of these sizes reflects the company’s commitment to meeting market demands and providing accessible and sustainable options to a wide range of customers. “The PrimeWare Compostable straw is an exciting addition to the premier line of eco-friendly products, building further on our lasting commitment to sustainability in foodservice packaging products," said Chris Rowe, Vice President of Marketing at AmerCareRoyal. The PrimeWare compostable straw marks a significant step forward in AmerCareRoyal's ongoing mission to deliver sustainable packaging solutions without compromising on performance. By choosing the PrimeWare straw, businesses can align with consumer preferences for eco-friendly products while providing an exceptional user experience.



About AmerCareRoyal AmerCareRoyal is a single stream resource for essential packaging and preparation products used in the foodservice, janitorial, sanitation, industrial, hospitality, and healthcare industries. With multiple shipping points across North America, our family of companies service national level customers with outstanding customer service and an ever-growing product line. For more information about the PrimeWare compostable straw and to explore AmerCareRoyal's comprehensive range of sustainable packaging solutions, please visit

Media Contact: Gabriela Goodman

Senior Director of Communication

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