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Facing the Dragon Motorcyclists Deserve an Attorney Who Understands Their Concerns

There’s a beast in Blount County Tennessee, lurking beside the Great Smoky Mountains. Crawling over 11 miles, the stretch of road called US 129 boasts 318 curves and is unbroken by intersections or driveways. The intense driving experience has earned this road the name “Tail of the Dragon,” and every year, thousands of motorcyclists try to ride this monster. When hearing about the Dragon and its popularity among motorcyclists, many non-motorcycle riders can only think of one thing: How many motorcycle accidents has that road seen? The official Tail of the Dragon website does keep track of the number of accidents that occur on those 11 miles. 2016 saw only four deaths, a number which surprised many people for being so low. Motorcyclists are 34 times more likely to suffer a fatal accident than drivers of other vehicles. This increased likelihood of injury means the public often views motorcyclists as inherently more reckless, and many assume that most accidents are caused by the motorcyclist involved. In turn, it can be difficult for a motorcyclist to claim the compensation they deserve after an accident. The reality is, drivers of cars and

trucks who don’t respect motorcyclists are the ones who cause that most accidents and injure riders. Attorney Johnny Houston has ridden a motorcycle since he was 18, and he understands the hazards that riders experience, as well as the prejudice they can face from a skeptical insurance company or jury. It doesn’t matter if you were cruising down the Dragon or were stuck in traffic after work. As a motorcyclist, you have a right to be on the road and to seek just compensation after an accident. The devastation and loss suffered by the victim of a motorcycle crash, caused by a negligent driver, can leave a family in shambles. We’re experienced with cases involving serious injury, and we will fight for you through all states of the legal process. Motorcyclists deserve the maximum compensation for themselves and their families. Call Houston and Alexander today at 423-933-1972 to learn about your rights as a motorcyclist, and how we can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Start your summer off fresh with this sandwich from the sea. Recipe: Summer Crab Roll

• 8 ounces fresh or canned crabmeat • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise • Kosher salt • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature • 2 soft rolls, split down the center like hot dog buns • Green leaf lettuce leaves (for serving) • Freshly ground white pepper Ingredients:

1. Mix crab and mayonnaise in a small bowl and season with salt. 2. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. 3. Butter opening of buns and cook until golden, about 2 minutes per side. 4. Place a large leaf of lettuce in each bun. 5. Add crabmeat mixture and season with pepper. 6. Enjoy! Directions:


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