Rigid Core Catalog

pad. Do not use any addi � onal foam cushioned underlayment, as it will void the product warranty. Expansion Gap A required expansion gap width of minimum 1/4-inch is required around the en � re perimeter of the fl oor and between the fl oor and all ver � cal par �� ons/obstruc � ons including all doorjambs. This minimum must be increased to 5/16” for areas larger than 1000 sq � . Do not place permanently mounted structures such as kitchen/bathroom cabinets or counters on the installed fl oor. The minimum expansion gap is de fi ned as the smallest gap between product and sta � c fi xture that can be measured at ANY point around the perimeter. In order to allow for thermal expansion, door frames should either be removed or undercut. Transi � on Molding Rooms larger than 1500 square feet (50 � .x30 � .) require the use of a coordina � ng t-mold transi � on piece. (Transi � on pieces must not be adhered to the luxury vinyl fl ooring in any way.) Perimeter Trim Par � cular care should be used when installing perimeter trim such as quarter round and baseboards, being careful not to install them too � ghtly to the luxury vinyl fl ooring. Fasteners should not be installed through or against the luxury vinyl fl ooring binding it. A spacing of .10” (.254mm) shall be kept above the surface of the fl ooring when installing moldings over the surface of the fl oor to allow the fl oor to move freely ( fl oat). Perimeter trim installed too � ghtly will cause the fl ooring to buckle and/or peak.

together in the last row. Pull bars should only be used on the cut edge of the � les. Factory edges can be damaged if the pull bar is used directly against the tongue or groove. Clean the fl oor and install or re-install all wall trim pieces. Wall trim pieces should be nailed to the wall, not to the sub fl oor or fl ooring, to avoid restric � ng the expansion gap. If the fl oor is to be covered, use a breathable material such as cardboard. Do not cover with plas � c. Note: Rooms larger than 1500 square feet (50 � .x30 � .) and all doorways 5 � wide or less, require the use of a coordina � ng T-mold transi � on piece. (Transi � on pieces must NOT be adhered to the luxury vinyl fl ooring in any way.) Note: save any le � over pieces. Do not discard them as they are color matched to your fl oor. They can be used for replacement/repairs in the event you need to replace a piece in the future. Care and Maintenance Daily Maintenance- Sweep, dust, damp mop, or vacuum your fl oor regularly to remove any par � cles that could cause abrasion or scratch your fl ooring. CAUTION: Vacuums with a beater bar or power rotary brush head can damage the fl oor and should never be used.

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