Our Schools FALL 2017-2018 Pages

Congrats to our 12 National Merit Semifinalists!!!


Ideal part-time employment for parents, college students, retirees, and others Bloomington High School North Sara A. Bredemeyer Thalia G. Halloran Zoe Layton Joye X. Tracey Bloomington High School South Elijah J. Earle Byoul Han Anne M. Larsen Xuan Li Noah K. Like Carter O. Makice Elena M. Stalnaker Benjamin C. Tait

Value 1: Engagement All students can learn. We teach all students. No exceptions. All students deserve rigorous, diverse curricular and extracurricular programs, integrated with technology. Such programs balance students’ needs and interests, resulting in high levels of student engagement, achievement and completion. Value 2: Empowerment All students are diverse and unique. When students are empowered, self-esteem grows. All students’ experiences and perspectives are assets that reflect the strength of our schools and the values of our community. Such assets, when respected, nurtured and explored, promote their academic success and the success of their peers. Value 3: Environment All students thrive in a positive, creative and stimulating learning and working environment. All employees excel in a culture actively supported by professional development opportunities. Highly-trained, highly-valued teachers and staff are pivotal to the continuous improvement and success of our students. All students deserve, and we will provide, a healthy, safe and secure learning environment.


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MCCSC Bus Drivers

Solar Eclipse

Million Father March

Congratulations to Grandview Elementary 3rd-grade teacher Katy Sparks ! She has been selected to join Indiana’s first ever Indiana Department of Education STEM council. As part of this council, Sparks will participate in state and national research, implementation plans, and develop policy and funding recommendations. Milks ! She is a State Finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching! Dr. Milks has also been recognized by Stanford University with their Alumni Excellence in Education Award for 2017. Congratulations to Bloomington High School South science teacher Dr. Kirstin


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