OPTM PT Saragtoga June 2019


Changing Roles How OPTM Saratoga is Growing

When I was studying to be a physical therapist, I would envision owning a clinic of my own someday, but I never could have imagined this dream would grow the way it has. Now, after more than 20 years in physical therapy and nearly 15 years as a business owner, I’m humbled to now lead a clinic with 25 team members who are just as focused on helping people find relief as I am. Yet, at some point, I recognized that I didn’t have all the tools I needed to keep OPTM Physical Therapy of Saratoga running efficiently. In physical therapy school, entrepreneurship basics like marketing concepts and business administration aren’t part of the regular curriculum, and I knew I needed to fill in these gaps. With that in mind, I decided to scale back the amount of time I spend with patients to a few hours in the morning, opening up my days to new responsibilities. This new direction has allowed me to devote more of my personal time to my wellness, coaching my son’s baseball team, and spending time with my family, but it has primarily allowed me to take on more of a CEO role with OPTM Physical Therapy of Saratoga. Pulling back a bit has allowed me to see the ways the business and the team we have at this clinic have devoted themselves to helping others lead healthier lives. They have done a great job with this shift, and I’m proud that they represent OPTM Saratoga. We have a great culture at our clinic, and I have nothing but trust in their abilities. The tough part for me is fully letting go, and while staying connected can be difficult, I’m also learning that I have more opportunities to connect in different ways. Everything we do at OPTM Saratoga is interwoven, and I feel like I have been able to be more involved in this community than I have been in the past. I’m tapping into this creative side for the business that I had to stifle before, and I’m able to give more attention to the little details and expand what we can offer.

The staff at OPTM Physical Therapy of Saratoga

For example, I’ve been striving to offer more workshops for patients. This change in focus has allowed me to find the best way to disseminate this information through various platforms, including this newsletter and by offering more workshops and learning opportunities for patients. I’m excited to see this area of our practice grow more, along with the various programs we have already put in place. I’m thrilled to see the progress being made in our clinical mentorship program in particular, which has been established as a platform and program designed to attract more passionate therapists into this field and allows those dedicated to it opportunities to grow. I may no longer be in the trenches all day, but my focus is still on patient success. I’m learning and connecting with more patients than I ever have, because I have the freedom to focus on more than just my own patients. When I am at the clinic, I run into former patients of mine and can catch up on their success, but I also get to meet with new patients and hear their stories. Meeting more of you is even better when I hear the praise you have for my team; it’s honestly the biggest compliment I can get. If you haven’t seen me on the clinic floor recently, don’t be afraid to ask if you can say hi! I’d love to hear about your progress and ways OPTM Saratoga can continue to transform and stay involved in this Saratoga community. All of you are the reason we can continue to follow our dreams, and for that, our entire team is grateful. Dr. Fabrice Rockich

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