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fire extinguishers WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW KIDDE RECALL The Kidde recall involves plastic handle and plastic push button disposable fire extinguishers. Units with metal handles/valve assemblies are not included in the recall. To keep it simple, we have included a few important things you should know. • APi NSG does not supply or install disposable fire extinguishers. • The recall impacts fire extinguishers purchased from local home improvement stores. • If you believe you may have a recalled extinguisher, please notify APi NSG for assistance. For additional information on the product safety recall, see the image below or visit Kidde’s website.

core network for public safety officials verizon wireless private network

employee spotlight: Austyn young accounting specialist

Verizon recently announced they will be building and operating a private network dedicated to public safety communications. This will operate separately from the commercial core network, which will prevent phone lines from being bogged down during emergencies and make it easier for public safety officials to be in contact with those that need help. Investing in public safety aligns with Verizon’s company values, therefore, they will be providing this network at no charge. Currently, public safety officials use the federally funded FirstNet network. States will not be required to opt-out of FirstNet in order to use the new Verizon network. See the full article at FireEngineering.com .

SEEKING A ROCKSTAR With the continued growth of our company and a realistic vision of our

future, we were in need of a rockstar for our accounting team. Austyn was hired on August 7th to fill this role! A GOOD FIT Austyn is well-rounded in many aspects and is a recent college graduate with a background in business. He’s outgoing, has an ambitious attitude, and strong attention to detail. Currently, Austyn is focused on the complete billing process for one of our largest customers. customer-focused RESULTS Austyn has owned his processes and made them even more efficient over time. He is dedicated to our customers and strives to accurately and quickly provide them with detailed support. Austyn says that the great people and culture at APi NSG give him the confidence to do a good job every single day. fUN fact Austyn was born in North Carolina where his dad played hockey. He has lived in Minnesota for as long as he can remember, but hopes to vacation back to Greensboro where his family is rooted sometime soon.

cyber crime a notice to our customers


Plastic Handle Welded Neck

cyber crime is becoming more frequent Cyber criminals are getting clever, and businesses are faced with more threats every day. It is unfortunate, but we should always assume the worst and be skeptical of any request until it has been verified. It’s important to understand the businesses you work with to recognize a legitimate request compared to a scam. Below are some general guidelines you should know regarding APi NSG and our process for any communication regarding change of bank or remittance address: • Do not accept any electronic (email or fax) requests for change of bank or remittance addresses.


Plastic Handle No Welded Neck


Metal Handle Welded Neck

Photo courtesy of www.kidde.com

• Valid change of bank/remittance address requests will be on company letterhead, hand-signed by one of the following individuals: Colleen Moselle | President

Oval Fire ExtinguisherS Oval Brand Fire Products has come out with an ADA compliant fire extinguisher that meets the standards for protruding objects. Thanks to the shallow depth of these extinguishers, recessed cabinets are not necessary. Here are a few stand-out features of these extinguishers: • Constructed of tempered space-age metals and corrosion free. • Anodized aluminum nozzle and stainless steel handle • Environmentally conscious powder coat finish For more information, visit the Oval Fire Products website.

Jason Hult | Controller jason.hult@api-nsg.us


651.925.8589 651.604.2756 • Verify all requests for change of bank or remittance addresses by contacting us at 888-274-8595. Do not use contact information included on the request. Please continue to question and challenge suspicious emails, faxes, and other requests that may be fraudulent. We appreciate your diligence as we work together to prevent cyber crimes.

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