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The Best Fall-Themed Leaf Crafts MAKE LIKE A TREE

A Craft for Grown-Ups: Clay Leaf Bowls

Summer is over, and when there’s a chill in the air, it’s tempting to stay inside all day. Don’t let your family hibernate in front of a screen for the next six months. Get active with these fun crafts, using the most abundant resource of the season: leaves!

These simple little bowls bring an elegant touch of fall to the indoors and can be used to hold candles, keys — or pretty much anything!


A Craft for Kids: Leaf Critters

• Clay scissors or craft scalpel • Aluminum foil

• Air-dry clay • Leaves • Clay roller

With this fun project, the leaves in your backyard transform into works of art featuring your kids’ favorite animals.



• Paper • Glue • Lots of leaves

1. Roll your clay out to a 1/4-inch thickness and place each leaf, vein side down, onto the clay. Run your roller over the leaf, pressing it into the clay and making your clay thinner at the same time.


2. Cut the excess clay from around the leaf to produce the desired shape.

1. This project works best with leaves of different shapes and sizes. Does that big, round leaf look like a squirrel tail? Is there a long, skinny leaf that would be perfect for a butterfly’s body? Let your kids go through the leaves and think of what masterpiece they can create. 2. It helps to arrange all the leaves on a piece of paper first, then glue them down once your child knows how they want to piece their creation together. Cover the whole side of each leaf with glue and press it firmly onto the paper so that it lies flat. Repeat until all the leaves are glued down. Place the critter somewhere safe to dry before hanging it up for all to see.

3. Create a small bowl out of aluminum foil to cradle the clay leaf while it dries into a bowl shape. Remove the tree leaf and let the clay dry overnight. Be sure to flip the clay over at some point so the underside dries too. 4. Once the clay is dry, you can paint your bowls or coat them in a clear varnish to enjoy a minimalist look. Who says the fun has to end with summer? With a little imagination and a whole lot of leaves, your family can create amazing works of art together!

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