Rigid Core Catalog

Warning : This product cannot be installed in exterior installa � ons, seasonal porches, boats, campers, RV’s, sunrooms, or non-temperature-controlled rooms or homes. Warranty - This product comes with a Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser from date of purchase (not date of installa � on). Contact our customer service department to request a wri � en copy of the warranty which provides details of coverage and limita � ons. Pre-Installa � on Flooring to be installed in one large area must all be purchased at the same � me to insure uniformity and consistency in quality, color, texture and sheen. This product is manufactured according to strict quality standards. In the event that a defect is discovered, the industry standard permits a defect tolerance not to exceed 5%. It is recommended to order an addi � onal 10% for cuts, waste and grading allowances. During installa � on, inspect the planks/ � les con � nuously. Defects that can be seen from a standing posi � on, should be cut o ff or culled from the installa � on. Installing visibly defec � ve planks/ � les cons � tutes acceptance of these pieces. To assure the warranty is not inadvertently voided, you should contact Customer Support prior to installa � on, at 800-827- 8246 with any ques � on or concerns related the product or the installa � on of the product, not covered in this installa � on guide. Concrete Sub fl oor Requirements Concrete sub fl oors must meet the following criteria:

Must have minimum rated strength of 3000psi Must be level to within 3/16-inch in a 10-foot radius; no bumps or low spots; high spots can be removed by grinding; depressions can be fi lled with fl oor patching compound. Must be clean, with no construc � on debris, nails, soil, mud and or any other objects on or adhering to the fl oor. New concrete slabs must cure for at least 30 days prior to moisture tes � ng and installa � on. It must have a minimum 10 mil polyethylene sheet between the ground and the concrete. Must be free from moisture related condi � ons which can damage the installed fl ooring. Do not install over concrete with a history of high moisture or hydrosta � c condi � ons. Concrete Moisture This product is waterproof against topical spills; however, it is not a moisture barrier and does not prevent or protect against moisture coming up from the sub fl oor. Excessive moisture in the sub fl oor could promote mold, mildew, and other moisture related issues, such as trapping of moisture emissions underneath the fl ooring, which may contribute to an unhealthy environment. Moisture from the sub fl oor can cause damage to the fl ooring system, causing buckling, warping, and the tongue and groove locking system to fail. A moisture barrier consis � ng of at least a Class I 6mil polyethylene fi lm or other vapor retarder is required under this product over concrete sub fl oors. All concrete sub fl oors must be tested for moisture content and the results of this test must be documented prior to installa � on and must be submi � ed with any claim fi led. Visual checks are not reliable. Test should be performed at loca � ons around exterior doorways, near walls containing plumbing,

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