Rigid Core Catalog

Use a damp mop to remove spots and soil. Use any high quality, PH-neutral vinyl cleaner. Alterna � vely, use a non- rinsing biodegradable cleaner that leaves no residue or haze. For lightly soiled area, clean with dis � lled water. For best results, clean the fl oor in the same direc � on of the pieces. Do not clean with dirty or soiled dust cloths or mops. Using a clean cloth or mop will remove residual streak marks and spots. Avoid spills of acidic products (juice, so � drinks, wine, etc.) on the fl oor. Clean spots immediately. Do NOT use a steam cleaner. Do NOT use any cleaning agents containing wax, oil or polish. Le � over residue will form a dull fi lm. Do NOT use steel wool or scouring powder which will scratch the fl oor. Do NOT use any dust cleaners, as they may cause your fl oor to become slick or damage the fi nish. Avoid spills of paints, dyes, or harsh chemicals. Avoid long term exposure to direct sunlight. Use window treatments or UV � n � ng on windows. Use of painter’s tape should be avoided with this fl ooring as it is known to leave a s � cky residue on the fl ooring. Preven � ve Maintenance This fl ooring is beau � ful and durable, but it is NOT indestruc � ble. Here are some � ps to keep your fl oor looking its best. Protect your fl oor when using a dolly for moving furniture or appliances. Protec � ve shee � ng may be needed. Never slide or roll heavy furniture or appliances across the fl oor. Floor

protectors (nylon or felt) should be used on all furniture legs. Clean protectors periodically to remove grit that may become embedded and cause scratching. Use NON-RUBBER backed mats at all entrances to avoid discolora � on from asphalt driveways and prevent dirt and grit from being tracked onto your fl oor. Rubber backed mats can discolor your fl oor. Avoid excessive exposure to water being tracked in during periods of inclement weather. Minimize abrasive material and dirt by placing mats (non- rubber backed) on both sides of exterior doors and by using area rugs (non-rubber backed) in high tra ffi c areas. Rearrange furniture and rugs periodically to avoid uneven color and shade changes from light exposure. Use protec � ve mats beneath rolling chairs and keep furniture casters clean. We recommend the use of a non-studded, non- rubber, hard surface mat to protect your fl oor from o ffi ce chairs with casters. Light, rolling furniture should be ou � i � ed with broad surface, non-staining casters that have been engineered for hard surface fl oors. Such casters should be a minimum of 1-inch (2.5 cm) wide and a t least 2-inches (5.1cm) in diameter. Keep pet’s nails trimmed. Remove shoes with cleats, spikes or pointy heels before walking on the fl oor as they could cause inden � ons. Floa � ng fl oors should not be installed in loca � ons that u � lize wheelchairs of motorized mobility devices This fl ooring is beau � ful and durable, but it is NOT indestruc � ble. Here are some � ps to keep your fl oor looking its best.

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