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A few weeks ago, my family moved into our new home. We spent months renovating the house, and now it looks beautiful, thanks to Nicole, who designed everything immaculately — right down to choosing just the right new furniture! WHY WE CELEBRATE THE MILESTONES NEW BEGINNINGS AND SURPRISING LASTS

Packing and moving our entire life made Nicole and me realize how many milestones our family has been through that we didn’t even notice …

Up until the move, Nicole and I had been using the same furniture we each brought into our marriage. Some of the pieces had been with Nicole for at least 15 years! But when we got married seven years ago, we knew we wouldn’t be staying in the place we were at for very long. We wanted to wait until we were settling into our permanent home so we could really make it a fresh

Finn checking out his new big boy bed on move-in day!

entering new stages as a family all the time. Change happens every day as my kids grow up in ways that are big and small. There are a lot of lasts we don’t get the chance to memorialize because they happen in the blink of an eye.

start. I’m glad we waited, because it was pretty cool to go through all the mementos of our life so far and decide what we would bring into the next chapter. It’s crazy how much stuff you accumulate! We threw away at least eight dumpsters’ worth of stuff we couldn’t get rid of or donate, and we still found ourselves keeping things we don’t really need anymore. Nicole held onto one box labeled “ A ton of baby clothes I’m too sentimental to let go of.” I certainly don’t blame her. There were plenty of things I wanted to keep around just for the memories. For example, we finally had to donate our baby carrier because we couldn’t remember the last time we had Harlow in it. Packing and moving our entire life made Nicole and me realize how many milestones our family has been through that we didn’t even notice, like Harlow growing out of the baby carrier; or the last diaper we ever changed; or the fact that, at some point, Finn stopped calling flamingos “flingalingos.” I mean, I’m proud of him for learning how to say the word correctly, but his mispronunciation was so cute! As parents, we anticipated a lot of firsts, like the first words or the first day of preschool, but what about the lasts? Moving into our new home signaled a great new chapter in our lives, but the truth is that we’re

It’s important to treat every moment with your family like it’s special, because it really is! And when there’s a moment to celebrate, go ahead and commemorate the big steps. We decided that moving into the new house would be a good time to have Finn move from his crib into his first “big-boy bed.” You can bet we celebrated that milestone.

I love Nicole so much, and this move reminded me that we have such a beautiful life together. Now we’re in the home where our kids will spend their whole childhoods, and I am so excited for the milestones to come. –Case Barnett

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